Dave Lee Travis Found Not Guilty

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Dave Lee Travis has been found Not Guilty on 12 indecent assault charges.

The jury could not reach a verdict on two other charges.

Prosecution have asked for 7 days to consider whether there will be a retrial.


by | February 13, 2014 · 2:18 pm

9 responses to “Dave Lee Travis Found Not Guilty

  1. Ahem

    The CPS may be desperately searching for a celeb but no crucifixions are necessary. If charges don’t stick, that would imply that credible allegations of historical misbehaviour are very rare. Oh well, hardly worth bothering about the alpha males who inhabit high office or captains of industry, the church or social services then.

  2. Mark Hunt

    This trial was a farce from the off. The CPS are desperately searching for a celeb to crucify to ‘prove’ the have learnt from the Saville debacle. What is going on with Freddie Starr is also an utter shambles that is going nowhere.
    We are all being led a merry dance until any real high profile child abusers die off.
    Yewtree is bollocks – a steady parade of coppers making wide sweeping claims of exactly what Jimmy was up to when none of them managed to ‘grow a pair’ and actually nail him with the evidence they had when he was alive (including you MWT if you are reading – try going after the living, high profilers with your light entertainment shows).

  3. So as with the corrie ego the jury decided all the women were liars then.

    • Tweeterer

      Maybe you would have reached the same conclusion if you’d witnessed the entirety of the trial, as the jurors did.

    • Tweeterer

      I don’t know. I wasn’t in the courtroom, like the jurors were. Were you in the courtroom? If not, how come you know better than the jurors?

    • Sabre

      You will almost certainly find that the jury took the view that it’s all but impossible to see where the truth lies.
      The Counsel for the defence, and more importantly, the presiding Judge would have instructed the jury that the benefit of any doubts goes to the accused, the Crown have to Prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

  4. nuggy

    im not surprised seeing all accusers were adults at the time anyway im not sure why he was on trial in the first place

  5. OyiaBrown

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