William Roach Trial: Jury Retires.

Jury  sent out to consider verdict.

Don’t expect a quick verdict.



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7 responses to “William Roach Trial: Jury Retires.

  1. brian palmer

    I picked upa copy of the student underground newspaper Rsouls
    and there was a good article there about D B ( not his real name ) who is alleged by several boys to be a homosexual abuser, if i remember right wasnt he also named by Boy George last year ?

  2. Gordon Honeycombe

    We know what the out come will be don’t we

  3. Wrathful Dakini.

    Gojam –

    have you seen that one of the Caldicott teachers due for sentencing this week is reported to have died after falling under a train.

  4. While we wait can anyone tell me what has happened
    to Bob Chewie?