Rolf Harris Guilty On All 12 Charges



Rolf Harris has been found guilty on all 12 charges of indecent assault against 4 separate females who were children at the time of the assaults.

All the verdicts at Southwark Crown Court were unanimous.

Rolf Harris continues to be bailed until sentencing on Friday.



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9 responses to “Rolf Harris Guilty On All 12 Charges

  1. pongo

    worst people than molesters – war criminals I think are just a tad worse (Blair for example)

  2. There is no just sentence for molesters.

  3. godhelpus

    Guilty yes! but will they get Justice in his Sentence he is given?……

    • pongo

      he is 84 – to go to jail for the first time is hard – usually 1st time in jail you are between the ages of 17 – 25 – it will kill him.

  4. Wendy

    What about the images that he was supposed to have in his possession

    • pongo

      i believe he has already admitted to that charge – or the images were of `children` over 16 (defence) – the good Judge suppressed this `charge` as he thought Rolf would `walk`.

    • Rose

      There were no illegal images and the charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution during the court case….the CPR just didnt remember to tell you that as they want you to think there were illegal images.