Only Half Of Convicted Paedophiles Go To Jail

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More than half of convicted child sex offenders are avoiding prison sentences, exposing a justice system which is an “insult to victims”.

New figures show thousands of serious criminals are regularly walking free from court, with half of convicted sex attackers, violent criminals and burglars allowed back on the streets.

The Government data, revealed by a parliamentary question, show that 53% (107) of paedophiles who abused children younger than 13 were not jailed for their crimes.

In addition, 49% (2,324) of those convicted of sexual assault in 2012 did not receive a prison sentence, while 11,000 burglars and 5,000 robbers avoided jail.

Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan told The Daily Telegraph: “Some of these crimes are so serious and violent that members of the public rightly expect them to lead to prison sentence.

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5 responses to “Only Half Of Convicted Paedophiles Go To Jail

  1. chrisb

    I know not everyone would agree with me … but were drugs decriminalised, then there would be plenty of room to imprison the real criminals, i.e. paedophiles, rapists etc.

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  3. nuggy

    this might just be the lack of space in prisons after successive governments failed to make new places avialble.

  4. Has our PM got a voice or is it only the people that CARE about defenceless kids and CSA victims, that have been traumatised for life by these evil sexual deviants?