The People’s Voice And Sonia Poulton


After months of fundraising The People’s Voice finally broadcast a couple of months ago. Yesterday, so called ‘journalist’ Sonia Poulton departed.

Before talking about this and the future of The People’s Voice let’s look at the statements so far from both sides.

Today I have left The People’s Voice. I didn’t want to. I have put my heart and soul into it but I have become aware that to stay there is very bad for the things I stand for and fight for. I will be issuing a statement soon. Thank you for all the wonderful support. New plans already underway. – Sonia Poulton’s Facebook


Sonia Poulton has decided to leave The People’s Voice today after threatening to walk out in the middle of a live show if she didn’t get her way. This was the third time that she had threatened to walk out if her view did not prevail and she chose to leave after a discussion about her behaviour during the live show and other matters.

We thank Sonia for her efforts over the last few weeks since The People’s Voice has been on air.
If TPV is going to succeed everyone must work together for the common good and treat each other with equal respect.– The People’s Voice [statement later removed]


I am aware of the statement put out by The People’s Voice regarding my departure today. I can state, with absolute certainty, that the reason given was not even mentioned at this morning’s meeting. It was the ‘other matters’ that was the cause of my leaving. I hope you can bear with me as I gather myself to release a statement of full events from the start of my time at TPV until the finish.- Sonia Poulton’s Facebook

And then this posted on the Icke Forum which I include just for the irony of it.


Please lets stop the speculation here until all announcements have been made, thank you.

Icke Forum


Right, let’s start with The People’s Voice.

What a wasted opportunity.

Although it was never going to be my sort of thing there was a place for an Alternative Media broadcast outlet in the UK. Judging by the amount of money raised through donations from ordinary people, there was small section of the public who would have appreciated it greatly.

However, when hundreds of thousands of pounds started to roll in and the plans became more elaborate and diverged from a business model which would have ensured its long term future, it wasn’t that hard to foresee that it was all going to end badly.

You’d have thought that a project that was primarily supported by Alternative Media enthusiasts and built upon a successful internet presence  would have proceeded more cautiously and utilised the modern media more effectively.

Instead as the pounds rolled in and the zeros accumulated at the end of the project’s ‘seed money’, the ‘organisers’ lost sight of the reason why so many ordinary individuals had donated in the first place, they became delusional and ambitious and began to spend all the money like a group of stoned teenagers making a late night trip to the petrol station foraging for munchies.

A project that should have started small with a couple of enthusiastic and talented amateurs, the support and contribution of Icke forum members and using Skype and then built up, instead ballooned into a financially unsustainable operation with a London studio, staff, and ‘professional’ presenters.

Instead of concentrating on what made it different [what advertisers call its ‘Unique Selling Point’], the ‘organisers’ decided to emulate the MSM and attempted to compete with it.

As for Sonia Poulton…

She styles herself as a ‘journalist’, she is not. A journalist has integrity and does research. Sonia Poulton is just a women with an opinion on everything. Her media résumé is only indicative of the desperation that day time television have in finding a ‘talking head’ and the willingness of a newspaper run on a shoestring to find someone cheap to fill in a column or two. (and when I say “cheap” I mean that in every sense of the word.)

Bloggers like Will Black and John Ward demonstrate far more integrity and journalistic skills every day than Sonia Poulton has done in her entire career.

Anyone could have done as good a job as Sonia Poulton and it would have cost virtually nothing, and maybe that’s the point.

When so many ordinary individuals donated to The People’s Voice what did they hope for ? Are they not ‘people’? Do they not have a voice ?

If the project had any validity it surely must have been to give these people a voice instead of  Sonia Poulton. Isn’t that what the internet and the Alternative Media is all about ?

As you can see, I’ve included a quote from an Administrator from the Icke forum shutting down any speculation. They’re all for free speech and asking difficult questions except when you’re asking about their own vested interests.

Of course The People’s Voice is still going, even if it is running out of your money fast but it won’t be too long  before it goes under and I suspect the dismissal of Sonia Poulton has as much to do with eeking out what little money is left than any professional disagreement.

