‘Leon Brittan Alleged To have Been Involved In Sexual Impropriety ?’

Well, I’m shocked! SHOCKED I TELL YOU!!

Could it be true that the former Home Secretary, in charge of the police, judiciary, and domestic intelligence services has had a file about him passed to the CPS ?

No, I can’t believe it. For he is an honourable man; So are they all, all honourable men.”



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  1. Onlooker

    Interesting take on it from Lord Tebbutt and Helena Kennedy, they were saying although it was wrong in the 80’s it was more important to protect the system. They both also agreed that this all needs to come out and a cleansing process is needed. The damage limitation is going to be members from all parties uniting against anyone who attempts to cover this up. The CSA petition is the start, i think this has taken so long to come out because they are trying to protect the system.

    I hope all those involved get the full force of the law and are made an example of and would Brittan have lost the dossier if some of the accusations being levelled at him are true.

    That brings me to my final point a lot of people say he was involved if he was then why did Dickens not come across his name, i maybe being stupid but some of the timeline does not make any sense especially regarding EGH, Dickens and Lord Brittan

  2. Before you all get too excited its still the case that he has not been arrested and its unlikely he will be imminently.

    • A good point. Personally I’m less interested in prosecutions and trials now and more concerned with the need to expose and cleanse.
      Easy for me to say, I’ve never been a victim, however, those that were victimised can never be un victimised.

      Perverts being jailed protects future potential victims, current victims will at least have their suffering acknowledged and their assailants exposed, too little too late granted.

      It is a sad fact, a fact nonetheless, that a proportion of mankind will visit their aberrant perversions on those that they are able to.

      We can’t avert every personal tragedy, if only we could.
      We can do our best to ensure that those charged, on behalf of the State and by extension on behalf of the commonwealth, with caring for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters do the job not merely appropriately but with the utmost care and good faith.

      We should all take an interest, community visits to these facilities, including the kids in much wider activities than the ones they are isolated to.

      A different but no less important task is of course to wrest control of what is nominally a democratic government from those controlled by vested interests due to their grave personal deficiencies and restore it to those that hopefully will at least nod in the direction of the true public interest.

  3. dpack

    i recon if we needed to worry about the increment it was ages ago ,tis too late now to recork the genie’s bottle by such means.

  4. dpack

    what a strange day,shaking a tree and seeing a dam wall cracking nearby
    i hope that this does not distract folk from remembering all the important matters that are still outstanding .
    it will be up to the cps and maybe a jury to decide this matter.
    that this press report might be the start of a mcalpine type debacle is a worrying thought but that it has been reported is maybe a significant development towards truth.
    from the little i have learned cooke was a node of some significance and a right nasty bastard and probably his activities and links should be subject to detailed investigation.he was mentioned to me as being a very evil man by a chap who was in wakefield for slapping a copper rather hard while being drunk and disorderly and spent his jail days pushing a mop and talking to folk,this was long before cooke was mentioned in relation to other matters .

  5. Please tell me this is Not all going to go away again? answers ARE
    needed this time. Could it be possible that people have had enough of Them now and continue to ask Question ?……..

  6. Shirlz

    oh Rupert… you and me are so similar, we would honestly be good friends under different circumstances! ;)

  7. Keep shaking that tree, resonance can be achieved.

  8. Brittan biting the dust signifies damage control and arse covering along the line.

    • At a later time I’ll tell you privately why you’re wrong. I hope in the meantime you’ll take my word that you are wrong.

      Actually, the opposite is true.

      • I am quite prepared to accept that I may be wrong.
        It has actually happened before.
        I look forward to your communication.

  9. steve

    not surpised at all whats more surprising is how long its been covered up and its still being covered up

  10. Friends Romans Countrymen lent you their ears.


  12. I did say on previous thread that we just hadn’t realised how “important” Cooke was and now this, although perhaps linkage might be premature at this stage.

  13. For fuck sake this is moving faster than I thought !

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    Is that a chink of light I see at the end of the long, long tunnel?

    I really hope so…..