Marc Dutroux Sends Letter To One Of His Victims’ Father

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Marc Dutroux has written a 44-page letter to the father of one of his victims, starting to write it on the day Michelle Martin (his former wife) was released and managing to get it to the victim’s father at the end of last year, apparently without his (Dutroux) lawyer’s knowledge.

The father of the victim is reported to be “in shock”. In the letter, Dutroux is said to continue to support the idea of a conspiracy involving politicians and the judiciary, as he did during his trial, settles scores with certain people and attempts to present himself as a saviour. He is said to have taken questions raised previously by parents and to have appropriated them for himself, presenting himself as someone who is seeking the truth and who feels remorse.

He mentions names, recalls events and relates things which he says were said which have not been heard about before. The content of the letter cannot be verified. There is said to be no evidence which would allow a police officer or judge to take further action.



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Recidivist killer Marc Dutroux is reached again speak of him in Belgium .Sentenced in 2004 to life imprisonment for “rape” , ”  kidnapping “, “abduction of six children or adolescents” and “murder” for four of them, the most famous inmate of the kingdom wrote to the father of the one of his young victims, Jean-Denis Lejeune.

The latter, an emblematic figure of the White March – protestaion movement born after the Dutroux affair which almost take the Belgian institutions in October 1996, he received a month ago a letter he calls “damp squib “ . However, these 44 pages should be Tuesday morning, the subject of a publication in La Dernière Heure , a tabloid .

In his self-justification, the killer denies having removed six children and adolescents or wanted their death. He also denies being pedophile and tries torevive the theory of a vast conspiracy, backed at the time by journalists, investigators and some politicians. He says “have to respond” to a letter that Mr. Jones had sent, in 2012, Michelle Martin, his ex-wife and accomplice sentenced to thirty years in prison and released after sixteen.

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  3. nuggy

    as far as i know only one man accused janner at frank becks trial.

    • Sabre

      Generally speaking and without any reference to Janner, should ones paraphilia de jour be for instance paedophilia, one would be likely to have indulged on more than one occasion, would one not?

  4. dave winglass

    Its been alleged that several of the boys who accused greville Janer have gone missing and not been heard of for years, still the man is free, another protected pedo.

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    The only thing I have to say is that he is lucky to be alive and his ex wife was let out far too soon which is no surprise to anyone who has followed a few of these cases. It usually takes years to catch the perverts and then they serve sentences that are derisory and an insult to the suffering of their victims.