Recuerdos de la Alhambra

The Friday night song.


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5 responses to “Recuerdos de la Alhambra

  1. green

    What does male abuse of boys have to do with homosexuality when perpetrators are often in relationships with women and even have children themselves (e.g. fathers abusing their sons)? Homosexuality is no longer illegal and gay men can choose to live openly in consensual relationships with other adult men (or even have affairs with other adult men). If you really believe that abusive men are choosing to abuse boys because they’re closet homosexuals and can’t get it any other way (even though they could choose to have legal relationships with other gay men), then a situation where (adult) gay rights were restricted (what you seem to want), would only encourage this abuse further.

    Blaming male abuse of boys on “them” is a handy cop-out/cover for heterosexuals who clearly do this too.

  2. dave winglass

    Since the government has been promoting homosexuality and the BBC putting in subliminals for it in its progs, they have beocome much bolder recently, the hedmaster of my boys school sent home a letter to all parents to say pleaese have an adult who is known to the school, to escort them to and frrom

  3. dog doodle

    Oh that we could all enjoy this piece with the respect that it deserves. Beautiful.

  4. Guitarista

    Utterly beautiful. This is music of such depth and feeling that it can reduce a man to tears… just for starters. Francisco Tárrega’s music and Andres Segovia’s playing. Two men’s souls speaking through their fingers. People might remember it as the theme from Jack Hargreaves “Out Of Town” series.