Cross Party Support For National Inquiry.

Former children’s minister Tim Loughton and Conservative backbencher Zac Goldsmith are calling for a national inquiry into historical cases of child sex abuse.

Goldsmith has co-ordinated a high-powered, cross-party group of MPs to sign a joint letter to Theresa May, home secretary, urging her to set up an independent panel to investigate repeated failures by police and other authorities in a wide variety of cases.
The seven MPs in the group also want the inquiry to investigate why crucial files, surveillance videos and other material has gone missing in relation to allegations against prominent people.

The MPs also include Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk, from Labour; Tessa Munt and John Hemming, Liberal Democrat; and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas.

The seven want an investigation similar to the independent inquiry into Hillsborough, the football disaster of 1989. That inquiry was seen to have uncovered the truth about an episode that was mired in controversy and reflected especially badly on police.
Several inquiries have been set up in the wake of the exposure in 2012 of Jimmy Savile, the late BBC star, as a paedophile, but there has long been concern that these are too disparate.

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  2. Pingback: We now have SEVEN MP’s calling for national inquiry and police investigation, into rampant institutionalised paedophilia and child snuff rings, operating in and around Parliament and the establishment

  3. GMB

    Above rescheduled – probable date 1 July 2014. Be there…no passports required.

  4. GMB

    Just heard that above ie Danzcuk @ HASC 17/6 has been pushed off the agenda by the Paasport Debate. Will know more on Monday

  5. GMB

    HASC 17.6.14 Simon Danczuk @ the 16:15 session. Agenda out pm today. Everybody is going to be there.

  6. @GOJAM i didnt know where to post this item..but to me it represents a period in the radical left that had been seriously infiltrated by the whole paedophile movement at the time..

    please note contributors:

    TOM O CARROLL. to name but a few

    please read> at times i must say you almost cannot tell the difference bewtween this left GAY publication and paedo rag like PAN…

    the langauage is almost the same in places…
    i would even suggest that the anti censorship organisation

    NCOPRA language even sounded like pro paedo

    1. same enemy – mary whitehouse
    2 against censorship
    3 against child protection (see david webb arguments)
    4 david webb also returned from amsterdam and was arrested by customs for having indecent material..he had contacts in amsterdam as well
    5 tuppy owens (who contributed to ‘betrayal of youth’ by john parrat of PIE) she was on the board of NCOPRA..

    very strange stuff….

    Click to access gay.left_issue.07.pdf

  7. oddly enough ZAC GOLSMITH is patron of and organisation i am a client of ..its called Richmond AID..and work on behalf of disabled people in and outside the london borough of richmond upon thames.

  8. These politicians won’t do a damn thing – why do I know this? Because none of them will go near the case of Hollie Greig and what happened to paedophile investigator Robert Green who has just come out of a Scottish prison for a second time even though his case against him has never ever been heard by a jury. And most telling of all, this case involves Alex Salmond and if the Scottish people knew just how corrupt the SNP and the Scottish judiciary were, they would put an immediate halt to the independence referendum and this deliberate act to break up the United Kingdom for their banking NWO masters. People wake up to what’s really going on!

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  10. Pingback: We now have SEVEN MP’s calling for national inquiry and police investigation, into rampant institutionalised paedophilia and child snuff rings, operating in and around Parliament and the establishment | 2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  11. Really !! another enquiry…are these people living in a cave !! the whole thing is crying out for a Common Law society setting up, The only way we will see this horror story and the nasties involved serve their punishment, this would also stop this horrid episode and save the children who have been purposely set up as fodder. Truly shocking…

  12. dpack

    im glad the international aspects are being attended to

  13. GMB

    Even more keeps coming. Got to be careful as a trial is ongoing at Southwark CC. It appears that Richmond is clearly linked with another place…again got to be careful as that too is subject of ongoing trials outside of London. They say things come along in threes whatever next? Sxaro find a bomber on the moon!

