Operation Santuary: 15 Arrests So Far Today.

This is turning out to be very fast  moving. This morning only eight people had been arrested. Now 15 people have been arrested including two women.


Thirteen men and two women have been arrested in Newcastle on suspicion of conspiracy to rape.

Northumbria Police said 13 properties in the city had been searched as part of Operation Sanctuary.

A force spokesman said the inquiry involved allegations of sexual assault involving teenage girls and young women – some in the care of the local authority.

The city council said it was working with police to help alleged victims.

Council leader Nick Forbes said the authority was informed about the investigation a week ago and he was “shocked and appalled” by the allegations.

BBC News


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8 responses to “Operation Santuary: 15 Arrests So Far Today.

  1. kelvin ballsacre

    sir david napley arguably the most vociferous and crooked lawyer alive today excepting cherie and tony blair, has said anyone who claimes to have been abused by my freind Greville Janner will be sued without mercy through the courts. So we have another situation like savile where nothing will happen until Janner does and then we will read about it on truthseeker

    • nuggy

      if you make a statement to the police you can not be sued for it there exempt from the laws of libel.

      • Sabre

        Although you could of course face legal action for obstructing the police in the course of their duty or more onerously conspiracy to pervert the course of justice if you deliberately lie.

  2. Me

    The link to the BBC is dead. Removed?

  3. How exactly are the Council …..and the Police for that matter……helping to support the Victims?……is it more than Victim Referral Sheets? …….It would be good to know!!!! ….if the council make the claim – it would be good to hear of the substance behind it……..

    • chrisb

      The Council could help by providing genuinely safe housing. The police could help by treating the victims sympathetically and by building strong cases against the accused perpetrators of abuse.

      • green

        Unless the victims are being abused in council-run homes, it’s difficult to see how even the best council could keep every child/teenager safe from predators, short of locking them up 24/7 or having each one looked after at all times by two responsible adults.