When Louis Met Max Clifford

Louis Theroux: Hypothetically, if a TV performer were gay, and you wanted to sort of defray that or put a stop to it, then would you put a kiss-and-tell…

Max Clifford: Well, the most effective way would be for me to create a relationship.

[Max Clifford gets out an issue of the News of the World]

Louis Theroux: Like, for example, this one.

Max Clifford: No, not like this one. It would have to be a long-term one.

Louis Theroux: [reading out the article’s headline] “Nasty Simon was my Sex Idol in bed”

Max Clifford: And she’s a very, um, sexy looking…

Louis Theroux: She is very attractive.

[he reads the article]

Louis Theroux: She went out with Clive Sinclair.

Max Clifford: He’s the one that really scored, he’s the one, Simon is…

Louis Theroux: And you believe this?

Max Clifford: Well, of course, it’s in the News of the World, so no reason not to.

Louis Theroux: [reading] “I ripped his towel off and he lay on his back and moaned as I pleasured him.” What does she get out of this?

Max Clifford: She should be earning ten thousand pounds for that. But maybe she would have got two or three thousand pounds herself.

Louis Theroux: I like this: “However when Simon discovered that Vicky had discussed his private performance with the News of the World, he rang her in a panic. ‘He begged me not to say anything about him and said he was a very private person. But he doesn’t have anything to fear from my appraisal, I gave him top marks.'”

Max Clifford: Well, there you are, you see. Says it all, doesn’t it?

Louis Theroux: It’s cobblers, isn’t it?

 When Louis Met Max Clifford


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3 responses to “When Louis Met Max Clifford

  1. IWTT

    After the microphone incident in Sainsbury’s (47:28)

    Louis Theroux: ….. the curious thing was that even when caught out he wouldn’t come clean; and I wasn’t sure he ever would.

    That has a a new, bizarre twist in light of recent events!

  2. i like louis,i’m not sure what this has to with the case? it’s about high class hooker’s in hotel room’s with people of standing and plenty of money,when your a high profile figure it goe’s with the teroritory,
    max clifford is just the same as jimmy saville,although he never molested as many girl’s and women,they both used there power public figure’s to entice and abuse young girl’s,it seem’s to me that these high profile figure’s dont see there victim’s as a human being with feeling’s,no they are just another comodity in life to be picked up,and used!
    max clifford will no doubt receive a custodial sentance,as the judge will have to be seen to be taking a tough approach to crime’s like this,what with top judge’s linked to pie and child abuse the judicial system has to start
    building bridge’s and seen to be doing what is right for social justice which is at the heart of any demockracy throughout the world,
    come friday the lenses of the world will be focussed on one of the most powerfull media mogull’s.
    “mr antony nostro prediction” mr clifford you will go to prison for 5 year’s

  3. Louis HAS A KNACK for picking em eh?