Paedophile James Poole And His Dr Who Themed Shop ‘Dawn Of Time’.

Credit needs to go to Teresa Cooper for highlighting this situation. I’m told that this is not the only young girl that Mr Poole has had a close relationship with.

James Poole’s Dawn of Time store is popular with teenage sci-fi fans from across the country.

More than 500 people have signed a petition demanding the shop in Lowestoft, Suffolk, be closed because of divorced dad-of-two Poole’s past.

Cops have also spoken to staff at the store, which includes a cafe.

Former RAF airman Poole got 18 months at Teesside Crown Court in October 2002 after 6,000 pornographic images and two CD-roms of indecent images of girls were found at his RAF Leeming digs in North Yorks.

His sentence was reduced to three months on appeal.

A source said: “Some people in Lowestoft have known about this for quite a while. He is not a very nice person.

“He is a sci-fi fanatic. That’s why he opened the shop although some think it is extremely creepy.”

On Tuesday, Dawn of Time’s official Facebook message was updated with a statement inviting people into the store to discuss the allegations.

Poole would not comment when confronted by The Sun on Sunday, who worked with child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas.

Mr Williams-Thomas, a former Surrey Police detective, said: “I don’t believe a child sex offender should be allowed to open up a cafe frequented by teens. That’s why I have teamed up with The Sun on Sunday to expose this.”

The Sun


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13 responses to “Paedophile James Poole And His Dr Who Themed Shop ‘Dawn Of Time’.

  1. Jennifer is also another “Shill”. Why has this man not been arrested, why is his shop still open and why has every single new allegation been investigated and found to be false?

    If this man was guilty of 5% of the allegations thrown against him he would be serving 10 years. As it is, the shop is still open, still trading, despite the best efforts of certain persons from other establishments, including members of the nearly dead EA branch of the EDL and local thugs who find themselves on the wrong end of either the law or the wrong end of a retaliatory attack should they attempt violence against the owner/staff or customers.

    Theres a lesson here, some are too thick to learn it though

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  3. john enderberry

    Is that Beaumont again, that will be the boy who sexually assaulted the then 14yr old girl mentioned above…


    • Daniel beaumont

      Oi john you dickhead i didnt assault anyone so shut the fuck up least dont work for a nonce like you and the girl your referring top is a bitch anyway

  4. by the way just want to add that everyone finds is quite odd that a ”secret hearing’ in connection with ian gabb was held at old bailey..”secret hearing’?

    why so secret one dares to ask ?

  5. @GOJAM thanks for that DR WHO’ story because it might fit with this remarkable item..

    “AN INFORMANT who is said to have given vital information to detectives investigating paedophile rings involved in the murders of several young boys and the possible production of snuff movies, was given a ‘discounted’ sentence by a judge yesterday.

    After a hearing in private at the Old Bailey, Ian Gabb, 38, a building worker, of Brixton, south London, was sent to prison for three and a half years after admitting wounding his former homosexual lover. His plea of not guilty to attempted murder was accepted.

    Judge Michael Coombe said that he had considered a prison term of 15 years but, since Gabb had given detectives ‘exceptional information’ regarding paedophile rings he had infiltrated, he deserved ‘a very large discount’.

    The secret hearing is understood to have referred to information concerning the murders of two London boys, Barry Lewis, 5, and Jason Swift, 14, both victims of homosexual killers. Gabb claimed he was a ‘crusader’ against paedophiles and determined to help to track them down.

    Andrew Campbell-Tiech, for the prosecution, said that Gabb, who had served eight years for trying to rape a schoolmistress, was married and had been having a long-term relationship with Leonard Walkley, 58, a bookkeeper described as chairman of the

    ***** Dr Who Appreciation Society.******

    The court was told that Gabb believed Mr Walkley was a member of a paedophile ring and wanted to extract information from him by torture to pass to the police. Last September, Gabb went to Mr Walkley’s flat, bound him in metal chains, wired the chains into a mains socket and sent shocks through his victim’s body. Mr Walkley would have died if the fuse had not blown, the court was told.

    Gabb told police that he attacked Mr Walkley as part of his ‘crusade’ against snuff movie traffickers, and believed his former lover knew where such films could be found.

    Passing sentence, Judge Coombe said that there was no evidence that the victim was connected with any paedophile group or had ever been in possession of video films involving children”

    again thanks for that Gojam very helpful

  6. Jackie Lee

    Jason Locke is another alter ego of Jack Dempsey/Jim Poole…

    • Jackie Lee is also another alter ego of “John Cole” the fictional entity who created the petition which only allows “Negative” comments to be displayed.

      Free speech, don’t be silly, N*k*ya doesn’t allow free speech, only speech which echoes the lies which spew from her diseased family and their EDL friends.

      Dawn of Time is still open, trading and has issued an official statement with regard to the ongoing hate campaign initiated by a former staff member and her family (Yes, there is evidence to show it was the family of the former manageress who initiated it and yes the police are in possession of it)

      The official statement from DoT can be found here, however all other evidence is is the possession of Suffolk Police due to the ongoing investigation into some rather serious crimes.

