Max Clifford Trial Starts Today



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    it keeps going missing from the net but Tesco and nationwide were funding peter Tachell and PIE, you may need to doa search not using google.

  2. Remember, the ‘Court’ is made up of judges, barristers and jury members…ALL with the same weaknesses that Max Clifford and the rest of us have. Whatever the outcome, this is not the way that people should be judged!

    • Andy Barnett

      Hmmm. What way exactly do you think people should be judged? Mass surveillance and trial by computer? I guess it would make the process more efficient!
      Seriously, isn’t having the same weaknesses what judgement by ones peers is all about? I’m sure I have all the same weaknesses, but I choose not to indulge them or act on them where that would hurt another person. Can I not then judge someone that makes different choices?

  3. dpack

    the jury should decide about him on the basis of the evidence in court but his knowledge of many things is vast.he may choose to share some with the court

  4. Anon

    Maybe he might have a lot to say about what he knows about other people.