Op Cayacos: New Arrests Imminent ?

Tom Watson

Detectives expect to press charges within weeks in an investigation that was sparked by a question in Parliament about a paedophile ring linked to politicians.

The charges would be the first to result directly from a dramatic intervention in the House of Commons by Tom Watson, the campaigning MP, in October 2012.

Officers on the case were astounded when a bishop in the Church of England came foward to allege that he was sexually abused as a boy.

An eminent businessman also told police that he was sexually abused as a boy.  In addition, detectives have interviewed a well-known journalist who reported an attempt to sexually abuse him when he was a boy.

Watson alleged in Parliament that a network run by Peter Righton, the notorious paedophile, reached into the top levels of British politics.  The MP riased the issue in prime minister’s questions soon after the exposure of Jimmy Saville, the late BBC star, as a paedophile.

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4 responses to “Op Cayacos: New Arrests Imminent ?

  1. anon

    Might this explain the Daily Mail attack? Or am I being too hopeful here?

  2. dpack

    well done so far,i await developments ,all you folk working on this stay safe and stay strong .