Who are the Mystery Liberal MPs Des Wilson refers to?

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Former Liberal Party President Des Wilson has written a scathing piece about Cyril Smith and the Liberal/Liberal Democrat Party for today’s Mail. Wilson writes in disparaging terms of a self-serving parliamentary party out of touch with its own activists, of feeble MPs too afraid to stand up a sexual and political bully like Smith, the ineffectiveness of David Steel as leader, and so on. The following passage is especially interesting:

Oh, I remember them all.

There was the MP who virtually sustained the whisky industry on his own. If you lit a match too close to his breath you could have made Guy Fawkes Night look like a back-garden barbecue. Many a bar would have been bankrupted without his presence. (And this was before the days of Charles Kennedy.)

As for affairs, Paddy Ashdown was not the only parliamentary party member whose secretary was valued for more than her…

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3 responses to “Who are the Mystery Liberal MPs Des Wilson refers to?

  1. Astonishingly (to me) another ex minister / childrens’ home allegation appears, this time in Brixton, with a Blair minister being not named by the Mirror


  2. eviltorypervert

    i wish id joined the libdems now.