Daily Mail: Between A Rock And A Hard Place.

Then and Now

Then and Now

A very good source contacted me earlier to let me know that he’d heard that the Daily Mail were aware of the arrest of Patrick Rock, the Downing Street aide, in mid-February. That is before The Mail embarked on its vitriolic two week campaign against Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, and Patricia Hewitt over their link over 30 years ago, through the NCCL, to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). The political editor of the Daily Mail, James Chapman, denies this and insists they only found out yesterday.

The Mail coverage over the last few weeks has concerned me for a couple of reasons. The first is that it was, for the most part, very old rehashed news. Very little new information has been put in the public domain and, as a consequence, it was only right to ask questions about the timing of the campaign.

The second reason was that these were extremely personal attacks.

Highlighting any issue concerning historic paedophilia in the mainstream media which raises awareness must be welcome, as must the expressed ‘regrets’ of Harriet Harman and the apology of Patricia Hewitt, but this blanket coverage failed to address genuine concerns.  Not once did I see any attempt to analyse the long term consequences of allowing a paedophile network to operate legally for 10 years in the UK. Where was the victims’ perspective and the effects on them ? Where was the very serious debate that  still needs to be had about the responsibility the state has to the victims who continue to suffer as a consequence of government policy which not only allowed PIE to exist legally but even funded it ?

Instead, the coverage had all the hallmarks of a politically motivated attack and anyone who heard soon after this attack began that Downing Street had explicitly advised Tory MPs not to comment on The Daily Mail stories would have become even more suspicious.

Now we know that a few days before this attack began, Patrick Rock, a senior and close aide to the Prime Minister, had been arrested over a potential offence regarding child abuse imagery.

I doubt we’ll ever find out exactly when and how the Daily Mail were made aware of this arrest.

But let’s face it, it stinks.


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26 responses to “Daily Mail: Between A Rock And A Hard Place.

  1. dpack


    a rather interesting bit of reporting for the dm online,they still get the left mentioned but the questions of vetting criteria or effectiveness are something of a new slant for the mail

  2. Andy Barnett

    I agree with gojam that we probably won’t find out exactly what and when the DM knew. But does it matter? Would we rather they hadn’t run the Harman/Hewitt story? Of course they are going to put an anti-Left spin on it, which we all like to moan about, but that’s what we should expect from the DM. The key point is that they gave licence to the rest of the MSM to talk about the very issue we want them to talk about – the role of politicians in the perpetration, justification or cover-up of CSA. That has to be a good thing, right?

    • Dr Tig

      If he was told on the evening prior to his arrest that evidence had been found then he would have been able to destroy evidence on his home computer (if there was any) prior to his arrest the next morning.

      This is a serious situation which I feel requires a full explanation.

      • staying anon

        Here is another weird timing – 13 feb was also the day it was reported the coalition leadership were blocking MP recall. Now look what the conservatives are apparently saying today while all this is being discussed!

      • staying anon

        1) It apparently wasnt the met – it was the nca. CEOP is part of them.
        2) I imagine if he tried deleting stuff they would find it easily enough on a home computer.

        But my question is – if its not the met dealing with it but the nca (who report to the home office) was it meant to be known by the public at all?

      • staying anon

        You know though if two parties are saying security must be discussed properly and there will be recall for those who should be made accountable – we may get some answers eventually. Whatever the truth is about this arrest.

    • Liz727

      Spot on. I agree with you.

  3. gw


    “I have to be careful what I say about this issue because obviously a criminal investigation is underway. Obviously when I heard these allegations I was profoundly shocked and remain profoundly shocked today. In terms of the release of this information, I don’t think it would be right to preemptively brief out a criminal investigation and that is why we did not do that. As soon as questions were asked, as questions would inevitably be asked, we have given very full and straight-forward answers which is absolutely the right way to handle this. I’ve been clear right along, and I was told about this issue pretty much as soon as it was discovered. I’ve been very clear that we must handle this in absolutely correct way and I’m satisfied that this is what Number 10 Downing Street has done.”

    This seems to chime with what the Mail have said about when they heard about it. IF the Daily Mail stuff on PIE was a “preemptive strike”, and IF Chapman is telling the truth about when he was told then that begs other questions…

    Might it be plausible that the DM caught wind of something but only found out the specifics yesterday?


