Leon Brittan Statement



“As I recall, (Mr Dickens) came to my room at the Home Office with a substantial bundle of papers. As is normal practice, my private secretary would have been present at the meeting.

“I told Mr Dickens that I would ensure that the papers were looked at carefully by the Home Office and acted on as necessary. Following the meeting, I asked my officials to look carefully at the material contained in the papers provided and report back to me if they considered that any action needed to be taken by the Home Office.

“In addition, I asked my officials to consider a referral to another Government department, such as the attorney general’s department, if that was appropriate.

“This was the normal procedure for handling material presented to the Home Secretary. I do not recall being contacted further about these matters by Home Office officials or by Mr Dickens or by anyone else.”


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15 responses to “Leon Brittan Statement

  1. GMB

    Seriously, disregard previous posting but I do wonder!
    What did the Police know. That’s a silly question: in the last 2 hours I have been given details of a third met officer in additional to the officers of August13 & June14 who gave me info ‘we had him bang to rights’.

  2. Kittiwake

    What extraordinary recall he suddenly has. So when he said he couldn’t remember, was that a lie? Or has he gathered this from records of the time? FOI request?

  3. GMB

    What did Mary Whitehouse know?

    • trowelandtoothbrush

      I know you were joking but I thought I’d take the opportunity to say that I had always just accepted that Mary Whitehouse was a narrow minded old nuisance. However I have rescinded this opinion as I saw a short article, complete with photo of Mary Whitehouse campaigning against the infamous Pedophile Information Exchange who were getting a worryingly public profile in the late 1970’s as I’m sure most readers of this blog will know. She was a woman who upheld values that many of us on this blog may have kicked against but the woman, though seemingly very much a figure of establishment Britain was in reality a maverick who cared far more than your average Tory or trendy leftie at the time about the safety of Britains children. Please let us all poke a little less fun at Mrs Whitehouse who actually did care in a very old fashioned way.

  4. Becky

    It’s shocking that nothing was done about sex abusers and misogynists in the 1980s, but I feel it would be long to blame Sir Leon for such inaction as he had a lot of important issues to deal with circa 1982 to 1984. He would have passed the information on to the appropriate people to deal with, but as adults physically assaulting children was the norm in schools up and down the country during the ’70s and ’80s then unfortunately this would simply have not been regarded as serious enough to merit action.

    • trowelandtoothbrush

      If the home Secretary is handed a dossier of systematic abuse of children then he should certainly not simply accept that he has “not been contacted further” about them. His team of officials should surely now be questioned in court. The people of Britain have a right to demand this.


  5. jubei

    If this is his pps, then his brain knows plenty. But so many do… now what?

  6. timsanders2013

    Very pleased that his memory is improving.

  7. Anon

    Curious that Leon Brittan released his statement today: directly? Or through the Conservative party? Or, perhaps via the House of Lords? No. He issued it through his solicitors – Mishcon de Reya.

  8. paul

    well well,we’re getting closer. in the old days no one would ever have been named. now the internet is putting pressure on “the man ” . even the mainstream media is having to indirectly allude to him.

    • chrisb

      The Telegraph has covered Danczuk’s statement yesterday and Brittan’s response today. The Guardian and Indie have yet to. Curious that they should want to protect a Tory?