Sometimes It’s Good To Be Reminded…

… that the overwhelming majority of people are caring and decent.

A hidden camera records the dilemma presented to passers by. A boy shivers in the harsh Oslo winter, pathetically wrapping his arms around himself on a bus stop bench. He isn’t wearing a coat, it has been stolen, and temperatures in the Norwegian capital regularly plunge to -10C during winter.


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5 responses to “Sometimes It’s Good To Be Reminded…

  1. Alice Moore

    It`s the omissions rather than the commissions that condemn us. I agree with that. So it`s important to be rreminded.

  2. Sabre

    Most people are decent, the horrors that get into the news are there because they are uncommon and therefore newsworthy.

    Woe betide all of us the day common decency becomes news and murder and mayhem become the norm.

    The greatest criticism that can be levelled at most of us is our reluctance to get stuck in when we should, it is our omissions rather than our commissions that condemn us.

  3. green

    It’s nice to see people being generous. But is it a set-up? The camera is so clear and he’s given a whole series of clothes, and yet they disappear and he still ends up sitting there waiting. If it’s staged, wonder how long he had to sit there in the freezing cold to get the footage!

  4. reddan

    Obviously this is not Britain. In fact non English speaking countries as a whole are less hysterical and do not believe there is a paedophile lurking on every street corner.

    Remember this from 2008 Can’t imagine things have improved probably a lost less confidence now that kind actions wouldn’t be misinterpreted as a perverted approach. it’s the trust no one society

  5. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Yes it is very good to be reminded! Maybe its not genuine but who cares what’s important is that its what we should do, that and call the authorities for them to find who let a child out in below freezing temperatures with no coat. Norway is a rich country, the child was reasonably dressed just minus the main item for such conditions.