The Future of British Justice?


For the first time in British legal history, two men charged with serious terrorism offences will be kept anonymous and the press and public will be excluded from their trial, the Court of Appeal heard.

MPs and civil rights campaigners said it was an “outrageous assault” on the principles of open justice and set a “very dangerous precedent”.

Prosecutors have successfully applied for the case to be heard in private on grounds of national security but media organisations are trying to overturn the decision.

Journalists have up until now even been banned from reporting the fact that a trial was to be heard in secret.

The move has fuelled concerns over the growth of secret justice in British courts, which has already spread to civil cases and celebrity privacy challenges.

But a major criminal case being heard entirely behind closed doors risks ripping up the very tradition of open justice in the UK, which dates back to the Magna Carta of 1215.

The Telegraph 4th June 2014


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11 responses to “The Future of British Justice?

  1. Sabre

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they engineered a section 44 trial, get rid of the 12 pests on the jury too.

  2. Sabre

    The defence case may be adducing evidence referring to links with Uk/US or Israeli intelligence, if the prosecution believe that any such evidence is going to be difficult to counter they won’t want the public getting wind of it.

    If the effort to hold the trial ‘ in camera ‘ fails, the prosecution will probably withdraw proceedings on ‘public interest’ grounds.

  3. Terry B

    Is this not already going on in the secret family courts? Give it another 10 years and you won’t know what’s going on as it will all be done in secret.

  4. What Next ? It’s just getting worse!!! My Dad who is 90 years old, fought in WW2 and was Proud to do so………….. But now is wondering ” WHY” he even bothered!!! he thinks we should have let Hitler invade. That says alot about the state of this Country today.

  5. TFS

    No whats that statement I hear from the Security State, or Stalins Stazi as I like to call them?

    Oh yeah, ‘If you having nothing to hide’………..

    Man, the ‘National Security’ card is one that truly does allow preferential criminals to have their crimes hidden.

  6. steve

    YET AGAIN another way the government and all the MPs Judges can hide the real truth from us,just another cover up under the lies of a corrupt MP.LORD,JUDGE

  7. Anon

    This is obviously taking Secret Injunctions whose existence you cannot even report to their legal & logical conclusion.

    Perhaps this is a precedent to allow the anonymous trial of an ex-cabinet minister without any of the details leaking out.

    On second thoughts, perhaps an ex-cabinet minister already has had a Secret trial, has been found innocent, and is itself the precedent?

    The Public will not be allowed to know.

    Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

  8. pongo

    You have nothing to fear if blah, blah, blah, blah, blah