Daily Mail: Why Now ?

Retweeted by Guido Fawkes

Retweeted by Guido Fawkes

The text of The Daily Mail story claims that this story can be exposed today, in reality this is very old news but look at how bombastic they are !

The headline screams ‘The truth about Labour’s apologists for paedophilia: Police probe child sex campaign group linked to three top party officials in wake of Savile scandal’ with one sub headline reading ‘Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt linked to vile group’ The vile group in question is the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)

For the MSM this is pretty strong stuff.

So why ?

Why has a Tory newspaper decided to go very heavy on some very old news attacking 3 senior Labour politicians now ?

It’s something for everyone to think about.

The full extent of the shocking links between three senior Labour figures and a vile group that tried to legalise sex with children can be exposed today.

The trio held key roles in a human rights organisation that supported the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman, her husband, home affairs spokesman Jack Dromey, and former health secretary Patricia Hewitt were all leading officials in the National Council for Civil Liberties.

Astonishingly this Left-wing group granted ‘affiliate’ status to PIE and built close links with it.

The group of predatory paedophiles was calling for the age of consent to be cut to just four.

Daily Mail


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  2. Sabre

    Harman on Newsnight, she is a trained lawyer, on top of her brief she wasn’t.
    Although to be honest she should have pleaded nolo contendere.

    • I just said similar to Op Greenlight. I thought she did very badly.

      • staying anon

        I think now its a case of waiting to see what now. I would dearly love to know what the result of all this will be. Not certain at all just yet. hoping for the best. Not sure I have much faith left.

  3. Jeremy Stocks

    Interesting timing. Is it possible that the elm thing is about to finally go mainstream? Perhaps an arrest is finally imminent, not to Emm Double You Tee the idea but perhaps it will happen?

    Seems to me those Mary Moss scans were a deliberate red herring. One giveaway was the naming of Cliff Richard which I am sure was complete crap just to add juice to the story. If he had been there I’m sure he’d have used the name Harry Webb, or another pseudonym. I reckon Cliff is completely innocent myself.

  4. dpack

    umm gw’s data is rather interesting .

    the dm story seems like a typical dm story.

    if pie was development of a lamplighting operation (which seems plausible to me)i would expect that operation to have been looking for assets from all political groups ,ngo’s , a variety of professions etc etc as part of the overall intent to gain control those organizations.

    the timing of the dm story and the intent of the content has been covered above imho.

    if the dm headline had been “the power behind the headlines” i would be surprised.

  5. Some members of the Better Life conspiracy, who were not charged in any of the prosecutions arising from those inter-linked cases of child sex, pornography & prostitution, were involved in the formation of the infamous NAMBLA lobby group. I’ve spent years trying to document links between NAMBLA, PIE, Better Life and the Amsterdam pedophile colony which “Frank Tory” and the Spartacus guy belonged to.

    There were millionaire members of Better Life, but they were primarily quite young and Black Sheep members of their families – not the patriarchs of those families. For example, these men were indicted in the Louisiana Boy Scout case; “New Orleans police, acting on a tip, last summer arrested Richard S. Halvor- sen and Raymond T. Woodall on charges they had set up a Boy Scout troop for the purpose of sexually abusing children. Eventually 19 men were charged in the case with multiple counts of crimes against nature. New Orleans Detective Mason Spong said the investigation ex- tended into 34 states. Among those arrested were Richard C. .Jacobs of Arlington, Mass.. millionaire president of the ,Tet Sprny Corp. and a former part-owner of the New England Patriots football team; Robert B. Mailers, a California millionaire; and Hugh Scott Mellor of Brighton, Mass., millionaire president of a real estate holding company”.

    Jacobs absconded. This is interesting:

    I don’t suppose Richard C Jacobs ever turned up in the UK? I’ve wondered if any PIE members might have been Better Life absconders who changed their names…

  6. prefer to remain anonymous

    Tomorrows edition – now we shall see – the challenge is laid down. What happens now is anyone’s guess but its very blatant.
    I personally would have some respect if errors are acknowledged. Particularly if it leads to a proper investigation into it all.

    • Sabre

      The DM are trying to take some of the sting out of a story they have reason to believe they may be obliged to cover shortly.

      If the ex cabinet minister is charged the shit will hit the fan.
      If the CPS decide not to charge, recent acquittals may form part of the decision to take that course, the ex cabinet minister will be named and the shit will hit the fan.

      • prefer to remain anonymous

        The trouble is that no-one knows exactly for certain why now. I certainly have my opinions but unless you are actually privy to what is going on – we can all speculate but thats it. There is a good chance it is not to do with the former cabinet minister at all too. It may be something else entirely.

  7. Left, right, sh!te.
    They’re all in this together.

    Especially the LimpDumb cnuts in the middle. :)

    This is pure distraction by the bought & paid for Main Stream Media, all owned by ~ 6 corporations, in turn owned by the 1%s.

    & all the while the main agenda proceeds apace.
    Google agenda 21 for dummies.

    Happy landings in reality land.


  8. Adrian

    Party politics. It’s what keeps these bastards free to abuse. While we all squabble and bicker, tribal and divided, the powerful will use their power to abuse. It’s why they *seek* power. So that they can. Labour or Tory, it really doesn’t matter. If you are a paedophile and you achieve a position of power, you are in a much stronger position to abuse.

    Do you think they care, these evil men who prey on the vulnerable kids of this country, about party politics when they find themselves side by side, ‘left’ and ‘right’, next to scared young kids at a party somewhere like the Elm Guest House? I don’t think so. They do what they want to do, because they feel above the law, because we let them feel that way as long as they can count on party politics to distract the great unwashed when push comes to shove and they get found out.

