Peter McKelvie, ‘The Source’, requests independent inquiry.


Dear Sir Tony,

You will no doubt be aware of the growing clamour, now joined by a cross-party group of over 40 MPs, for an Independent Hillsborough type Inquiry in to decades of organised abuse by networks that have infiltrated both the care system and the boarding school institutions of this country.

These networks include politicians, both national and local, from all political parties as well as residential social workers,police officers, teachers, judges, civil servants to name but a few.

You will no doubt be aware of the PMQ yesterday, 11th June, by Duncan Hames, until recently PPS to the Deputy Prime Minister, in which Mr.Hames asked for the Prime Minister’s support for such an Inquiry but Mr. Cameron felt that the Home Office had the situation under control and no further measure was required.

I am the retired Child Protection Team Manager who approached MP, Tom Watson, in October 2012, as a result of which Mr. Watson also asked a PMQ, on 24th October 2012 which subsequently led to the setting up of Operation Fernbridge by the Metropolitan Police.
You may recall that the PMQ involved the allegation that an elite paedophile ring had a link with No.10.

As you will know Operation Fernbridge is ongoing and I receive regular feedback on the progress of that investigation.

I would like to ask for your support as my local MP for an Independent Inquiry and would like an appointment with you please to discuss my reasons in much more detail.

On a website called Spotlightonabuse:The Past on Trial you will see my Open Letter to David Cameron, with copies to Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband and also their responses.
You will also see details of a meeting a close colleague, and acknowledged expert on child protection, and I had with Norman Baker, Minister of Justice at the Home Office on 15th May 2014.

I can forward you copies of all these documents at any point.

There are grounds to look closely at the behaviour of over 40 Members of the Commons and Lords, some living and some now dead, in connection with the actual abuse of very vulnerable children or with its cover up. This number is likely to grow during the course of a proper investigation.

I think the case against Cyril Smith and Peter Morrison is strong evidence of how easy it was for paedophiles to remain hidden within the corridors of power. Their cases are unfortunately the tip of the iceberg.

You are the ideal MP for me to approach not only because you are my constituent MP but because I understand that you are, according to your Wikipedia entry, “one of the last of those made a Minister by Margaret Thatcher still to be in the House of Commons”

The allegations I took to Tom Watson which resulted in the current Police investigations involve Mrs.Thatcher’s period as Prime Minister.
Many questions remain unanswered about a number of her key appointments and as her personal assistant in the 1974 General Election and, upon her becoming Leader of the Conservative Party in 1975, you joined her Private Office and so I must assume were very close to her and by definition some of the people I believe should be subject to an Independent Inquiry.
Your perspective could be extremely helpful.

The persistence of Mrs. Thatcher in pressing ahead with the Knighthood of Jimmy Savile despite opposition from her closest advisers, his alleged attendance at multiple private Chequers parties, his being granted the keys to Broadmoor in 1988, together with her appointment of Peter Morrison, a well known paedophile according to a number of fellow MPs, as her PPS raise many serious questions that need answering and only an Independent Inquiry on a Hillsborough based model will satisfy the electorate.

There are allegations against MPs of all parties under several different Governments and this is not a party political isue.

I can go in to much more detail in a face to face meeting but at this stage would ask for your support in joining the 40 plus MPs who have already pledged their support for an Independent Inquiry

Yours sincerely,

Peter McKelvie



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12 responses to “Peter McKelvie, ‘The Source’, requests independent inquiry.

  1. Rich

    Always thought it was strange that, until now, only the entertainment industry has been investigated. I strongly suspect that Saville did not operate as a loner and was part of a far larger network which still exists. People who know the names should not hold back as it will only give the perpetrators more time to destroy evidence and intimidate witnesses.