    • So, we are to believe plod turned up at number 10 with a warrant that didn’t specify what the reason for their search and seizure of files was and that , the bloke supposedly running this country wasn’t told… “He’s been arrested and questioned for child porn images”? Furthermore, plod then didn’t tell the PM for a month that that was the reason and no-one noticed the bloke was missing?

      Given this is probably the first time that Number 10 has been “raided” by the plod, not one person in the press thought that was newsworthy in itself,.irrespective of the reasons for the raid? Or, more likely, did the PM use his influence to keep the story out of the press until such time that it was bound to leak out anyway, as more and more journos were asking where the accused had “vanished” to?

      • gw

        Hi stardog,

        I get the impression that Cameron was made aware as soon as it happened.

        Regarding the police visiting number 10 – I’m not sure if its been “raided” before however I’m not sure it would be such a bizarre site to see police officers entering or leaving.

        Not addressed to you specifically, but I have seen on social media some things about Rock’s resignation and his arrest that I think are worth clarifying. Bits in brackets are my speculation.

        By all accounts Downing Street was “made aware” of the allegations on the evening of the 12th. (I suspect something was discovered on a computer, perhaps by tech support)

        (Rock was then likely brought into an office and told what had been found)

        He then resigned

        Later THAT NIGHT – but technically the next day – police arrested him. (Its not the case that he was given a head start or anything as has been suggested by some.)

  4. So, let me see if I have this right. A person who was responsible for much of what emanates from Downing Street under the Camerot regime vanishes without explanation and no-one at the regime’s pet press poodle noticed and thought to ask why and where? Either the DM is totally inept or, someone’s telling porkies.

  5. nuggy

    i read a rather confusing story in the mirror about this im not totally convinced hes guilty of what hes been accused of.

    sounds to me like he could be a fall guy for someone else.

    • green

      It’s pretty sad if this issue is being used as a party-political football. No prizes for guessing whose interests will come last in the process.

  6. mike

    If it stinks,,,it must be politics.

  7. gw

    James Chapman tells Tom Watson that he first heard about the story yesterday.

  8. staying anon

    I dont know the answers. I really wish I did. Things make even less sense. I am not convinced the dm did know before. But I do think there was an agenda.

    • dpack

      that seems a good assessment of this development.

      ive got a gut feeling that there is a new agenda and that it may be to clean many houses and by doing so to underpin their foundations.
      im not convinced that the overt political tribes or the msn are more than tools.

      if as many as possible of the guilty are held to account and abuses of power are prevented in the future (that is a very broad definition of the task but it is a broad task with many horrid details) i dont need to understand the all the details or even speculate as to who the allies are or their motives so long as the job gets done .

      if i was to speculate i would suggest that there are those who would walk in soft shoes and that they are both morally repelled by what has been done and professionally in horror of what is emerging and the potential consequences of the truth becoming known.


  9. Dr Tig

    A timeline of events would clarify whether Rock resigned before he was arrested as No 10 stated last night.

    This would indicate he had been questioned before being arrested and possible No 10 were aware of allegations prior to the 12/13th Jan.

    If not how would he know to resign if he hadn’t yet been arrested? If he knew he was going to be arrested this must surely have been because of earlier questioning by police or a tip off?

    Any thought?

    • staying anon

      Actually on reflection pre-arranged arrests are not uncommon. Its entirely possible all procedures were followed. It is the most likely explanation I think at this stage.

  10. dpack

    well put gojam.
    smoke ,mirrors and mud is the dm trade most of the time.

  11. what stinks more than anything else and far and away above the PC slanted articles or the timing thereof, is the fact that STILL the huge cover-up goes on but then of course it simply must! if those people in positions of high profile power are to be protected. After all we would not want them to be subject to a pedophile witch hunt now would we? Sod the victims!!!

    Shame on all of us for allowing the ongoing abuse and multiple cover-ups to continue.


  12. chess

    The DM’s disclosure of what was very old news was fishy from the start, as you’d pointed out at the time. Now we know why, another Tory suspect, well, well, quelle surprise. Not.