Child Abuser Max Clifford Could Face More Allegations.


I’ve always found Mark Williams Thomas extremely reliable on these matters.

Readers will have noted from yesterday’s verdicts that the 10 remaining members of the jury were unable to come to a verdict on one charge. This had left open the possibility of a retrial.

News that other women have come forward since Max Clifford had been charged increases the likelihood that a  retrial will take place though in the absence of an appeal by Mr Clifford it may be that he’ll plead guilty to any further charges that may be made against him.

I hope so for the sake of the victims.


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  2. Some confusion re: Mr Clifford. He is unlikely to face a ‘retrial’ on those counts that the jury were unable to reach a decision on. The CPS have got their conviction on the majority of counts and a retrial on those the jury couldn’t decide on would be a waste of money – the sentences are at any rate likely to be concurrent not consecutive. He might face a ‘new’ trial, if the CPS decide that new allegations should be put before a jury but that is also unlikely. The indictment that Clifford faced did not include a host of allegations (mentioned in court however) that were insufficiently compelling to form the prosecution’s case. Clifford will face maximum sentences (2 years) that were the law at the time the crimes were committed, not the harsher ones now existing. NICKY BIRD