Peter Righton’s Diaries: Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Michael Davidson

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I am publishing on here some information communicated to me by Tom Watson MP’s source on Peter Righton and networks of child abusers, which led to the infamous question from Watson to the Prime Minister on October 24th 2012 in which Watson identified a high-level paedophile ring, which involved a former Prime Minister. Watson’s source is a former child protection officer who currently does not wish to be identified by name, but was involved in the investigations into leading paedophile and key Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) member Righton (on whom, see this documentary, this article in the Mirror, this Guardian article by Nick Davies, this article by Liz Davies, and the series of articles to be found on the Spotlight and Needle blogs). .

As detailed by Watson himself, after Righton’s 1992 conviction on child pornography, he moved to live in a cottage on the estate…

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13 responses to “Peter Righton’s Diaries: Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Michael Davidson

  1. I remember reading this and thinking, in this day and age this simply wouldn’t be seen as acceptable behaviour and yet again, we someone who was, in public at least, most vociferous in his denial of the right of homosexuals to live their lives naturally.

    Personally, I tend to see the question of one’s own sexuality was treated in exactly the same way as those “in power” viewed the study of the esoteric arts. If you strip away the pot boiler and casual racist nature of an author such as Denis Wheatley’s works, what one finds is this huge wedge of cognitive dissonance and elitist belief system. The basic tenet of such books as “The Devil Rides Out” is as follows. Don;t mess with the “occult”, don;t even read about it or study it, unless you are a “titled gent”, as you simply do not have the “breeding” to cope with such knowledge.

    I remember studying Gerard Manly Hopkins poetry in 1975-76 and the whole class ended up commenting on how totally “gay” in a non pejorative sense, some his work was. Ten years earlier had a bunch of 17-18 year old students ventured that opinion, your typical English teacher would have had a major epi at the very suggestion.

    There was an historical sense of denial about the whole thing. It’s as if the thinking went as follows. It’s perfectly normal for older men to be attracted to fit young “beautiful” boys however, we can expect,, because of their breeding alone that. These people might give some vent to their perfectly “natural feelings” however, their breeding means that, their instincts will always be checked before anything that might be considered, beyond the pale, might happen. On the other hand the plebs cannot be trusted with such freedoms as they have no proper breeding and therefore natural instinct to curtail their baser drives.

    In short , to admit that the upper echelons of society were riddled with “boy lovers” who could control their instincts no more or no less than any other person, was to admit, the system actually was really rather rotten at its’ very core. That was never going to happen and as yet we are still refusing to just own up to it all and move on.

  2. green

    Benjamin Britten RIP, Peter Pears RIP, Michael Davidson RIP. Who’s next? Oscar Wilde, Edward II and Alexander the Great? Wonder who Tom Watson’s source is and why he seems to focus on the dead.

    • dpack

      the dead probably feature for the reason of the passage of time has rendered some of the persons of interest dead and for legal reasons relating to prosecutions or libels it is unwise to name the living until the right time.

  3. dpack

    henniker seems to link to several matters including

    mcgrath/tara via the orange lodges/arms from south africa

    the yugoslavian soe/mi6 mission chums such as mclean(who with neave and courtney)were central to the monday club and rise of thatcher

    his connection to the highest in the land is demonstrated by his son’s godfather which means he probably knew(and maybe knew of) blunt and would almost certainly have known dickie.

    that he ignored the chief constable’s advice (and felt he could do so safely) about righton may be of considerable significance.

    his official career history has more questions than answers and what i can find of his personal history is rather ambiguous as to his nature and motivations.

    as a slight aside a woman called osla henniker major(sister or cousin?) was employed at bletchley(which was far more complex than the well known cypher units) as a linguist .apart from a reference to her by her friend in a book about enigma etc she seems to have left no traces anywhere which is rather odd.but spookery is often a family business.

  4. “in which Watson identified a high-level paedophile ring, which involved a former Prime Minister.”

    Did he?

    • dpack

      i didnt hear mr watson say that.
      iirc “…..linked to a senior aide to a former prime minister…..” it was cameron that missed the “aide”bit whilst being “unsure” which pm was referred to.

      i wonder what cameron was being “unsure “about .
      having listened to it again i wonder if cameron’s response could be open to various interpretations.?
      cameron certainly seemed a bit flustered.i wonder if he missed the aide bit and /or was unaware of righton’s timelines when he heard the question?

      well spotted bishop ,strange how tiny details can alter the sense of things.

    • green

      It looks as if that’s wishful thinking!

      “At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Watson said the evidence file used to convict Righton “if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring”. He told a hushed Commons: “One of its members boasts of a link to a senior aide of a former Prime Minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.”

      How would he have known if file contained clear intelligence if he didn’t know if it still existed? Would that have been his source telling him that?

      • Yes, I think we have to conclude that Watson is relaying information based on his source’s recollection of the contents of evidence in the Righton case that may subsequently have been destroyed, or at least its continued existence wasn’t known to Watson at the time of his question.

      • I’ve met and talked to Tom Watson’s source and I can tell you that he is an extremely credible and professional person who had access to the Righton material for a week. The material still exists.

  5. The phrasing with respect to a former Prime Minister was clumsy, so I have changed it. I have also talked extensively with Tom Watson’s source and would echo gojam’s comments above.

  6. dpack

    whilst we are thinking of old documents has any progress been achieved in securing a copy of the “dickens dossier”?
    as far as i am aware there is crossover between the righton papers and the information mr dickens et al collated.i find it rather interesting that the local paper’s contemporary reports of mr dickens dossier seemed to disappear rather quickly after they were found.

    there are also(allegedly) the registry paper files relating to these things and other matters.
    of particular relevance are the papers used to brief mi6 minders who were tasked with protection( and prevention of embarrassing situations)for vips on foreign trips.

    as maurice probably obtained the” hess papers” as “insurance” before he reported directly to thatcher on the death of neave and the “security situation” his report to her may well have been verbal but the transcripts/tapes of that report from the “bugs”in number ten might possibly still exist.

    the cabinet briefing “brothel papers” that were obtained by ken and sent “abroad” via ” a friend” for “safe keeping” may also still exist,if they do they could be of use to those investigating these matters,maybe it is a good time to dust them off and use them .imho such a move would be in the interests of peace and reconciliation as well as the right thing to do.

    hello registry,if you are looking for such things in the stacks with good intent there is a high chance they are “mislabeled” and the knowledge of the old librarians will be vital.

  7. helen johnston

    Senior military figures and politicians were urged to use the registered MI6 brothel if they were desperate, the problem was than many of the desperate men were not noramally sexed.
    Military intelligence found so many lonely men away from home for long periods were being successfully targetted by Soviet women after blackmailing them
    that the decision was made at high level to employ homosexual perverts
    in the files these show as (HPs ) that these men were highly promiscous and were more blackmailable than normally sexed men shows how preposterous the whole thing was

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