Max Clifford Trial: Why Size Matters.

I don’t normally comment on cases during trials as it’s a legal minefield. Most MSM sources report everything that can be legally reported and there is normally very little I can add.

However, one thing that the prosecution often try to highlight in these kind of cases are similarities between independent witness testimony as this can demonstrate that the accused had a particular approach. This can often be seen to strengthen cases like this.

Below are three allegations set to be made under oath by three independent witnesses.

Max Clifford, Nothing to Hide ?

Max Clifford, Nothing to Hide ?

1) During an audition, Clifford exposed himself and said to the 19-year-old: ‘Look at my prick. Isn’t it tiny? What can I do with this?’ Afterwards, she received a call from a man with an Italian accent, who asked about Clifford’s penis. The prosecution says this was  Clifford, who went on to expose himself again during a second meeting.

2) Clifford invited the 18-year-old to audition for a role in Labyrinth, starring David Bowie, but said she would have to sleep her way to success. He told her he had a small penis, took down his trousers and added: ‘If you touch it, it gets bigger.’ The girl left and never spoke to Clifford again.

3) Clifford and another man allegedly approached the 18-year-old in a cafe and hired her as a secretary. Miss Cottage told the jury that he eventually approached his new employee while stark naked, and said he wanted to teach her how to perform a sex act, adding that if she complied ‘she could meet David Bowie’. She refused.


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19 responses to “Max Clifford Trial: Why Size Matters.

  1. Topsy

    The Max Clifford video is still there, it goes away from time to time but it is there as at today. Put ‘Max Clifford admitting covering up vip child abuse’ into your search engine and be witness to the cover up that is ongoing at this moment. If this is not investigated then it confirms my suspicion that we cannot trust the Police who are merely establishment puppets or the CPS, the Security Services, or indeed many websites that pertain to be champions of the victims of child abuse. When a website like this one goes quiet about a Tory in court at the moment alleged to have sexually abused young men you have to ask yourself why that is. The DJs have all been on here but there is a reluctance to even mention politicians. Perhaps GOJAM I AM may respond to this direct question, why is that?


    the danger to the establishment is that clifford wil whistleblow, the authorities fear whistleblowers and Rupert Murdoch is known to have hired people to discredit them, look at attacks on Maud Dib Chris Bollyn Ben fellowes T Stokes and Kevin Field, all follow the same pattern and all say the same things, they are liars cheats homosexuals and fakes, it is the similarity in what is said about thes epeople which betrays they are all nonsense

  3. Topsy

    With reference to my earlier comments, he cannot be charged with regard to the online video until an investigation is completed and it would be a time consuming one at that, within the limited resources that we all know about. I also doubt that this will happen anyway because of the corruption that binds together our establishment . It is clear to most of us that there is a massive cover up of paedophilia within the higher echelons and I am very concerned that this blog site sits on the fence and does not pursue these issues.

  4. Nicholas Price

    No trial by media….the CPS have been wrong before!

  5. Andy Barnett

    It’s not entirely clear to me what laws Clifford is alledged to have broken in those three cases. Indecent exposure, perhaps? Sexual harrasment? He won’t get many years for those.

  6. Topsy

    Error in above , line 2 delete defendants, insert witnesses for the prosecution.

  7. Topsy

    It is of course possible that he is innocent and as in previous cases the defendants would either be lying or the prosecution unable to convince the jury beyond reasonable doubt. This guy is in a video online referring to other people in powerful positions who have what he describes as ‘kiddy’ fiddling’ tendencies and do not in his opinion deserve to lose their careers as a consequence. He also admits to having these secrets stashed somewhere. If this video is genuine then I hope it is being investigated.

    • nuggy

      i doubt that it is genuine it was that’s a crime he could be charged with but he hasn’t been.

    • xxxxxx

      ” He also admits to having these secrets stashed somewhere. ” Yes I remember seeing that bit of film , I think it was on t.v. , recall thinking at the time it was a pity a bit of pressure couldn’t be exerted on him to elicit some information , maybe this is it.

  8. nuggy

    has any considered the possibility that he might be innocent.

    • Sabre

      We all presume that he is indeed innocent.
      A summary of prosecution evidence has been provided.
      The prosecution evidence will be subject to rebuttal by the defence.
      If the judge takes the case from the jury and directs acquittal the presumption of innocence will remain.
      If the judge gives the case to the jury and they acquit the presumption of innocence will remain.
      If the jury fail to reach a verdict the presumption of innocence will remain.
      If the jury convict the original presumption of innocence will be deemed to be nullified.
      Should the defendant be convicted and subsequently appeal successfully the original presumption of innocence will have been vindicated.

    • Sabre

      IF he is convicted he will be deemed a big prick with a little prick.

  9. Anon

    Hope he sings like a canary in court.

  10. green

    Sounds as if three independent witnesses have forewarned you of what they plan to say. ;) That could raise questions about why they should all contact you if they’re independent and what the reason would be for revealing their allegations to the public and not just letting them be dealt with in court.

    • Summaries of all the witness testimony is given at the start of the trial.

      This information is all in the public domain and is reported elsewhere.

      To my knowledge, no witness from this trial has been in contact with me.

      • green

        Oh, right. Thought you were adding information not in the MSM. Have just found the Daily Mail article with these allegations.