  2. GMB

    Posted on Henckes site under Burham sigh up 27/6/14

    Andy Burham first shadow Minister to sign up – what about the three government ministers (Prescott/Armstrong and Blunkett) who received letters from me in 2002 (kept the lot and their replies) that detailed the abuse at the Elm Guest House and in which I named the abuse Minister? Are they signing up to an enquiry? Let them dare. Oh I forgot I can also include a current shadow minister whose staff told me that she could not take the Solanki tape forward – has she also signed up? Waiting for Tuesday? NO the real fall out will be the naming, shaming and scrutiny of people who did nothing.

  3. GMB

    Well done for IoS (22 June 2014) getting the exclusive from Simon Danczuk re. his pending appearence before the HASC. More to come with the IoS when I and the IoS will submit further allegations and evidence to the Dutch Authorities which can run alongside my previous allegations and evidence of April 2014 to the Dutch.

  4. GMB

    Seems to me our lot are slow off the mark. Thank God for the FOIA (US) at the DHS @ Murray Drive Washington DC. If you think the revelations over hear are bad wait a few days for ones from the USA.

    PS.Posted above on a number of blogs today but it appears a World Famous lobby journalist won’t put this up…never mind, no substitute for finding out the facts yourself.

  5. chrisb

    On a totally different subject …

    I watched ‘Backchat with Jack Whitehouse and his Dad – World Cup Special’ on BBC iplayer. There are two extremely objectionable jokes.

    01:56-02:12 A joke about sexual abuse at the BBC

    26:18-26:33 and 27:36-27:37 A joke about sexual abuse at boarding schools

    I have complained. Perhaps other people might do the same?

    I doubt that the BBC would make jokes about the rape of adult women, if only out of fear of a feminist backlash. Why then is the rape of children acceptable as a basis for humour? I struggle to understand this mentality.

    • reader

      Lighten up Mary Whitehouse!

    • Credenda

      It’s because they use humour to make something acceptable! The eyes are the doors to the soul, when we are watching TV we become passive, which means what we watch goes directly to our subconscious brain, which controls our core beliefs!!!! Do we want our core beliefs to be manipulated by strangers who seem to have very toxic core beliefs themselves?

  6. dpack

    a well put case for a public inquiry as well as support for rather than obstruction of various police inquiries into potential prosecutions in the uk and elsewhere.

    on the subjects of “threats” mr dickens is reported as having been threatened with harm to himself and his family .

    on the subject of murders “suicides”and “accidents” there are quite a few potential lines of inquiry that seem relevant to these matters.

  7. GMB

    Peter, we must have passed each other in the Corridors of Portcullis Oct/Nov 2012

  8. GMB

    Mr McKelvie, you do mean Fairbank?. I ask this because I suspect it was yours and Tom W’s allegations which led to Fairbank not Fernbridge. My first allegations led to the scoping exercise of Richmond and the Elm which resulted in the Fernbridge criminal investigation. Along with the help of journalists, in particular, James Hanning of the IoS, who was first to raise the story about the Elm, we are progressing into other areas linked but not associated until recently with this establishment paedophile ring of abuse and murder* (*confimed to me on the 10/4/14 by a foreign Police Force). I also have recently received some very interesting feedback via two FoI’s which I initiated on the Azimuth Trust.
    I also have the details of a sympathetic and well a placed former Metropolitan Detective Chief Inspector who has passed on the contact details of a senior ranking police officer(s) who were directly involved in the EGH operation. Those same officers also had ‘Dispatches’ type threats and approaches from their superiors at the Yard made to them, even though they had the man ‘bang to rights’. And there is more – a lot more! So if I, ‘a Desk Top Detective’ – Met Officer and a ‘Glory Seeker’ – Exaro – can find this evidence why no further arrests?

  9. E.Taylor

    A report by the respected UKcolumn, claimed that the abuse of boys was “on an industrial scale ” it went on that only 2% of British males are homosexual, and not all abuse boys, so just a few are abusing boys on a grand scale, this is confirmed by social worker reports that say a few men are doing this almost ona daily basis