A Victim’s View Of the Judicial Process

For obvious reasons  the person who created this schematic must remain anonymous for now but it is a valuable insight into the effects of anyone seeking justice.

That the public and the police are are more open and receptive to allegations regarding child sexual abuse is very welcome but the real change that needs to be made is related to the support that those victims receive during the process.

Everyone knows it is insufficient, from the charities like NAPAC, to the police dealing with these investigations, to MPs.

Everyone knows.

How would you feel if you received a knock on the door after 30 years ?




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26 responses to “A Victim’s View Of the Judicial Process

  1. Following on from this
    What help do victims/survivors actually feel would be best for them? Who do they want this from?
    Bearing in mind that one reason given that some information/reports on child sexual abuse are not released is because of the negative effect on the victim, are there any victims that feel information/reports on child sexual abuse should not be released due to this? What are your thoughts?

  2. One missing from Aftermath and Verdict…. Go find the perpetrator and take revenge. It helps with coming to terms.

    • Fud

      Just be very careful. Wear Kid Gloves. Or any gloves. Leave no prints. Balaclava. No recognition. Watch for pesky CCTV. Choose your moment. Leave no tracks. Give no warning. Be firm and assertive in your response.
      Then forget about it.
      Like it never happened.
      Get on with YOUR Life.

    • Andy Barnett

      When I was a student, I reported an incident to the Police in which I was threatened at knifepoint by the ex-boyfriend of a girl I was seeing. The sergeant advised that there wasn’t much they could do, while the constable’s suggestion was that I should ‘fucking job the bastard’. Accordingly, I put a sharp knife in my pocket and set out to get my revenge. Thankfully, I bumped into a friend on the way who asked if everything was ok and then talked me out of it.
      It certainly felt at the time that revenge would have been great therapy, but it is also a very dangerous path to take and one I am pleased to say I avoided.

    • well said Daz.
      closure n karma in 1 kicking.

  3. Tim1

    I think the chart sums it up quite nicely. Seeking justice is as traumatic as the incident/s that caused the trauma. It is not easy to re-live the horrors time, after time, after time without a proper support network in place.

  4. green

    What’s a proper support network? What if the victim doesn’t have family or close friends?

    • Tim1

      Having no family my self for support, i was, perhaps, suggesting the charities ought to do more and offer a structured national support network, with specialist. My personal experience is being the contact cahrity will pass onto other charities, onto other charities, onto other……. with no meaningful structured care plan.

      • Fud

        That’s the way to do it! Your personal experience speaks volumes. It helps to leave a victim feeling worthless and multply abused. I would refer to Darren. Karma.

  5. anon

    a proper support network is …..based someone who understands that you have been through lots of things in early life, and they all kinda mix together to make you you. They understand the lack of trust. They understand how easy it can be to always be on the outside…….and they understand that there is no quick fix! Family and close friends help……but so many victims are alone….it is one of the cruel lifelong consequences of “stuff!” A support network means ….help…..for you….to help to make you smile from time to time……then more often…….and then most of the time……we ALL deserve this! ;-) x

  6. dpack

    there are folk who care even if we dont know how to help

  7. anon

    dpack……your comment is so precious………;-)

  8. Tim1

    @Fud. After experiencing trying to report serious historical abuses 2 years before the Jimmy Savile explosion I believe your above comment to be correct. (keep them feeling useless and abused) I can say without doubt that the whole experience of informing the authorities to what happened (which included the unlawful killing of a minor while in care) was greeted like a bad dose of the flu by the establishment. The police chose to completely ignored the allegations for a very long-time (they knew the bigger picture would have opened a massive can of worms far greater than Savile) It took them two years to even arrange a video interview, which, according to them, they have since lost and do not need another interview recording.

    The bottom line for me is that police have very little interest in these matters – even though they would have us believe that they do care, they don’t. It appears, to me at least, the charities do not care either.

    I turned to NAPAC over 4 years ago for help, even though having emailed them twice for followup help, advice and guidance nothing was received back.

    TBH, we are left to find ways of coping alone – in later life this is never going to be easy.

    • Fud

      @Tim1 My experience of prolonged and unwavering workplace harrassment from senior female bosses left me feeing shredded. Complaints lead me nowhere… only to more implied threats from those I took my complaints to… until I eventually found the true horror … a group of nasty abusive senior staff in the form of a cabal who looked after each other and ground any staff who complained. Complaints were rubbished and no apology given – EVER.
      I had false absences placed on my record, a whispering campaign, baseless allegations against me were followed up in the full knowledge that they wouldn’t be proved but to grind me through a process, my work record was smeared and my work performance attacked without justification. I refused to bow. I still refuse to bow. But it makes working life Hell and the day to day grind unbearable at times. I’m 54 and I wont get another job in the current climate – and any reference from my workplace will be a shit one.

      Only thing left is to find one’s own ways of kicking back. I sometimes carefully add things to their lunches in the fridge, introduce new liquids to their milk in the fridge, lose toilet keys and occasionally I print them off a carefully worded greetings card at Christmas, Birthdays and Mother’s Day. I always wear gloves.

