Paedophile Derek Williams Finally Faces Jail.

Just more proof if needed that these people can’t be ‘cured’ or rehabilitated.

“Williams avoided prison in February 2007 when a judge said he had to “bear in mind” the request of the then Home Secretary John Reid to use prison sparingly to ease overcrowding.”

Derek Williams and John Reid

Derek Williams and John Reid


A paedophile who was spared jail in 2007 because prisons were overcrowded has been told he faces a long sentence for downloading more abuse images.

Derek Williams, 53, of Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, sparked a political row when he avoided prison.

He was jailed weeks later after failing to register as a sex offender in time.

On Friday, he was found guilty at Caernarfon Crown Court of 15 charges of downloading child sex abuse images. He admitted downloading bestiality images.

BBC News


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4 responses to “Paedophile Derek Williams Finally Faces Jail.

  1. green

    2007 BBC report:
    “Shadow home secretary David Davis said Judge Rogers’ sentence was a result of the government’s failure to tackle the prison crisis. “If true, then we now have a situation where sentences are being dictated by the prison capacity and not the severity of the crime,” he said.””

    So what have the Tories/Lib Dems done to change this?

  2. dave winglass

    he looks a neanderthal a beast himself, what of the other men he named as accomplices ? i hear a couple of those are well known in the welsh childrens home cases

    • Christine

      I have to tell you all that my daughter has been terrorised by this disgusting man. He’s tried kicking her door in. He Rang the police himself and told them my daughter was being raped. He has a sick sexual obsession with her. She is now on anxiety tablets and sleeping pills and has had to be moved out of her flat and back home with me. He rang the police and told them they had to fetch her home cos he was taking her to Canada. He’s setting his alarm at the same time she was getting up for work and he’s posted sexual content through her door. He’s apparently not allowed a computer but he’s managed to set up a fake Facebook profile to message her saying she’s gunna be raped and kidnapped. My poor girl is beside herself with fear. The police have so far done nothing.

      • Christine, This is extremely disturbing. If police won’t help I could possibly get a good journalist to look into this. If so, email me at the address on this blogs homepage.