Email From Colin Peters

Well, you’ve got to hand it to Martin Walkerdine. In his pursuit of the truth it appears he’ll go to any lengths.

I’ll just note that this reply from Colin Peters corroborates the information I already had regarding the long suggested idea that Colin Peters had visited Elm Guest House.


Hello Martin Walkerdine

(Whoever you may be)

I am aware of a report that appeared in The Independent on Sunday in the early part of last year and I DENY CATEGORICALLY that I have ever been to the guest house to which you refer or had any knowledge about the activities reported in the newspaper.

At my own request I approached the Operation Fernbridge team shortly after the story appeared and had an hour long discussion with two officers at my flat and they made it clear that in their view the Independent story connecting me with the Barnes affair was without foundation and that I was not a suspect in their enquiry.

Indeed, do you not think I would have been arrested and charged if the police considered that I was involved in the affair?


Colin Peters


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  2. wise owl

    I Lived with this man and he was twisted , my life will never be the same . I was locked up in a secure unit and I was just a witness abused kidnapped
    do you know what I went threw and your walking the streets .

    My life was hell I know 2yrs off hell I was supposed to be protected no apology will ever make a difference and here’s one for the police as well
    you used me left me in taters no help at all you locked me in a secure unit
    to feed me to other staff who abused me had sex with me and what happened there cover up after cover up all people in power abuse people
    the police covered stuff up.

  3. “Colin Peters, a Foreign Office barrister, was allegedly a regular at the Elm Guest House in London
    In 1989, Peters was jailed for being part of a sophisticated network of people who molested hundreds of children, some as young as 10. Peters’ conviction followed a year-long investigation, named Operation Hedgerow, which recorded 650 offences against 150 boys. Reports at the time said the ring “was used by highly placed civil servants and well-known public figures”, but police didn’t have “the evidence or manpower to pursue them in court”. source Independent 03/03/2013
    I am not a barrister or a lawyer, but I would certainly advise him to be taking a case against the Independent newspaper or at least asking for an apology. Personally considering the crimes he has committed I would advise him to keep a low profile and at least attempt to make a n apology to his victims. If he did maybe you would like to place it on this website.

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  5. topaz

    I spoke with the The Bar Council yesterday afternoon. They confirmed that, whilst Colin Peters was indeed a practising barrister, he was never a QC. He was disbarred for disciplinary reasons in October 1990.
    This confirms what we already understood to be the case.

    Their contact details can be found here:

  6. why approach police in the first place EGH as colin peters did,if he never went there or was it to see iff police cud place him there in my mind he visited EGH

  7. Its obvious that the list of visitors was embellished by a mentally unstable woman. However the core fact remains, there was underage sex happening, boys were trafficked and senior politicians knew about it and may have participated.

  8. dpack

    it might be fans and hammers or it might be smoke and mirrors.
    cross referencing data seems a good approach if seeking truth .

  9. nuggy

    as he said they would of charged him if he had.

    • Establishment paedophile buster

      “they would have charged him…”..really?An ex Foreign Office QC?Are you sure??And not only this,but Mr Gojam here believes the words of a dial a child very evil establishment paedophile.Well,Mr Peters QC would say that,would he,Mr Gojam?And YOU would rather believe HIS words,wouldnt you,Mr Gojam?

  10. Interested Anon

    Hi Jon and James,

    Interesting info obtained by Martin W, and volunteered by Colin Peters. Good stuff.

    I accept that Peters says he did not go to the guest house (although some will respond by pointing out that ‘he would say that, wouldn’t he?’). But an hour-long meeting with the Met is quite a long time in which to convey simply that one individual did not attend.

    Since he appears to have entered, Damascene-like, into an era of transparency regarding his activities, it might be worth asking Peters what else he discussed with the Met.

    • neil copeman

      what gets me is why those who pointed the fingers at Jimmy saville were being called antisemites ? why ? i just heard that as jews are behind total sexual equality, to complain makes you anti jew
      this sounds like bullshit to me

  11. James Hanning

    Jon. For the record… Did the IoS say he had visited? Or was that the daily paper? I don’t remember that, I’m ashamed to say. J