Tony Benn’s Speech In The Iraq Debate


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9 responses to “Tony Benn’s Speech In The Iraq Debate

  1. Jeremy Stocks

    What on earth has happened to Gojam? Hope he is okay.

  2. peter marshall

    I see Clarissa Dixon-wringht has died, my brother was her milkman for some years and would often pop in for a glass of sherry with her in the mornings.He said she was likebale but bonkers, and said she knew personally that New labour were all homosexuals and the trail of young rentboys was being covered up by Margaret hodge the childrens minsister
    apparently she was known as margaret Bodge, becuase she was so incompetent

    • nuggy

      and you’ve waited till shes dead to say this.

      why couldn’t you have told us when she was alive.

      • green

        She was definitely entertaining on TV, and I was considering getting her autobiography. But the reviews on Amazon UK are mixed and suggest that she employed a certain amount of invention.

  3. Sabre

    A great orator and an honourable man.
    Totally agree with some of the positions he held including Iraq issue, vehemently disagreed with other positions.
    An opponent rather than a treacherous mendacious enemy typical of most of the rest of the politicos.
    R.I.P Sir.