CPS Statement – Max Clifford

Jenny Hopkins, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said:

“Today’s verdicts provide a long-denied justice to the victims of serious sexual offences. I would like to thank these victims for having had the courage to come forward and give evidence. The victims of sexual abuse, whenever it may have taken place, should know that police and prosecutors will listen.

“It is only right that we now take some time to consider our position on the hung count and we will update the court accordingly.”

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4 responses to “CPS Statement – Max Clifford

  1. In a nutshell mz hopkin’s i was abandoned as a child,the only time my mother said she loved me,was just before she died!. my chidhood was sparadic being put in at least 20-30 children’s home’s,foster care,special school’s for delicate children,asesment centre’s,hospital’s,convent’s speaking of wich the nun’s used to rap big heavy key’s over my knuckle’s!.
    the various home’s that i was in new that i had no close familly tie’s!
    having no familly suport,i was ridiculed,ken used to think it was funny cutting big chunk’s out of my hair,allso whilst in dolrhyd all the lad’s would go home for christmas,and summer holiday’s,they would all return with toy’s and new clothe’s,i was left to root in the atic in dolrhyd for clothing,there was 1 time i got new clothe’s whilst at dolrhyd! i was the scarecrow who nobody wanted or cared wether i lived or died,paul hett seriousley asaulted me on at least six ocasion’s,the abuse during the 5 year’s at dolrhyd and at woolton vale,have scared me,
    i am appealing to your human nature to please look into why 1 minute,no action! then arest’s iminant,then no action!

  2. dear mss jenny hopkin’s i am delighted to hear that the victim’s finally got justice,and that max clifford was found guilty as charged.
    however i have a serious problem with merseyside police,northwales police,and the cps, i was raped by my ex partner angela bretherton,report’s made in 2008-2013,nothink was done,angela bretherton is know a prosecution witness against me regarding inapropriate touching?
    my next issue with the cps is as follow’s.
    I was in children’s home’s, in 3 of these home’s i was abused,physicalley,sexuley,physcologicaly,this was in the form of having my private’s touched,being coned into making my bed in the nude whilst a member of staff masturbated,these horendous painfull expereince’s occured in menlove avenue,when bruce the bastard,touched me,i told him to fuck off, he made me scrub the dinning room floor with a toothbrush!
    i was transscfered to dolrhyd in north wales,were paul hett chinned me with his elbow,on numerous occasions my teeth would penetrate my lip’s and tongue,morris catherwood battered me with a brush pole! a member of staff ken used to cut big chunk’s out of my hair,i was ridiculed by staff and boy’s iw as called scarecrow? asda have been using a scarecrow in there adds? i was left to burn in the sun,resembling a teenage mutant ninja turtle
    i was in agony for week’s.
    george the cook used to rub up against me whilst i washed the dishe’s!
    there is more?
    i reported these abuse’s in 1997 to merseysnide police! full statement given,1 week later a wpc returned to my home to say no charge’s will be brought against any member’s of staff,i was mortified and distressed by this new’s,i said and i quote are you telling me you have done a thourgh investigation into two home’s that has at least 1000 staff and children during the time these home’s were open,yes she replied ? as paul hett was a millionaire he was given amnesty from prosecution!
    After the jimmy saville cover up,i rang merseysnide police,this time iwas taken seriousley and i was interveiwed by officer’s from soca who are invoved in operation palial,after a serie’s of interveiw’s,1of wich was at halewood police station! october 2013 i received a phone call off jacky from soca saying arest’s were iminanat on member’s of staff,and that i would get compensation!
    know here is some scathing criticism for the cps,two week’s ago two investigating officer’s atended my home,they gave me new’s that has caused me acute distress,the officer’s said that the cps were not going to press charge’s,investigation’s had been caried out,and i quote one of the officer’s who said the evidence is overwhelming for prosecution,however they were restricted by cps guide line’s,he allso said it’s not just you tony there is hundred’s of victim’s being denied justice,both officer’s from soca
    expresed there disgust of the decision made by the cps,they allso wished me well,and said we have all the document’s here for your solictor?
    i am making a formal appeal on behalf of my self anthony dobson,and also all the other victim’s who have been denied ?
    the officer’s from soca allso said that the child abuse cover up investigation’s are falling apart at the seem’s due to overload ?
    the decision made by the cps,and merseyside police are just as bad as the horendous abuse i suffered as a child,i’ve lived in fear of the sysytem all my life,? the failure to prosecute is just as bad as the crime’s perpertrated!
    the impresion i got is that you have covered up for paedophile’s in children’s home’s,and as you have seen in the press and tv,thta’s exactley what has happened.one minute i’m denied justice,then i’m getting justice,and then to say i’m not getting justice,you have caused me immense
    your’s sincerley

  3. steve

    Lets hope we see a sentence that fits the crime,its about these crimes and the deviants that commit these horrendous crimes were put out of society and kept out for a dam long time,lets make them realise that these crimes WILL NOT BE TOLERATED