  9. Of course, Darren can’t really be advocating anything as foolish as this:

    in other words – destroying your own life and the lives of everyone who cares about you, by turning yourself into a convicted criminal for the sake of revenge. Because, although Darren has the strength of spirit to eventually recover from such a mistake and get his life back on track, very few other victimized persons will be that strong. Even for an old skeptic like myself, there is great wisdom in this; “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord”.

  10. I so value what’s been said thank-you added I’ve experienced a plethora of disappointment when it came to the police, procurator fiscal etc…my very serious (and provable had those in charge been interested) complaints were hijacked many (20) years ago by ‘Colin Boyd’ the then Procurator Fiscal…his was undoubtedly a politically motivated stance against the pained truths of hundreds of historically abused children who were residents of Quarriers Homes, Bridge of Weir, Scotland. I can only comment from my own perspective and wouldn’t second guess anyone else’s pain, however what I can say is that part of me never gave up or in during my quest for acknowledgment of the truth, justice and accountability. I tried a variety of judicial routes each failing including hiring a solicitor who said she’d love to take my case since it was very high profile (changed day…prior I couldn’t get a solicitor to come near the case for over 20 years) and that although she couldn’t make anything better she’d get me hundreds of thousand of pounds in compensation…( I kid you not…) I wasn’t comfortable with the taste in my mouth so politely decided against the solicitors help. I did make a claim to CICA (criminal Injuries compensation authority) who thwarted my every application…I just kept at it…till my case landed in front of a Judge the Judge read my evidences and CICA’s stance and without me attending the Appeal, unequivocally found in my favour. I believe CICA were forced to afford me one of the largest out of court settlements regarding child abuses including sexual, this was outwith politicians, police, procurator fiscal and the judiciary doing their job’s diligently and with respect to many, too many victims. None of it has been plain sailing and I had a hellish kind of breakdown and suffered degrees of depression all my life…that said I’m a devout believer in spirituality and in greater loving for all men, women and children. I’m disappointed that I had to defend myself to CICA and that they are not equipped to deal certain truths! I remain grateful to the wisdom of the Judge…for once in over fifty years I was believed, was it worth such a procrastinated painful battle…tooooooooo right…both for my dead friends and me in equal measure. I’ve been in counselling for 3 years supported by Survivors Scotland a great organisation, my very special therapist visits me on a weekly basis at home, it’s a tough journey getting rid of a lifetimes pain but it can be done and is so worth it. Notably revenge was never part of my curriculum…only justice and the prevention of injury to others.

  11. kaz

    Will say, following some intensive phone calls between myself and the Social Work team attached to Pallial, support is now starting to flow through to the victims and is having a positive effect. It took a lot of time persuading them that just because somebody says “Yes, I’m Ok.” it doesn’t mean that is a constant state.
    If the police will not listen to a victim directly about the need for Support intervention, have a close friend or relative speak on their behalf.
    Whilst it is advised by the police that support is unavailable during the investigation and court case process, it is open to constant review in the case of sex crimes and crimes against children.
    If it can be shown to the police that support is essential, they will seek it for you.
    Victim Support will also allow self referral as long as you give them an an active crime number to link it to, Anything said to them is held in confidence.
    Personally, my counsel sessions are done over the phone. This works great for me, I control the length of conversation and the direction it takes. Not being stuck in the same room also means when I do open up, I don’t have to worry about lashing out at Rosalyn.

  12. anon

    pallial has a dedicated budget………..unlike most!

  13. K

    I attempted to get my abuser prosecuted, aged 17. What a joke. The law protects abusers. Exact times and dates, witnesses, physical evidence and the perpetrator to plead guilty are required. Given that these offences often don’t come to light until later, these are likely to prove difficult to provide. Does this mean it didn’t happen? It teaches you that justice isn’t about truth and leaves you feeling even more let down, isolated and disengaged than you did in the first place. Having charges dropped nearly broke me. Thankfully, my parents believed me and my friends supported me through my darkest hour.

    How did I get my justice? A wise person gave me the option to have my abuser beaten black and blue or to come with me while I confronted them. Watching my abuser cower away from me gave me my power back- the biggest gift anyone could ever give me. It may be easier for others to turn away in distaste because this subject makes them feel uncomfortable. It may be easier for your abuser to make out you are a liar. But they can’t hide from your gaze when you confront them- you both know the truth. This is not to negate the shadow this has cast over my life, or does cast over any victim of abuse but perhaps the sad truth is that our justice system offers no resolution. The best resolution comes from claiming your power back.

  14. After seeing my son assaulted badly and robbed, then going to hospital, talking to police, going through the courts process (seeing the offenders get a slap on the wrist) – being refused any compensation as any physical scarring was not significant enough!! I can honestly say I have two younger children if anything ever happens to them the police would NOT be called and I would take sweet revenge in all kinds of ways. There is no Justice – oh just for the record I have no criminal record and neither does any of my children. I would plan an attack to satisfy my own emotional needs and that of the victim. I would wipe the smug smile off the offenders face and then get on with our lives. I would not cooperate with any authority for their own processes or records. I would deal with it in a way a criminal would understand and learn from their mistake.