Artane, ‘The Versatile Anti-Parkinson Drug’ (For Kids)


Children medicated in homes like Kendall House were often prescribed drugs developed to combat the effects of Parkinson’s Disease.

This was due to the fact that other drugs the children were being prescribed, in sometimes huge doses, would produce side effects, like shaking, experienced by those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.



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  1. Also for kendall House read Teresa Coopers Book “Trust No One”

  2. dpack

    similar “the cure causes more problems than it solves”is common in the application of meds in adult mental health units as well
    haloperidol is a classic example judging by what i have observed and been told

    when the two consultants at st lukes decided to find out what it was like to take what they were prescribing to others they had to be sent home for a while .one of them wrote and published about it but i first heard of it from a mh nurse pal who had to look after them when he got to the pub

    medication of perceived behavior problems is a very inexact science as any good practitioner will know and prescribe upon

    what happened in these institutions for kids was very wrong

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    You know you can’t, shouldn’t ignore facts like this. The very prescriptions mean that people outside the home knew what was happening and at best did nothing and at worst approved.