Channel 4’s ‘That’ll Teach ‘Em’ Star Denies Sex Offences.


Simon Warr as the Headteacher in the reality TV show ‘That’ll Teach ‘Em’


A teacher and BBC contributor has pleaded not guilty to sex offences alleged to have taken place at two fee-paying Suffolk schools.

Simon Warr, 60, of Great West Road, Hounslow, west London, appeared at Ipswich Crown Court accused of seven offences involving three boys.

The teacher regularly appeared on national television and network radio.

Mr Warr, who was also a part-time contributor on BBC Radio Suffolk, is due to stand trial in May.

One indecent assault and four counts of gross indecency were alleged to have taken place against two boys at the former St George’s School in Great Finborough near Stowmarket between 1979 and 1984.

One indecent assault and one case of gross indecency involving one boy were alleged to have happened at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook between 1989 and 1994.

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6 responses to “Channel 4’s ‘That’ll Teach ‘Em’ Star Denies Sex Offences.

  1. Offshore Organbuilder

    From the ‘Ipswich Star,’ August 18th., 2015:

    “A teacher and media personality cleared of historic sex abuse relating to pupils at two Suffolk schools has spoken of his relief that “justice had been done” but criticised the “febrile” atmosphere in relation to child abuse following the Jimmy Savile scandal.

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    Simon Warr, who was a teacher at the former St George’s School, at Great Finborough and at the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook, sobbed in the dock at Ipswich Crown Court after a jury took less than 40 minutes to unanimously acquit him of seven charges of child abuse dating back to the 1980s.

    Warr, who was described by more than a dozen character witnesses during his trial as an “inspirational teacher” and a man of “integrity and honesty”, said he would not 
return to teaching and now hoped to develop his media career.

    “It’s been a difficult two years since my arrest in December 2012 and I am absolutely relieved it is now all over and I have been adjudged to be an innocent man,” he said.

    “I’m disappointed that an innocent man should have his life put on hold for 650 days before the truth could be finally secured. After nearly two years and a seven day trial the jury took just 40 minutes to acquit me of all the charges. This speaks for itself,” he added.

    He said he was pleased that justice had been done but regretted the fact that he been put through the ordeal of the court case which he felt was the result of the “febrile atmosphere” about child abuse following the Jimmy Savile scandal.”

    In a case such as this, why are the accusers allowed to remain anonymous, but not the accused? Surely, both parties should remain anonymous.
    And why did it take so long to come to trial?

  2. bernadette

    I think the police in uk are doing a great job in pursuing and bringing cases against sex offenders.ln the past this was not the case for a variety of reasons it wasn’t taken seriously they were often stopped pursuing high profile people even when they had do a lot of work to bring issues to prosecution stage. We only hear and read most about high profile offenders and yes it is shocking th way it was coveted up in the past but l beleive police mow are v aware as we all are of the long term effects that abuse has on children. As an adult survivor l at age 60 am only coming to terms with the effect it had on my life. What ld like to say is that abuse of a child is no more or less significant whether the abuser is a king or a pauper the damage inflicted is not necessary worse because the abuser is famous. The number of individuals being caught by police is fantastic and l think instead of criticising them we should acknowledge the great work they are doing now. Its all new for all of society to have to face and deal with this horrific legacy and l understand peoples rage and anger .lve felt that rage too but at the abuser who is the real criminal. I think its become a massive issue for police to deal with and is distressing for anyone to hear the stories of survivors. For my own part l am grateful to have even at thhis age of 60 years to have found counselling. My abusers are long dead. But just livi,g long enough to have an understanding of my life long recurring depression has been wonderfully healing . Ive cried many tears for the child l was that became an adult with so much hidden that influenced so many parts of my life , in fact my whole life was affected in a negative way but yet again l say thank God its out in the open that there is awareness help understanding and most importantly that this will please God prevent many children having to suffer as all of us who were abused have suffered .people didn’t understand it couldn’t beleive it and that is what allowed the abusers to get away with it. As a survivor l hope to in some way now to reach out and help others in whatever way l can . Let us put our own experience into a positive place of helping healing teaching out to others .

  3. nuggy

    arresting realty tv stars now yetree really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel

    what about this former cabnit minister.

  4. anon

    He will get off, his Masonic brothers will see to that.