    • prefer to remain anonymous

      Hit the nail on the head there! Opposition are strangely silent about making mps accountable to their electorate. They could take a stand. They have completely sidestepped it! Meanwhile politics is in the media as suits.

    • Andy Barnett

      Interesting phrase: “they feel above the law”. Don’t we all ‘feel above the law’, at times – when speeding on the motorway, for example? We do it because we think no real harm is done AND we are reasonably confident we’ll get away with it.
      The problem, I suggest, is not that we are ruled by evil people that set out to harm others, but that numerous individuals in positions of power or influence mistakenly thought that having sex with children did no harm. Some like Hewitt, Harman and the leaders of PIE were prepared to talk about it, such was their genuine belief. Others in more powerful positions were clever enough to say nothing. Because they had been getting away with it for years, they really did feel above the law and so had little interest in changing it.
      Hewitt, Harman and Dromey are 3 insignificant pawns in a much bigger game. It’s the stronger pieces we need worry about, those that play by very different rules to the rest of us.

      • green

        “We do it because we think no real harm is done AND we are reasonably confident we’ll get away with it”

        Some people who have not been abused may genuinely think no real harm is done, especially when victims find it so difficult to talk about. Of course victims of any crime who are seeking justice need to say what happened and how it affects them, otherwise people won’t know. But abuse victims shouldn’t have to suffer more trauma by having to continually speak about their abuse in an effort to make the authorities listen. If laws are to be changed, the people who work with abuse victims (doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, etc.) should surely play their part by speaking out about the effects abuse has and taking some of the burden off the shoulders of the victims.

      • Andy Barnett

        I quite agree. We must do more to educate people about the harm of such abuse AND make sure perpetrators (whoever they are) are not able to get away with it.
        So yes, get more professionals involved in educating the public, but also ensure the most powerful perpetrators are brought to justice. Both of these are necessary if this ‘evil’ is ever to be eradicated.

      • prefer to remain anonymous

        But do you not think if they acknowledged they got it wrong they could help get things looked into properly? Isn’t silence a way of preventing that happening too?
        And it depends on whether those in positions to help educate want to or not. Who is in power really? That’s the biggest question as far as I am concerned.

      • Sabre

        The Hewitts, Harmans and Dromeys of this world are as insidious as the nonces.
        They facilitated the activities of the nonces as a political calculation, the aim was and is to break the bonds between families and to push forward with an irresponsible over emphasis of individuality over duty and responsibility to ones family friends the wider community and the nation thereby achieving a divide et impera strategy.
        When all the individuals, having sated their selfish desires, witness the inevitable crumbling of society they, it is hoped, turn to the Harmans, Hewitts and Dromeys for leadership.
        The nonces at least have the excuse of being sick bastards, the facilitators are truly evil cynical bastards.

      • Andy Barnett

        I’m not at all surprised at H, H & D not wanting to talk about this. It’s quite possible they too were tricked into believing that sexual encounters of this sort are ‘normal’, just as many others have been. What bothers me is the conspiracy of silence from their political opponents and those in the media that would otherwise hold them to account. On what possible basis can the BBC justify airing criticism of a UKIP candidate’s views on homosexuality, while imposing a blanket ban on this particular story? Here we are in a country that prides itself on openness, free speech and democracy, and yet our public service broadcaster applies politically-motivated censorship of news stories, in an attempt to rewrite very recent history.

  9. Andy Barnett

    If it is a pre-emptive strike, that would suggest that a story implicating a senior Tory (or Tories?) could break this week. If true, this would seem to be a good way of making it very clear that child abuse is NOT a party political issue.

    Cross fingers then :)

  10. Sabre

    Hopefully it is because they have been briefed by “informed sources” that a certain ex-cabinet minister will be booking a flight with El-Al on the hurry up.

    Best to smear the shit widely and thinly in a pre-emptive strike.

    Hope springs eternal !!!

  11. Topsy

    The Daily Mail also knows about a previous Tory Home Secretary who was very slow to take action against PIE, and seems to have no recollection about important documents handed to him by Geoffrey Dickens MP. No comment on that then. This is cheap political point scoring and cherry picking reporting. Victims of paedophilia deserve better than that.

  12. prefer to remain anonymous

    Timing is very interesting. But also I would say it equally is a reminder not one political party is snow white. Question is will any step up now or are all going to stay silent.

  13. LJMT

    One day we will see more people willing to “out” people whether they are of their own party, religious affiliation, or not. For the moment if left out right and right out left I suppose it gets us somewhere, but then it also rouses instant unnecessary opposition. Whereas if all the decent people unite on this and stop scoring political points….that would be so good.

  14. nuggy

    hardly a revelation is it i think they were just desperate for an anti labour story.

    the fact not much has been printed about this before. is probely a case of glass house and stones.

  15. gw

    Certainly interesting. This has been in the public domain for some time – indeed there was nothing really in the article that one couldn’t read on wikipedia.

    Regarding puddick – I don’t doubt his motives but would prefer if he a) put up, or b) shut up! (in a nice way of course!) it strikes me as very much “I know something you don’t know!”…

    regarding “naming names” – I’m not so sure. Name names without the evidence and we have ourselves another newsnight – I fear apologies will be given and operations discredited

    • nuggy

      how would puddick have any of this information exactly.

      • gw

        I have no idea – perhaps from a journo contact?
        However I think he is wrong to say that;
        1) the ex-cabinet minister hasn’t been questioned by police (afaik he has and denied as per exaro)
        2) that there is a super injunction

  16. anon

    Preemptive strike, has to be. Ian Puddick talking up that Sunday Express could well name names.