But unless it changes very quickly it’s only a matter of time before the last of the money disappears and The People’s Voice stops broadcasting.

And then the questions and recriminations will start…

How much money did The People’s Voice raise through donations ?

How many staff did they employ and who were they ?

In short, where did all the money go ?

Certainly, those that have donated have a right to ask these questions and receive answers.

As I mentioned earlier, it really is a wasted opportunity and the incompetence and recklessness shown by those in control will certainly hamper any attempt in the future to do the job properly.


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74 responses to “The People’s Voice And Sonia Poulton

  1. nice piece. I predicted last August TPV will fail by spring. It will. SP is a documented and evidenced trainee troll. She supported some of the worst twitter accounts associated with child sex abuse campaigning I’ve come across. She was/is proud to be part of a team of vile trolls who’ve attacked and fabricated evidence against genuine members of the public. Even going as far as posting soft porn pictures of loving couples who dared to have a their own secret corner on the WWW. SP supports this type of action. Long may she rot in the hair dressers(because by God she needs one) Katie Hopkins must be over the moon. ha

    • true-badour

      so that’s YOU trolling HER then. Nice. I know her personally, and I AM a professional, qualified trained journalist. You are an ill informed jerk, ok.

      • and yet you won’t use your real name when supporting her.

        So how do we know you’re a journalist ?

      • you’re anonymous so you may well have not written anything.

      • Months later, and you still won’t qualify your statements, your support for Poulton, or your claim to be a journalist.
        Have you forgotten this comment, or have you done your homework and realised the truth about Sonia Poulton’s part in some pretty damning stuff?
        Never mind your identity…how about you just widen your original comments?

  2. Yep,it was predictable.

    When I first saw that Sonia Poulton was on board it was like spotting the first vulture circling high above a dying animal.

    She’s had her feed on the corpse before the hyenas chased her away. Now they can pick the carcass clean.

  3. Homer

    Who could have predicted that a mainstream “journalist” who writes for a mainstream “newspaper” and regularly appears on mainstream TV could possibly be anything but the voice of the people she claims to be. She’s about as credible as Brand and his, Let’s all have a Marxist revolution (as long as me and my latest establishment bird get to keep all our millions).
    The People’s Voice is either an elaborate hoax designed to fail and disillusion people into trying again, or a badly run cock-up that seems to have rapidly degenerated into a poor man’s version of the BBC with too much money and little to no oversight. Again very predictable, which is why I didn’t donate a penny.
    I did mention some of my concerns of the Icke forum, but unfortunately it’s one of the most anti free-speech forums I’ve ever been on. If you don’t agree with the regulars the power-mad mods give you “penalty points” and too many points and you’re banned. And unfortunately I’m not joking.

    “Uncensored as long as it’s not libellous” was their message, but by the first show it was “Ooh, no swearing before 9. Don’t want to upset OFCOM”

  4. nuggy

    i think poulton was taking to much attention away from iscke you know how he lickes to be the center of attention.

  5. Tina

    Too many chiefs and egos running amok in TPV for it ever to work. As for Icke’s forum – a disgrace to free speech. It has anything but, and the moderators are like little Hitlers (sorry if that offends) but mods like “ex-sheep” and “I Am” are absolute sheep and can’t see it. They like to dictate and voice their sarcasm but you try saying anything back, even mildly. It is all too evident that they delight in suspending and banning people. The whole Icke phenomenon is a disaster in the making.

  6. Paul

    And remember you cannot ask any questions about it all on the DIForums. I happened to like Ken O’Keefe, Max Igan, Windows and Mike Adams shows so supported TPV, but when I asked some questions on the forums, plain, ordinary questions, I got infractions then banned. In one post one of their forums moderators even told people to STFU and give us your money.

    It might be the people around him doing this, but this has been a wasted opportunity and has damaged what could have been a great venture for alternative health, truth and real news.

