Judge Mental: Judge Denis Watson

Judge Denis Watson QC

Judge Denis Watson QC


Judge Denis Watson QC gets the ‘Judge Mental’ award today for sentencing Andreas Bauminis, a Latvian national to only 8 months in prison despite the fact that he possessed an alleged snuff movie.

“A 20-minute ‘snuff’ video showed a 15-year-old girl being raped, strangled with a wire and apparently murdered before being wrapped in a plastic sheet and dragged out the room.”

Regardless of whether it was genuine or not, and the Judge having watched it thought it was genuine, anyone who would seek to get pleasure from such a video should receive a much greater custodial sentence than 8 months (out in 4 months).

It is also rather odd that a story that involves a ‘snuff’ movie, which must surely now be evidence in a potential murder inquiry somewhere in the world and a tip off from The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation has only been reported in a few local newspapers. So, unusual did this seem to me that I had to contact Liverpool Crown Court and the Police myself to verify the details.

Well done to those news sites that have covered it.

A SHOCKING ‘snuff movie’ was found at the Skelmersdale home of a young factory worker along with other appalling child abuse images, a court has heard.

And a judge told Andreas Bauminis: “It is hard to imagine or contemplate a more grotesque, revolting, repulsive and inhuman series of images.”

The disgusting videos were discovered at the home of Bauminis following information from the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation about use of internet file sharing sites.

Police went to his home, which he shared with his brother’s family, including two children, in February last year and seized his computer tower.



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11 responses to “Judge Mental: Judge Denis Watson

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  2. tdf

    Seems to me this case is further evidence that snuff, though rare, does exist.

  3. green

    Wonder why the Russians would be providing information on a Latvian, unless he was using Russian sites. But to do that, he’d have to know Russian. There is apparently a large Russian ethnic minority in Latvia, with schools teaching in Russian, and schools teaching in Latvian (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language_policy_in_Latvia). Maybe he’s an ethnic Russian. But his name doesn’t seem to sound Russian and, given the language policy, it seems unlikely a Latvian of his age would have learned Russian at school. There are hardly any hits for the surname online.

    • Guntars

      1)Russians in Latvia not a minority,they are 47% of population in Latvia.They are ocupants.
      2) Andreas Bauminis-Latvians have not same names and surenames!
      probably,this men are from different etnical comunity,who only have a Latvian pasport!Same situation have a russians from Latvia,who hiden self etnical nationality and in UK named as Latvians!
      Sory,but it is reality!

  4. I take this story as proof positive that our useless MSM, MainStream Media are in cahoots & feeding us pap.

    This horrendous story of current abuse is ignored.

    While aged DJs are hauled into court with huge fanfare, Front Page Banner headlines, & major TV coverage, on 40 year old allegations, of minor misbehaviour, we can safely draw the conclusion that our MSM is effectively diversion from current abuse.

    By whom?
    Who’s in control?
    Judges? Police? SS Social Services?

    Our MSM won’t tell us, that’s for sure.

    See: http://www.ukcolumn.org

  5. Did your conversations with Liverpool Crown Court & police indicate that Bauminis had been particularly cooperative, such as ratting out his source for the alleged snuff clip and other materials? That might be mitigating to the sentence. Otherwise…hard to understand a sentence of 8 months. Even if the clip cannot be proven to be “real”, Bauminis’ interest in possessing such extremely violent child porn materials would seem to warrant putting him away for as long as possible.

    • I’m still digging on this.

      Hopefully more later.

      • Pat

        Good to see you back Gojam.

        Article states the victim was 15. How do they know this?
        Seems that the consensus from those that had to watch the video and the graphic description, is that the girl died. If the media are now hinting that snuff movies are in fact real rather than an urban myth this might be a major development. There are rumors that this type of “entertainment” has been found in diplomatic cases and left on trains/coaches.

        OT but is there any news on Elm guest house/cabinet minister front. Gone very quiet of late.

      • i wonder where i have seen this item before, oh let me think….

  6. Hope this Judge is on UK Paedophiles Named website. They have a list of lenient Judges who hopefully will be looked into.