    • @GMB were you aware of another ‘paedo brothel’ that predated Elm Guest House…in the richmond area about 70s period

      i think i t was known as ‘The Vineyard’ and connected to american / evangelical / people..richmond had had a long term relationship with american visitors i understand..this includes an american private college or university in the borough…

      • GMB

        No but I have info that links a former governor of the Vineyard school with explicit internet porn who was highly placed at eLBRuTey. No action was taken against him as well!* but he did disappear from the scene pretty pronto when we started digging.
        *Quote from a local Met DC I am not covering for those bent coppers at Richmond. Taped by Trinity Mirror journalist 2004.

  14. GMB

    Just received information that the above has been expanded. I’m off for a Nigel type Pint !

  15. GMB

    The UK better get a move on before they are beaten to the draw by the Dutch Prosecutors Office who are currently considering ‘papers’ passed onto to that office by the TBKK unit of the Dutch Police. Would any foreign investigation stop any UK parliamentary enquiry?

  16. dpack

    that the group of mp’s asking for this are from a variety of parties is a good thing.
    a broad overview inquiry might have gaps in it but might clear up some very important issues such as the extent of historical corruption within the “care”system,the righton connection to many things,some of the reasons for the historical failures to address the problems in the “care”system,etc,etc.

    IF there is the will to change ,details of the historical involvement and methods of some of those in sis and political life could be made available to an inquiry from registry (some may have never been recorded).

    the if is a big IF and based on the data released to other inquiries it seems very unlikely to me that full disclosure will happen .that said even a partial release of information from registry would be a very good way to discourage evil (and operationally risky) behavior in future and although the consequences of such a release upon political life are unpredictable it could be argued that the risks of release are less than the risks of concealment and well founded “rumour” especially if that information might be released by “a hostile power”at a time of their choosing.

  17. nuggy

    thse inquerys never seem to satisfy anybody anyway.

    maybe they should change the way inqurys are done before launching another e one.

  18. gary jones

    The full extent of this is NEVER going to come out into the open.

    Firstly the ‘system’ which seems to be the main purp is not going to expose itself – quite the opposite as we are seeing with all the current inquiries. Secondly if it was ever brought to the attention of the 90%+ of the population that are in ignorance of what has been going on then the whole system would collapse. It is not going to be allowed to happen.

    I respect what you are trying to do gojam (except for the recent Russia post where you seemed to loose the plot) but if I went away and came back in a year nothing will of changed. Q U telling me to do so

    • yes this has become critical ,the number murdered is more now then any other murder syndicate ever inthe world ,just think of this for must go down into our history books of britain,inthat case will there be a book wrote about it,prime ministers rapeing and muderin,membersof parliament raping and murdering thinking they are above the law of britain,they now are calling this the biggest murder club inthe world,evenifwe wanted to we cannot be seen covering this up,
      we have edward heath paedophile serial killer,murderer rapist laying instate being honoured in salibury cathedral,we have prime minister margaret thatcher giving away tax money to the paedophlies of £ 500 000,knowing of the paedophile ring,now layinginstate in london cathedral,we have all the paedophile mps inparliament who also murdered andraped,scotland yard ,judges cover it up,we still have it going on in parliament ,then there is all the threats just recently ,then we can go back to all theother murders covered up,andthese people have or still do work in our houses of parliament it is the most disgraceful country now inthe world,how can we vote for any of them,how do we know we can trust,we use to have our ownlaw which did make member ofparliament above the law but now we comeunder eu law which makes everybody the same, a member of parliament if a rapist or muurder will be sent to crown court and sentenced any body found covering a crime up is part of that crinme and will be sentenced to,and the big one how can we leave the children who have been raped and murdered by them alone,we must have a memorial service for them in london, or what will we look like in the history books,already there are authurs thinking of writing this story,and think it would make a great film,then all will be out, knowwhere for the mps to hide then,the whole world know about these prime ministers ,rape andmurder its all over the internet ,so wouldit not be best for all of us ,to uncover every thing,and do the right thing now,

  19. TFS

    And where are the questions to the Security Services of their knowledge and evidence of well connected pedophiles?

  20. nuggy

    i thought there was an inquiry into it.

  21. gary jones

    Yeah, that should do it. Another enquiry/rug to brush it all under. Men of the system demanding a thicker pile rug as the last one is wearing a bit threadbear.

    Whenever I see the word ‘enquiry’ now I just read it as ‘whitewash’. Getting really bored now…