      • Jennifer McInty

        D.o.T. do not advocate freedom of speech in anyone except their selves. Try leaving a “negative” comment on there face book page and it will be removed and you will be blocked from there page.

  7. Jason Locke

    Kind of makes a fool of the poster above…

    More to this story than meets the eye I think.. Look into this further, the conviction may well have been upheld. He was found rather than pleaded guilty. If he had pleaded guilty, then in all honesty he wouldn’t have gone to jail. However if the evidence which he claims to have had have been introduced in court, it would have immediately created “Reasonable Doubt” and therefore in no way would a conviction be secured.

    On the grading scale, these images were Level 1 & 2, with 5 levels.

    1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest
    Legally a child is defined as anyone under 18. Therefore by today’s standards, Samantha Fox’s first appearance on Page 3 of the Sun could technically be described as Level One Child Pornography.

    Note also the manner the news reports are written. Actually read what is being said rather than what you are thinking

    The guy is a cosplayer, not a child groomer. Since the 16yr old girl started work, the place has been plagued with allegations, visited by both Social Services (twice for two different reasons) and in fact the NSPCC, all of which went away quite happy having spoken to the education authorities and the 16yr old girls carer and on the occasion of the NSPCC visit, when Mr Poole was not there, were sent away perfectly happy by the 16yr old “Assistant” manager who is currently working toward an NVQ in Customer service with the local “Life Skills” unit, having dropped out of college due to bullying and harassment.

    On some social media sites, the owner has been reported as being a blackmailer, bombmaker, allegations of threats to kill and the latest being only yesterday when he and another helper being interviewed under caution for being allegedly witnessed shooting the windows from a car with a firearm.

    Trouble is, they were 250 miles away, in a different county and seen by multiple witnesses.

    Hate campaign, not much?

    I would think that if the guy had been considered any threat to children at all, then the local authorities including the police would have stepped in and not allowed the place to open.

    Danni is a nice girl, I spoke to her briefly during one of their events,The photographs used in this article are totally out of context, having been a costuming and celebrity day, some of which were taken by Danni’s boyfriend.

    There’s a lot more to this story, if you want to know whats really going on here, go and talk to her not read what someone else has been told is true.

  8. Tilly Sanderson

    He has claimed that James Poole and “Jack Dempsey” are two different people so how can he account for this article?! I was reminded when i heard about this issue, of a poster store/video arcade in the town i lived in in my late teens. There was a creepy guy who owned it, he would give the young lads free plays on the space invaders machines etc and buy them chips and cokes from the scruffy cafe opposite. Years later one of my friends disclosed that he had been sexually abused by this creep. He would get friendly with the kids, invite them to play the machines after the shop closed, they helped him out and thought they were great because they were sort of “working there”. Then he would invite them to his home where he had rare comics and posters and so on, and once a trust was built up and a relationship he would abuse them. Incidentally my friend at the time was incxredibly vulnerable, his parents had split up, his Mum often thought he was at his Dad’s and vice versa, they didn’t really care. his sister was the same, she was abused but more by just older lads letting her stay over at their place. My friend committed suicide in his thirties after years of heroin abuse, living as a rent boy in the embryonic gay area of the city back then, always hooking up with dirty old men looking for pretty young boys, they would give him drugs or money…
    With regard to Poole’s 16 year old girlfriend, (who looks much younger – is that why he is attracted to her?) a young girl does not suddenly become sexually active and take on an older bloke as a partner unless they have been groomed for some time, their self respect gradually eroded. Where are this girl’s parents?! Yes she is, now, over the age of consent but there is a huge difference between two teenagers having a relationship, and one teenager going with a mature older man. It is exploitation. Poole has a daughter not much older.What are we to make of that? What would he think if someone was sleeping with his daughter when she was 16? It is all very sinister.
    As someone who has surely had to sign the Sexual Offenders’ Register, he will have controls imposed on him, which will include not running a business that caters to minors. Yet he has deliberately chosen to open a business which is definitely going to attract the most vulnerable type of young person: loners, kids who are bullied at school, (sorry, but they are sci fi “geeks”) kids who feel they are not understood because they are “different” etc etc. Kids who are perhaps already abused and get into the fantasy world of sci fi as an escape from the real world. and these are the very kids who are the most vulnerable. They might feel flattered if Poole takes an interest in them, or allows them to help out behind the scenes etc. He is in a position of trust and he is also in a position to abuse that trust. Predatorial paedophiles can spot these vulnerable kids, they home in on it.
    I was aware of this guy a while ago and I must say from what I was told about the whole set up etc I had alarm bells ringing and so I havent been surprised at all by this. I only hope people connected with/working in the shop who have nothing to do with his sordid and perverted little activities are not drawn into this unless they too have transgressed.