Downing Street Aide Arrested For Possession Of Child Abuse Images

Cabinet Meeting At 10 Downing Street

Patrick Rock was arrested on February 13th. Downing Street computers were seized.

So there you go. That is why the Daily Mail have been hammering on about Labour politicians for the last two weeks.

Just a reminder of what I said when The Mail first started their campaign against Harman et al Daily Mail: Why Now?

One of David Cameron’s closest aides has resigned after being arrested on child pornography allegations.

Patrick Rock has been closely involved in drawing up Government policy on internet porn filters.

He quit after the Prime Minister learned he was at the centre of a police probe over images of child abuse.

Detectives from the National Crime Agency searched No 10 and examined IT systems and offices used by Mr Rock, deputy director of the Downing Street policy unit.

Mr Rock was a protege of Margaret Thatcher and has held a series of senior posts in the Conservative Party. He has been close to Mr Cameron for many years.

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23 responses to “Downing Street Aide Arrested For Possession Of Child Abuse Images

  1. A related concern…there is in my opinion an urgent need for legislation that explicitly bestows ownership, of images of child sex abuse, upon the victimized person(s) depicted in those images. The current total powerlessness of child porn victims and their dependence on law enforcement, is ridiculous. They should at least be empowered to sue people who reproduce and/or transmit images of their victmization, unto oblivion. There is some activism toward this goal going on in the US but I’ve seen nothing at all happening in Commonwealth nations.

  2. It would help to know what the hard-drives of seized machines reveal about his alleged activity, specifically whether he was actively collecting i.e., downloading images & hoarding them or if he was simply scanning, scanning, scanning. Not that there is any excuse for the latter – viewing images of child sexual abuse for any purpose other than authorized police investigation re-victimizes the persons depicted and is inherently immoral even if no criminal conviction comes from it.

    There was a celebrity who was busted for buying access to child porn sites, but there was no evidence that he was a collector, only that he had presumably been scanning, scanning, scanning…looking for what? In THAT SPECIFIC PERSON’s case, his background made me suspect that he might have been searching for images of himself & his mates as children. There will, of course, be some childhood victims of sexual abuse exploited for pornography, who have gone on to become persons of wealth, or power, or celebrity. Imagine such a person reading/hearing about all those child porn ring busts, wherein the pervs get busted with 10’s of thousands of images – many of which are “historic” in nature, and wondering…”are those pics of me at the age of 8, (or 12, or 14 or whatever) circulating out there?” and how not knowing the answer might burn away at their sanity like a lump of coal, especially worrying that some perv might one day figure out what they have possession of – “great scott! that looks like a young P.T.!” – then reveal it online and absolutely destroy everything they have worked so hard to acheive (or so they might imagine).

    And, although there are reasons to believe that most victims of child porn would have come from the most vulnerable segments of society, there will surely have been some who came from wealthy and powerful families. They would have been just as powerless, as children, as someone born to a welfare family or raised in a care home…

    Just food for thought.

  3. Topsy

    I think people are forgetting that there is an alleged complaint against this guy as well, inappropriate something or other, so in that case bang goes the ‘its my job’ defence.

  4. john carey

    `take no prisoners!` everybody at the top needs to be culled

    • The Internationale Unites the Human Race

      Oui, si, ja..everybody at the top of ALL world governments…

  5. Boggins

    Dare I point out that looking at this stuff was, it seems, his job?

    • Sabre

      He’ll probably lead that as his defence, however, devising drugs policy doesn’t require one to reach for a crack pipe does it?

      Devising policy on child protection and internet porn among other things doesn’t require a crash course on practical child battery and a comfy chair a box of Kleenex and a dodgy website !!!

  6. Andy Barnett

    I guess we should be thankful that cases like this are now being pursued by the police and are no longer being covered-up as they were in the days of Heath and Thatcher. It would be nice to think that the Police had got hold of an old copy of the “Dirt Book” and were working with the Tories to actively weed out of Whitehall any dirty characters currently in office. If so, it’s only right the Labour Party should do the same. Hence the attack on Harman and Dromey?

  7. Anon

    sacrificial lamb/goat?

    What about the Freedom of information that said all records at the Home Office relating to PIE were deleted from 1979 onwards?


    (looks like th Exaro site is not responding for some reason at the moment).

  8. chrisb

    Some thoughts and possible lines of enquiry:
    1) Who was responsible for giving him a job in Thatcher’s office?
    2) How long has he been a friend of Cameron?
    3) Said to have wanted to become an MP, presumably the reason for shortening his name, why has he not been selected as a candidate for over 20 years? Did others know something about him?
    4) Was he caught the first time he used government computers? Or did the police only act recently as part of their political battle with the Government? Is it a continuation of the battle that included the allegations against Andrew Mitchell ?

  9. Sue

    I might as well howl at the moon…. the truth will never be told to the people who believe in Princesses x

  10. staying anon

    I said it was not what was expected. I didnt expect this!

  11. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    A man arrested and Downing Street computers seized. Good grief! And still we have no action on the very powerful paedophile ring most of us believe has existed for years with senior politicians among their membership. Not good enough.

  12. nuggy

    remember they are at the moment just allegations.

    • Or, the idea that many have vaunted that. There exists in our society a level of people involved in some particularly nasty activities that feel they are “untouchable” because of their connections and position has been shown to have some genuine credence attached to it? That the claims that, these people have infiltrated and inveigled themselves into various positions of power, in order to protect and hide the activities of other “prominent people” also have some genuine legs.

      if this runs true to form then expect the bloke to make protestations about how he’s innocent of that he is charged with and he was suffering from some of dissociative disorder as a result of the gruelling work he was charged with carrying out. It was all in the furtherance of “research” at which point, someone will step forward and blow that defence out of the water.

      If he proves to be guilty, then I suspect the police knew they had him nailed and that there is, in the light of recent cases, other evidence as yet, not in the public arena. What it does do, is add more kindling to the theory that, Thatcher surrounded herself with deeply flawed characters, in order to retain absolute control over certain areas of policy and to push through, certain policies that even many in her own party felt uneasy about.

      The fact remains that, one deemed an “untouchable” has been arrested and “outed”, whilst in “office” and whilst still breathing. If nothing else, that is a major step forwards ?

  13. anon

    Seems a little overkill?

  14. anon

    la la la….”.child abuse is abhorrent wherever it happens…….perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the media / law / whatever we can get away with / gay witch hunt / new national group / victims code………..”…….delete / redact where appropriate………


    oh how did we know this was coming ? after last weeks 30 yr old journalism

    • steve

      I suppose if found to have the said images,he will go on to say he was just doing a study or some other nonsense,lets make this clear ANY ONE WITH I NCECENT MATERAL OF ANY TYPE CONTAINING ANY CHILD,PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 18,IS GULTY PURE/SIMPLE LAW