The Tragic Magic Circle – Scotlands Shameful Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Continues

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Tales from Scottish Legal La La Land

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A man was arrested on Valentines Day and is still in jail on remand in Scotland, with bail having been refused on 3 occasions [99a] . What is it about this softly spoken genteel 68 year old man that has caused the Scottish establishment to arrange his incarceration for the second time?

Why does Alex Salmond continue to break the law, defy the Information Commissioner and refuse to hand over the information that was given to him and the date it was given? [109][110].

What is the connection between this mans imprisonment and the following?
Four Sheriffs and partners,
Two ex partners of Sheriffs
Two High Court judges and partners
Two Procurator Fiscals and partners
Six ex partners of Procurator Fiscals
Sixteen court staff
Thirty seven staff from Scottish government departments
Seventeen primary school teachers.
The answer…

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6 responses to “The Tragic Magic Circle – Scotlands Shameful Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Continues

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  2. dpack

    there is a lot of data to assess but one thing that i noticed on a first quick scan was the 100 yr closure of the dunblaine files strikes me as excessive to protect families of victims and near victims and their families.

    so why? defense of the realm issues?there is a rumour of a gladio type link about hamilton.
    protecting the guilty of other things issues ?possible but the people who got that done must be powerful.

    the whole situation in scotland as outlined by this work stinks on many grounds and needs unraveling.

  3. green

    Ugh… there are four videos above, not just two. For some reason, two have been expanded into pictures and the other two appear as links.

  4. green

    Does anyone else who has watched these …

    … also wonder:
    – why someone who was publicising this story should say (first video) that the alleged source of the story cannot not tell a lie? If a story is already the truth, there is no need to try to shore it up or challenge the audience not to disbelieve it by claiming that the source is infallible.
    – how any abuse victim, even one who was mentally fit, could A know and B remember the names of so many alleged abusers, especially from outside their family?
    – how a person who responds as they do in the second video could have sat with the police and spontaneously reeled off the names?
    – whether you believe the women in the last two videos more or less than the man in the first?

  5. Anon

    OT, but interesting Guardian article on the English Legal System: