The GB And LB Films.

Many thanks to RD for sharing this with me.

Much has been made recently about this entry in The London Gazette about the seizure of indecent material by Customs and Excise at Dover in 1982.


London Gazette

What does LB stand for ? What does GB10 stand for ?

RD supplies a very plausible explanation for GB10 at least. GB10 is likely to be an abbreviation of the name of a Golden Boys film. These featured the abuse of boys and were produced by COQ.

“Almost all other magazines consisted of photographs sent in by individuals. In order to avoid criminal proceedings for indecent assault or sexual abuse of children, some publishers used only photographs made in other countries. The same applies to films. Many films were produced by the firm COQ in Holbaek in Denmark, under the title Golden Boys. The ambiance (clothing, landscape, housing style) of various films we saw suggests that these were made in the United States, possibly in the West”.

IPT Journal

This then begs the question, if GB is not the initials of an offender featured in the movie then  isn’t it plausible that LB could stand for  ‘Lover Boys’ part of a series of films, very similar in nature to Golden Boys?  Lover Boys films were “produced” by Color Climax of Amsterdam

I hate to be the one who in recent months has played the role of critical skeptic, I want to see offenders arrested like everyone else but I think that too many people are not looking at the evidence critically themselves.

I’d urge caution when reading any sensationalist story concerning the nature and content of these films. Ultimately, it will be hard evidence that will see VIP child abusers arrested and not coincidences however intriguing they are.


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  1. dpack

    i have no way of checking the conclusions of this but the info on smith seems to be believable.
    some of the other names and events might be worth closer investigation.

    however it does suggest both the scale and level of the importance of contractors in the past and present ,at least in the informational context.

  2. tdf


    Yes indeed. In addition to bloody infighting INLA, or at least people claiming to have INLA affilations, were heavily implicated in drug dealing until relatively recently although they seem to have faded into the background now.

  3. tdf

    Re Robin Bryans’ book “The Dust Never Settled”, it is available here:

  4. tdf

    The other strange thing, to me, about the Neave assassination is that the INLA, not the Provos, claimed responsibility. Now at the time the INLA were only up and running for a few short years so it is odd to me they were capable of pulling off such an operation right in the heart of London. INLA/IRSP have a rum history, an organisation that had a microscopic level of support among the general public even in working class republican areas, yet pulled off several notorious atrocities. Almost everyone in the know in Northern Ireland, whether nationalist or unionist, suspects dirty tricks were involved in relation to the assassination of Billy Wright in prison.

    • And the moment stories surfaced about just who the INLA actually were and who set them up, they very conveniently had a huge feud and killed each other, almost to a person…

    • dpack

      inla was very different to pira ,

      they had superb targeting intel,very professional operational skills.the proper tools for each job,good steath before and after the event ,etc etc

      the inla technical ability was of a nature that is usually seen in state trained operatives be they local ,inserted or contractors (for the high profile/hard target stuff i recon contractors with a few locals to assist and take the blame if necessary)

      warrenpoint the same day as dickie seems to be a pira style op, maybe they got lucky or had a bit of help but it was pira style although more spectacular than usual.maybe the paras should have a close look at warrenpoint to find out who killed their comrades,

      the official version that” republicans” got dickie does not seem to fit their technical abilities at the time or fit with their usual strategy .the various statements after the event dont seem to make sense in operational terms or in context.

      neave has the style of very professional and well informed contractors who had access to his car in the carpark of the commons .

      he was a careful and sensible chap who was not unfamiliar with a hostile environment(home run etc etc ),

      could “republicans ” target the right motor and then amble in to place a bomb in the commons carpark which was not as secure as now but it did have security (ffs tis parliment and since guy fawkes etc etc )?

      if as sometimes stated it was a time activated bomb placed at his home and built to go off on a tilt switch when he set off after work why complicate things when a bomb that goes off on the way to work will do the job
      home placed and long timer /tilt might be found before it goes bang

      if one is not seen placing it a booby trap car bomb to target the driver it only needs enough time delay for the bomb layer to get a few streets away ,more increases the opportunities for it to be found

      the official version seems unlikely to me(as do most of the unofficial versions)
      especially as he should have had a babysitter team(and if he was concerned about the corruption in the service a watcher team to see what he was up to)as well as his own skill/instincts to protect himself.

      i recon the bomb went into the car at westminster

  5. dpack

    re robin bryans

    “there is another thing…. that the public are still unaware of…”

    i dont recall where the reference/s is/are from but it was in the context of the wilson plot ,clockwork orange and such matters being almost known.

    a phone call from blunt a when bryans was living on a barge in london near dolphin square got a mention

    bryans did not elaborate but i found the timing interesting

  6. dpack

    re neave ,if the report from a westminster paddy’s day drinkies that he was saying” there has been corruption in the service” “30 or so officers” ( if i recall correctly it was written by paddy ashdown’s research aide)is true and the report of a dinner a little later where he said changes are coming in the service is also true it suggests he might have more enemies than the msm/official version of events suggests
    mountbatten’s sudden death is also complex.

    i wonder what maurice oldfield said to thatcher ,i am fairly convinced he nicked the hess papers as “insurance”but he had his security clearance withdrawn strait after his meeting with mrs t.
    he was unwell and “retired “before he looked into “the security situation in ireland” and died of cancer shortly afterwards,it seems he left no memoirs so we will probably never know.

    there is some information about these deaths and other related matters in the needle kincora threads/and robin bryans threads.

    what bryans said about one of the more lurid rumours about the cake king is interesting in that bryans seems to have believed dickie was many things but he was not into csa as sometimes claimed.

    ps trying to unravel robin bryans and his works is the “road to madness”but im sure there is much important truth hidden within it.
    “the dust ….”is a very interesting and odd book.

    that politics can be a very nasty game is proven over millennia .
    probably the best place to research such matters are the paper files in registry but that isnt an easy place to access and there is a good chance that many things were never put on paper.

  7. gw

    mmm its clear that there there was some highly dodgy stuff that goes on… you see the lengths people will go to clear themselves when relatively innocuous acts go wrong… politics within politics within politics…

  8. Tdf

    Stardog23, gw & dpack-

    Inclined to agree re Heath, he may have been a victim of a very long-running dirty politricks smear campaign from the nationalist far right.

    There’s a poster on the David Icke forum who has unearthed numerous photos of Heath on his sailing boat, and he’s always surrounded by beefy sailor types most if not all of them only a bit younger than himself – which does seem to tie in with what you were told, Stardog. If Heath was gay – which is certainly entirely possible and plausible – it seems unlikely that his taste was for “chickens”. I’ve always thought the way he actively avoided womens’ company indicates a repressed hetero if anything.

    Dpack – re “the Troubles”, agreed, there were numerous suspicious incidents. These days – and probably at the time, also – most people – perhaps understandably – don’t want to know. The average pub bore or internet conspiracy theorist gets all excited about Mountbatten’s assassination and develops bizarre conspiracy theories around that tragic event. But if you ask me, Airey Neave’s assassination was and still is much more troubling and intriguing in terms of how it happened (or was allowed to happen) and how it was that the people implicated developed the capability to conduct the operation it out without some level of involvment of dirty politricks.

  9. dpack

    as we are briefly discussing political issues my opinion is that wilson,heath and thorpe were probably more sinned against than sinners.

    the unions,cnd ,far right ,far left etc, etc were both used and attacked in many ways and the irish mess was manipulated to create a climate of fear and division both sides of the water. all of this and more a “strong leader”could exploit on behalf of her backers.

    the monday club and others who created the thatcher regime had some powerful and ruthless backers but there were also those who opposed interference in domestic politics .we know who prevailed.

    the head of the cake firm was certainly involved in the biggest game ie protecting the assets of old power as he had for half a century

    that stealth, smears,truths, blackmail and reward at many levels and of many sorts played a part in all of this should be assumed.

  10. tdf

    Re a certain cabinet minister, there were MSM rumours in early 80s – interestingly enough, never in Scallywag I think. Other MSM sources said rumours were put about by anti-semitic faction within M15. Or M16. Or something.

    • Ahhh no….. that’s the supposed ex SBS guy, well that’s what he claimed he was, who made up all the stories about Edward Heath and the parties on Morning Cloud. FWIW and as far as I know this is true, Heath’s partner was a strapping 6 foot Coldstream Guardsman, the very antithesis of the rumours about him.

      What you’re referring to relates to the “possible military coup”, which does have some legs, the infamous incident of the army closing off a major airport without WhiteHall’s or Downing Street’s knowledge and consent actually did happen. Many have suggested “Leggy’s” death was cleaning house to preserve the house of cake’s good name as he was the titular head of the plot,.

      This was a fully paid up Fleet Street gossip columnist source, all round fruitbat, bon viveur and not known for bsing people at all. I suspect the story has been say upon solely because, given the time frame and the fall out , you end up with toughly 2-3 names and one of those is almost certainly not the person it could be referring to and that’s way too close for comfort.

      There is one other story that has done the rounds for some time and funnily enough, same ex minister, the scenario is almost identical in what they were caught inflagrante in the middle of, the other details however, are different though.

      Lets face it the person who hasn’t been named has apparently escaped arrest over a charge of rape against an overage female who looked a lot younger, on a technicality. Friends of said person have already put their foot in it by claiming he was “there” however, didn’t participate at wooden house. If they died tomorrow, it would be all over the net and probably much of the press and yet…here we are….

      • gw

        TDF yes that is correct. Muran has cuttings – search for smear in his blog.

        Tony M – interesting, thanks.

  11. tdf

    Stardog, if you mean Scallywag, it’s all still online. Most of it’s horseshit and pub gossip though.

    I was told that if Regan were still alive he would most likely have faced trial for criminal libel.

  12. A_V

    I’ve found one from June last year.

    It was posted on the Icke forum as part of the digging into Russell Howard-Tricker’s background that people had been doing there, presumably because he was mentioned in the Mary Moss documents. Although the London Gazette announcement is quoted in full in that post, no comment is made about the initials used in titles of the videos seized. This isn’t particularly surprising, though, because the first mention of the cabinet minister with reference to abuse in Amsterdam would not be made until four months later, in the Exaro story on 11 October last year, while the first mention of the cabinet minister in the context of any videos of any kind seems to have been Exaro’s piece on 14 January this year.

    So, the first time any direct link was made between the London Gazette announcement and the cabinet minister does indeed seem to be that tweet by Ian Puddick on 23 February, the same day as the Sunday Express article, which is what I’d been wondering. For some reason I had a feeling that the timeline of when things have first been posted or published might itself be quite revealing, but perhaps it isn’t. Thanks anyway, gw.

    • A_V

      Correction: it makes little difference to the above but the first mention of the cabinet minister and a video was Exaro on 13 December, not 14 January.

      • Just wanted to give those who were unaware of it. The tales of the sexual proclivities of an unnamed Tory Cabinet Minister were published in Holy Molys before Savile kicked the bucket. A long standing gossip columnist left the tale as his legacy on their death as, “The \Story they were never allowed to publish”

        It has since all bar vanished from anywhere online although, I did find an abridged version of the tale and passed the link on to Gojam a few months ago.

  13. TonyM

    In 1981 you could rent a portable video recorder and colour camera from a high street shop (eg. Radio Rentals or Granada) for about £50 per month. A standard video recorder would be about £25 per month. A super 8 film projector would cost from about £125 upwards to buy from any high street photographic shop.