  7. New Scotland Yard does corrupt deals with defence solicitors and barristers Ralph haeems to ensure convictions.i wrote to T P V.never received a reply.more lost voice than peoples voice.

  8. James Leigh

    What on earth was the financially planning behind TPV? Was there even a ‘back of an envelope’ calculation done of the most basic sort?
    From the start the original campaign asked for just £100,000. To me, and I assume many more people, this was a very small amount from which to launch any kind of broadcast channel. Even the £300,000 they did raise from many well-meaning people is quickly spent in the media business.
    When TPV was conceived was there any thought about how the expenses would be paid other than the initial fund-raising campaign? How about when the campaign was successful and the plans for TPV became more and more ambitious and therefore more and more expensive?
    Maybe the answer is to be found in the new fund raising campaign, now asking for £400,000 (basically asking everyone who donated to donate again, and even more). The reason given for this request for money is running costs and even more ambitious plans. With little money coming from advertising how long until the next request from the public for more funds?

  9. Emma Barrett

    So what did all you critics do today to make a difference in the world? It’s easy to criticise. We should support ALL the people who are working towards stopping the police state becoming a reality. It’s not far away now. If you don’t agree with the actions and ideas put forward by others, tell us what your ideas are and what action you’re taking and we’ll support you, not knock you down for trying. We need all hands on deck to stop the violence, injustice and poverty – any hands will do at this late stage as long as they’re helping and not hindering or criticising those who are taking action.

    • Accusing everyone with greater wealth, political power, celebrity or social-cultural influence than Icke himself possesses – of being satanic-reptilian-pedophile-cannibals – is not “making a difference” or “taking action” against violence, injustice and poverty. Pathetic waste of time & money

    • Nobody is criticizing the aim of TPV, what they are criticizing is a few greedy bastards within the organization who have let their ego’s get the better of them and think that the money donated is their own and their refusal to be transparent as to where it has been spent. A simple question that my accountant regularly asks me. I have read that some of Icke’s forum moderators regularly say “STFU and give us your money”
      Mr Icke ought to review who works for or with him !

    • I am one of the people who donated to TPV and do each month. although only a small amount, I believe little acorns grow into big oak trees. I also went to Wembly in 2012. Any way i have written by email to David Icke, Brian Garresh, in 2012, Sonia Poulton a couple of weeks ago. Regarding care and sexual abuse, as a survivor i wanted to help in some way all the lost kids that are going through this and to try to bring the perpetrators to justice, but not one of them has had the decency to reply. I spoke from the heart very personal things and was totally ignored. So much for my voice. I wrote to Tom Watson also on behalf of someone who is going through court licenced abuse, the placing of her children with the molester just to be ignored again, i expected him to not reply as he is an MP and we know who butters his bread, but the above who give the impression that they care and want to help, i found it insulting that none of the above had enough courtesy to send me even a quick email in response. Or at least get an assistant to, As i have been through many personal battles because of my childhood as it was far from the normal life a child should have, I have worked very hard with professionals and self help to understand and come to terms with my past, and have moved on and could help as i know how these children feel, i also know how manipulative and clever these perverts are. What bothers me is if i had been more vulnerable like most abuse survivors, i think a knock back like that after opening up and trusting would have caused a possible bad situation. Through all this and the battles life confronts you i.e serious physical health problems I have become a hair dresser/make up artist to the celeb and VIP world of clients in the 5 * hotel industry. I am pretty disillusioned now. And wonder what and who is actually trustworthy, as it appears to be just another illusion that people are interested in the fight for the children.

      • Hi T,

        Thanks for leaving a comment. I think you’ve reminded many, including myself, not to get too distracted by this TPV/Poulton circus.

