Operation Sanctuary: 27 Arrests So Far

The very fact that the police wish to emphasise that those alleged to have been involved were from “a range of communities”, should be a clear indication that this is primarily another Muslim grooming ring with a few people arrested outside of that community. The police just don’t want a rise in racial tensions.

There is a serious problem in the UK with a certain type of Muslim from the rural tribal areas of Pakistan who have zero respect for non-muslim girls in this country.

Below is the updated story and below that is an excellent interview which explains the major problem with these Muslim grooming rings and describes the warning signs parents should look out for.

This situation can no longer be brushed under the carpet. The longer the authorities fail to address the underlying problem, for fear of stoking racial tensions, the greater the chance that white communities will take the law into their own hands. Something concrete needs to be seen to be done to reassure the majority. The police are trying to pretend there is not an issue but the majority in these communities will eventually come to believe that the police are deceiving them and protecting the people who are preying on their daughters and that could bring about the very situation the police are hoping to avoid with only one difference, the majority will no longer trust the police as they will blame them for covering up the problem.


A total of 27 people have now been arrested on Tyneside on suspicion of conspiracy to rape.

The investigation, Operation Sanctuary, concerns allegations of sexual assault involving teenage girls and young women – some in local authority care.

Since Monday, 27 houses in the Newcastle, Gateshead and South Tyneside areas have been searched.

One man arrested earlier continues to be held, but 24 other men and two women have since been bailed.

Northumbria Police said those alleged to have been involved were from “a range of communities”.

BBC News


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11 responses to “Operation Sanctuary: 27 Arrests So Far

  1. lynda garrett

    now 93 arrests and 14 charged, Our PCC Vera Baird hasnt even spoke out about it,The so called “community” has been very quiet about it aswell,

  2. English European

    I’m glad to see that police seem to be waking up the problem, investigating it and making prosecutions. It’s also good to hear the Muslim community leaders making a stand and trying to address it from within their communities. However, it’s disappointing that no-one is being prosecuted for the religiously-motivated aggravating factor which is surely involved in at least some of these cases.

  3. This isn’t an ethnic issue per se. I think the British poiticos/ entertainment world are just better armed at covering this sort of thing up.

  4. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Excellent post! Broaching the subject of some new comers attitude to people particularly young girls is difficult but it must be addressed and young first generation new comers and new arrivals must be taught about this its rapidly becoming a major destablising problem.

  5. Dr Tig

    There are racial tensions but there are other reasons why this is delicate for the police and we must not fall for the mainstream propaganda that sex child abuse is a Muslim problem and “they” have less respect for white women/children when the evidence shows that the white Britsh in this country, including police, judiciary, parliment, have participated and covered up child sex abuse to such levels it is too prevalent to tackle effectively without the establishment falling. We have to be honest. The white British can’t pretend this is a Muslim issue when the Christian church has been one of the most prevalent enablers of child sex abuse in the world.

    We must tackle the issue without falling for the propaganda or the problem will never be addressed.

    • Hi Tig,

      I think you’re wrong. This is a problem that has been recognised by the muslim community itself.

      • Dr Tig

        I know you think I’m wrong but the bigger picture plays a role in this IMHO

      • This problem has been allowed to grow by the authorities in order to sow the seeds of racial tension. In Redditch a teenage girl I knew was drugged and raped by a group of asian men in a hotel on Mount Pleasant opposite a pub. She was dumped still in the paper suit at a relatives after the matter was reported to the police, neither they nor social svcs were not interested in investigating the matter despite her attackers having left pubic hair attached to her bellybutton piercing. This was witnessed and confirmed by her relatives.
        Other people report similar. The police gave them a free rein ! Social svcs deliberatly put vulnerable young mothers into the Alms Houses so that they would be dragged into the world of drugs etc in order that they fail and the children could be stolen. Several reports !

    • Andy Barnett

      Clearly child sexual abuse is not a ‘Muslim problem’ any more than it is a ‘White problem’ or indeed a ‘Christian problem’. That is not to say, however, that certain White communities, certain Christian communities and, yes, certain Muslim communities do not have a problem involving child sexual abuse. Pakistani muslims that deny the clear evidence of a problem within their community are as bad as those white people within the Church, the Police, Public Schools, Parliament, etc. who have denied the existence of such abuse in the past and allowed further children to suffer – all in the name of protecting the good name of their institution or community! Come on, we’ve got to learn from past mistakes. No more cover-ups.

      (Btw, I really think you should watch the video gojam has kindly included in his post. Andrew Norfolk deserves all our respect)

  6. Anon

    As opposed to the tribal areas of politcians, lawyers and freemasons?