Paedophile Mark Chudley Jailed For 20 Years

Interesting to note that if the Paedophile Information Exchange had got their way, Mark Chudley would not have committed a crime when he raped a girl between the ages of 3 and 6 years old.



A youth club volunteer who locked young girls in a computer room and abused them has been jailed for 20 years.

Mark Chudley of Mount Pleasant Road, Brixham, was found guilty of two counts of rape, three of false imprisonment, gross indecency against a child and nine counts of indecent assault.

He repeatedly raped one girl between the ages of three and six-years-old, Exeter Crown Court heard.

A judge said Chudley, 39, had stolen the childhoods of his victims.

The court heard he ensured the silence of his main victim by telling her he would kidnap her and that she would never see her family again if she revealed his attacks.

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15 responses to “Paedophile Mark Chudley Jailed For 20 Years

  1. Dan

    Linda Moore and Charles Taylor sold illegal drugs throughout Dorset, with Linda Moore’s son Stuart Hawksworth, a pusher and an addict who served several prison sentences. Ken Pottle of Canford Cliffs, a former car salesman was also involved in the circle of drugs, sex and pornography which included Jimmy Savile and Ken Bailey.
    There will never be any results of investigations, because of the corruption and cover ups at the top.

  2. Swanage resident

    Linda Ann Moore was a notorious prostitute who had many influential clients and ‘friends’ in hih places, including Dorset Police and one of her former husbands Charles Roy Taylor, known as ‘Nobby’ Taylor, was a useful Police grass, who eventually went to prison for offences involving a minor, as did Linda Moore, who was on the Co operative board, and sponsored by her friends in the Labour Party Paul Kimber who is now a county councillor for Dorset and Stanley Dinkenor a Labour Party senior member in Bournemouth. Linda Moore had many clients throughout Dorset. She was a member of the Conservative Party as well as the Co Operative Party which was very strange and everyone knew, but no one did anything about it, as she had a number of pals in the Police force who could make trouble for anyone who they don’t like. Linda Moore was involved in the killing of a neighbour at Trinidad Crescent in Poole and she lived with her ex husband Charles Taylor who also had a house in North Wales.
    Paul Kimber and other Labour and Co Op party officials and members were very helpful to ‘Luscious Linda’ Moore, who died of aids in 2011.

  3. Dave Adams

    Charles Roy Taylor served a prison sentence for offences involving a minor. He was sentenced at Nottingham court and he lived in Poole Dorset and North Wales. Another great friend and companion of Tony Hardman and Ken Bailey, two notorious paedophiles.
    Charles Taylor’s circle included Arthur Ray Gover and Jeremy R. Ketteringham, two well known Poole paedophiles, as well as Charles Taylor’s wife Linda Ann Moore, who was well known to Dorset Police and who was on first name terms with some high ranking police officers, who called her ‘Luscious Linda’. She was eventually convicted of offences against a minor and sentenced to a term of imprisonment at Nottingham Court.
    Linda Moore was a Co Op official and served on an NHS Board, who had many friends in high plces, including councillors and officials. She even managed to get awards for community work, despite receiving police cautions for dishonesty, obtaining money by deception and being convicted for criminal damage as well as being drunk and disorderly in Poole.
    Luscious Linda died in recent years. Jeremy Ketteringham was convicted of benefit fraud.

  4. Anonymous

    Totally Shocked. I knew this guy very well. He came across as a very polite and nice guy. Just shows you you can’t trust anyone.

  5. colin

    Long jail time is not the answer. They can’t be cured it costs money to watch them on release so if they are totally guilty of child crimes simply hang them what good are they to a normal society

  6. chess

    They do not change, there is no effective, proven, guaranteed rehabilitation, castration would neither necessarily get rid of either the urge or the ability to rape nor remove the sex offenders’ psych. need for power over their victims. There’s a case for reintroduction of capital punishment for certain offences, in my view, and sex abuse of children is one of those categories.

    • Sabre

      In theory capital punishment is the best sentence, the offender is obviously unable to re-offend, the offender is released from his own miserable existence.
      In practice mistakes happen and the innocent get convicted, the reason for audio and sometimes videotaping of police interviews IS NOT TO SECURE EVIDENCE AGAINST THE ACCUSED, but to protect the accused from the police tradition of VERBALLING UP.

      The only safe sentence is permanent imprisonment pending successful appeal.

    • Sabre

      Remember, it is the same ,by turns inept and corrupt, State administering Justice that has not only covered up decades of abuse but also indulged in it.

  7. Terry

    When are we going to start castrating these people?
    30 years (or less). Do we the public EVER want him back in OUR society again?

  8. green

    It’s terrible. What makes them want to do this anyway? According to this ( “data support the notion of a victim-to-victimiser cycle in a minority of male perpetrators”, and according to this (, it’s a myth that most male victims become abusers.

  9. alex duncan

    This is sickening, i dont know if it still goes on but in the past men like this were anded over in the prisons to marauding gangs of poofs to get “a taste of their own medicine ”
    I asked my mum who was at the BBC for some years, i f she knew about all the sexual weirdos there, she said the place was full of homosexuals, one staff member reported jimy savile and was not not to repeat rumours she also said whenshe heard Michael barrymore was having young lads she did not belive it

    • chess

      I think that these days such offenders are more likely to be allocated to a prison for vulnerable prisoners where they can be housed comfortably with others who commit similar crimes. They are separated from the general prison population for their own safety. More care and consideration shown to them than they ever showed to their little victims.