The Shameful Truth About The Church Of England



I just wanted to recommend this excellent resource site which you can find HERE. It has some great information concerning Church of England child abuse.

Yesterday, retired priest Vickery House was arrested for indecent assault on a child.


A retired Church of England priest from West Sussex has been charged with historic sex offences against boys and young men dating back over 40 years.

Vickery House, 68, faces eight charges of indecent assault on a 15-year-old boy and five males aged 17 to 34 between 1970 and 1986.

They were allegedly committed in East Sussex and Devon while he was a priest.

Mr House, of Brighton Road, Handcross, is on bail and will appear at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on 27 February.

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  3. I really like an observation made by one of the victims in the “Shameful Truth” video, which gets right to the core of the matter:
    “Why would ANYONE be allowed to take someone else’s child to a hotel room overnight?”

  4. “Shameful Truth” site is deeply distressing.
    Clergy have been the traditional caregivers in the residential care of children, for hundreds of years, so no one ought to be surprised to find abusers in their ranks at any given point in time. For me, one of the more interesting sources of historic accusations against clergy is American mobsters. Here is what Joe Valachi is reported (by Peter Maas in 1968) to have said;
    “I was sent to the New York Catholic Protectory, which is where the court sent you for being in trouble like I was, or if you were an orphan. It was in the Bronx and it was pretty rough. As far as the Brothers were concerned, some of them were ok and some were real bad. You wouldn’t believe what some of them were like, fooling around with the young kids, but I don’t want to go into that”.
    Valachi’s stay in the Protectory would have been circa 1915-1919.

  5. LJMT

    There are several strands within the Church of England, which is necessary to understand if you wish to know who are more trustworthy and who less.

    Apart from the more obvious indications of a person’s sexuality and inclination to chastity (which also applies to married men and women and in marriage denotes fidelity) there are also networks. So if s.o. comes from a theological college, area or group from which many other folk proven dodgy have come, or has many friends who have proven dodgy, or fails to speak clearly on these issues, or speaks of “many facets of sexuality” or similar, they are far more likely to be themselves dodgy and unless you have clear evidence to the contrary you should keep your children well away.

    On the other hand if they come from one of the theological colleges known for earnestness and decency, are happily married, show an only decently fatherly interest in children, act swiftly at any suggestion of impropriety from those they work with, and thoroughly support child protection, you have one of the genuine decent men and women, of whom there are many, and who, it is wise and good to remember, are the lesser noticed majority

    • green

      Perceptions of decency are best left to gut instinct and common sense, I think. People who seek ways to point up their decency/honesty/goodness, etc. (e.g. who make sure people know how religious, charitable, etc. they are) seem questionable to me because people who truly are those things don’t need to draw attention to it.

    • wellen dowd

      sd if this was not bad enough the cathedral at ely cambridgeshire is hosting a show on Ann Frank, not realising it was all a hoax.
      Parishioners have been very upset that will all the hate from jews toward christians, this show will go ahead

      • Sabre

        The generally accepted version of that period in our history leaves much to be desired.
        A quick hit and run approach by someone with the sophisticated wit required to come up with your handle doesn’t help to advance the much needed debate even if this were the time and place.
        Perhaps you only posted in order to draw the nasty sceptics, in which case you succeeded you wicked devious little tinker you.