Report on Malcolm Thompsons Child Sexual Abuse Sheffield Childrens Homes

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In response to a FOI Request [1] Sheffield City Council have released the “Review of Malcolm Thompson’s Employment by Sheffield City Council 1977 -1990” Part 1 Download [2] and Part 2 Download [3] carried out for Sheffield Area Child Protection Committee by Sheila Poupard and Malcolm Jordan.

Malcolm Thompson was convicted on 29th June 1992 and the Director of Social Services commissioned the Review in July 1992 with the purpose of establishing what lessons could be learned on Social Work and Management Practice and advise on necessary action.

The Childrens Homes covered were Todwick Grange, Lane End and later Ringinglow.

In the Appendix is a very interesting collection of allegations of abuse, the years, the charges, and the convictions. He was convicted on 29th June 1992 at Sheffield Crown Court to 6 years imprisonment for 4 indecent assaults on children, although there were many more allegations.

The Report has only…

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4 responses to “Report on Malcolm Thompsons Child Sexual Abuse Sheffield Childrens Homes

  1. dpack

    im a bit out of my depth here but if im interpreting things correctly the course he did was being/just been revised by righton and price,we know righton had connections in the area of ipswich and that righton’s posh connection was involved with further ed(and many other things)especially in that area
    .the local mp was a close chum of several well known folk at cambridge and had church connections .
    tis all circumstantial and rather vague so far but worth a closer look perhaps.
    reading the report on the chap he does seem to have avoided all his bad points getting him into serious trouble for a long time
    ive not found enough data so far cos im not sure where to look for the info about the course on staff,management ,visitor lectures ,righton and prices input if any etc etc.the college has evolved several times since then and the local paper for ipswich is a bit light on archives.

    more research is required
    input from decent persons also there or who know about such courses might help shed some more light on matters
    eye smell rats but i cant see em yet ,

  2. dpack

    ipswich and near area 1977 seems to be a node judging by some quick google chi
    righton pops up as do several other names .not linked in the data to this chap but in the data for 1977
    his chap was at college there in 1977 and i was wondering who else was around the place .
    eye smell rats !

    when i get chance i will do some cross referencing

    • dpack

      oops sorry 1979 he was at college, it was 77 data i was looking at and misposted re his date there but i will still poke about and see what floats by

      taint just a matter of he seems a scumbag but that for some reason that he was a scumbag was missed

  3. Shocking! and terribly tragic. The described age range of residents is confusing…variously; “5 to 18”, “2 to 18” (really? 2?!!!), and “6-16” years old. Astonishing! OMG!
    Here you see the old boarding school pattern acted out – this Malcolm Thompson formed a specially privileged clique around himself, (who were simultaneously specially disadvantaged, being his victim pool), and both the “special favors” accorded to them as well as the lure of membership in an empowered clique, helped silence his victims.
    I’m deeply suspicious of the process by which child residents in facilities such as this were selected. Although I don’t see direct evidence of their having been selected on the basis of being good candidates for victimization, IN THIS CASE, it has unquestionably happened in some historic cases. The SOB’s who ran the Louisiana boy scout troop were juvenile parole officers, with access to the victim’s case files. They chose boys with a history of having been sexually abused, or involved in prostitution, or with a history of sexually victimizing younger children, for membership in their allegedly “therapeutic” boy scout troop. Their goal was to gather together a cadre of child porn ‘actors’ and prostitutes least likely to reveal what was going on.