Footage Of Geoffrey Dickens MP’s Efforts To Shut Down P.I.E


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3 responses to “Footage Of Geoffrey Dickens MP’s Efforts To Shut Down P.I.E

  1. Phil Champion

    Could have done without the Jones boy input! He was not even born when all this was going on, but he´s becomming such an annoying little “rent-a-gob”! Surely a matter as serious as this deserves to be free of political point-scoring, as the whole Westminster cess-pit were/are committing these crimes.

    • chrisb

      Totally agree. Before criticising ‘The Establishment’, he might consider how little his rag has done (with the honourable exception of Nick Davies) to expose paedophilia amongst politicians and their supporters.

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    A too brief glimpse of the effort MP Geoffrey Dickens was making to shut down Paedophile Information Exchange and expose an elite paedophile ring.