Hospitals’ reports in detail

This is a summary of the findings of 28 hospitals’ investigations:

Hospitals’ Savile reports

Hospital Number of allegations Details

Leeds General Infirmary (inc St James and Seacroft Hospital)


33 of the 60 alleged victims were patients of whom 19 were children. A further 19 were staff. Encounters ranged from lewd remarks and inappropriate touching to sexual assault and rape.

Broadmoor Hospital


10 victims of assault, two were repeatedly abused. Six patients, two children and two staff. One indecent exposure to child. Report found “clear, repeated failure of safeguarding standards” at Broadmoor at the time.

St Catherine’s Hospital, Birkenhead


Savile allegedly groped a 14-year-old female patient. Report found the victim credible and convincing. Metropolitan Police have recorded it as a crime of sexual touching.

Saxondale Mental Health Hospital


Woman who was then 14 alleges that Savile lifted her skirt when she was at a disco at the hospital. She was a local resident rather than a patient. Savile had a fundraising association with Saxondale Hospital from 1972 to the early 1980s.

Portsmouth Royal Hospital


A man alleges being told by a cleaner that he was assaulted by Savile while unconscious. The report concludes that it is “highly unlikely” the incident took place.

Dewsbury and District Hospital (inc Pinderfields Hospital)


Woman says that when she was a 15-year-old in-patient in 1969 Savile French-kissed her without permission. A second allegation relates to lewd comments overheard by a nurse.

High Royds Psychiatric Hospital


Patient and member of staff say they were groped by Savile at a hospital fun day. Victim accounts described as “very compelling and certainly plausible”.

Wheatfield’s Hospice, (non-NHS – Sue Ryder)


At an opening ceremony before patients were admitted, a woman who was then 16 alleges that Savile touched her leg and made lewd comments. The report found her account credible but there was no evidence to substantiate it.

Cardiff Royal Infirmary


Patient alleged that Savile forcefully kissed her while she was lying in bed. The investigators were “unable to reach a conclusion about whether the incident took place”.

Great Ormond Street


One allegation of sexual abuse of a patient in 1971. Report found no evidence that Savile was at the hospital at the time.

Digby Hospital, Exeter


Former patient alleges that she was raped by Savile in a caravan in the hospital grounds. The report had “no reason to doubt the veracity” of her account.

Ashworth / Moss Side Hospital


Two female ex-patients said Savile abused them. One male ex-patient said he witnessed groping. One ex-staff member speculated about abuse which may have happened. Information was found to be credible.

Barnet General Hospital


Patient had conversation with nurses who said they had seen Savile having sex with a corpse at a different hospital. Investigators concluded incident did not happen at Barnet although conversation did take place.

Booth Hall Children’s Hospital


Woman who was aged seven or eight at the time says she was abused by her father and Savile. Man says Savile touched him when he was 10. Investigators cannot say conclusively whether the incidents took place.

De La Pole Hospital


Nurse alleged Savile groped a 14-16-year-old female patient but she denies the incident. Investigators found no evidence of the alleged assault but did find Savile had visited the hospital.

Dryburn Hospital


Allegations of potential procuring of children for Savile. No evidence was found to support this.

Hammersmith Hospital


One allegation related to a friend of Savile rather than Savile himself. A second allegation was of an inappropriate comment to a 13-year-old girl. No evidence of an association between the hospital and Savile.

Leavesden Secure Mental Health Hospital


Person thought Savile may have visited the hospital in the 1970s but report finds this unlikely.

Royal Marsden Hospital


Person said colleague had alleged Savile had made sexual advances to her at either the Royal Marsden or Stoke Mandeville hospitals. No evidence was found of Savile’s association with Royal Marsden.

Maudsley Hospital


Person thought Savile may have visited in 1964/5. Report found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Odstock Hospital, Salisbury


Person said Savile used to visit the hospital in the 1980s. Report found no allegation of wrongdoing by Savile.

Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital


Woman alleges that when she was a young girl she was taken onto the hospital site by Savile and another man and abused. Report found that the alleged incident had probably occurred, despite not being possible to verify her account.

Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead


Female patient alleged she was groped as she recovered from an operation. Investigators did not doubt that the attack happened but thought Savile was not involved.

Royal Victoria Infirmary


People flagged up that Savile had visited the hospital in 1987 and 1991. No allegation of wrongdoing made.

Queen Mary’s Hospital


Anonymous allegation that a junior nurse denied Savile access to a ward and was threatened that a BBC outside broadcast would be cancelled as a result. Investigators found it was not possible to conclude whether the incident occurred.

Whitby Memorial Hospital


Staff member said Savile had touched her inappropriately. Investigators found that the incident did take place.

Wythenshawe Hospital


Patient said that a fellow patient alleged that Savile was a “dirty old man” who had parties in his home with young girls. No evidence that Savile was present on the hospital site.

Woodhouse Eaves / Roecliffe Manor


Allegation of abuse against a boy aged between five and seven. Investigators found that it was likely that abuse had happened at the location but it was not possible to conclude it was carried out by Savile.

Source: BBC 26th June 2014


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  3. Savile was protected, and i doubt very much his secrets went to his ” Grave ” people know exactly what he did and were involved, but Still the Media report ” Crap ” they need to Get a back Bone refuse to be dictated to and Report the Truth and Name these abusers, stop protecting the Scum in so called high places. CHILD ABUSE it is taking place, and did not die when Savile did!!! ………..Thank goodness for this Site it has a Back Bone!!!!!