      • Please look at
        The silent witnesses here lies the truth

      • My heart goes out to you; Nobody deserves to be forgotten or treated as less important.
        If I may state the obvious here it’s this exact form of emotional appeal that is being used to sell DI merchandize.. I’ve tried to visit DI Forums and discovered little ‘universal consciousness’ there with the dialogue. I’ve also written to DI with simple questions and never received a response. ANY true leader would NEVER forget any one person, even if this meant having an email robot respond or some assistant to send emails back to acknowledge the energy… My first letters were to DI in 2007 and these were ignored. Moreover in general terms ANY true leader with mental acuity will take responsibility for their failures and mistakes. The final nail in the coffin for me happened when DI began related ideas about the moon being fake as yet another diversion.

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  12. Gavin Poulton

    I totally agree with you Emma. The problem with society at present, is that nobody is willing to stand out from the crowd and actually try and fight for what they believe is right. Then the moment somebody does, all you people can do on here is criticise them. I agree that things may not have turned out quite as they would of hoped but at least they have tried. What alternative have you lot GIVEN us?

  13. Rick

    Got to agree with Emma Barrett. It’s easy to nit-pick the details and scoff at folks trying to do the right thing, even if they are making a bit of a hash of it.
    But how many of you critics have stepped up to the plate and offered the benefit of your life experiences and abilities to help make this protect, or something else like it actually work? I’m guessing zero?

    • In reply to Gavin, Emma, and Rick.

      I think I’m doing my bit in my own way with this blog but from what I’ve been reading on the icke thread those that have offered their advice are ignored anyway.

      They’re not looking for advice, they’re looking for money, more money, and they’ve already blown over £300,000 in two months.

      If that were any other company handling public funds wouldn’t you expect scrutiny ?

      • I totally agree of course you would expect some scrutiny, especially where public money is concerned

      • Jean

        gojam you don’t need to justify yourself! These 3 equate inaction with not giving Icke free money a laughably simplistic worldview! How is asking Edwina about eggs going to help us all? Please tell us I’m all ears! TPV is low rent barrel scraping sub par msm drivel (unless celebrating Porn is somehow related to awakening the masses to the coming Police State) which would have been fair enough if Icke had paid for it himself and not by duping his wishful thinking followers! The whole debacle has been Spirit Crushing! It’s not nice but come on can’t you 3 see you’ve been betrayed?

      • United We Stand

        G, they’ve rented a building in London, completely fitted it out and set up a TV station for Gawds sake – and ran it for 6 weeks -for that k300 . Seriously?
        Completely on board with Gavin, Rick, & Emma – let’s see the bigger picture. And yes, you are doing your bit – fair play – but most need to get off their arses and do something- like give a quid a month to TPV, or you or Spivey, The Tap – and forget about the petty, destructive back biting.
        Spivey says ‘Let’s go to war’.
        No chance – we’re all too busy bickering and talking nonsense.
        “Are you the Judean People’s front?…”

    • I know I have come late to this forum…but I think I need to make it clear, all this time later, that people who do what you say, Rick, are even now VERY often targeted for direct abuse, with attempts to discredit them.
      The worrying thing is, it’s usually perpetrated by the same people.

  14. Juliet Marlow

    Sonia Poulton’s statement released today (7/1/14) states that she left because she was shouted down by Icke when she suggested TPV should be transparent with regard to how it spend donated money. She appears to be making the same point as you…

  15. I never felt comfortable with the name of the venture. Here we are, Planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants, facing the global communism of the New World Order, and someone wants to title a paradigm shift in media “The People’s”…anything. That really left me feeling unsettled.

    Also, i must admit, David rambled horribly on Henrick’s interview, and it was a horribly boring and tedious two hours. What did he say in two hours? That he was starting a media venture. Six words. I feel we have little time to waste on precious airspace if we are not using every second for the sharing of crucial knowledge…I would have chosen my words very differently had I been offered two hours with Henrick. Fame makes allowances for it’s owners….with rare exceptions. They are out there, but they are rare.

  16. Floppy Disk

    I have been banned from the Icke forums, the epitome of freedom of speech, for calling into question what is going on at TPV. It seems you can libel and defame anyone, as long as you don’t ask pertinent questions to Mr Icke. PS Already they are saying that people are out there wanting TPV to fail. I was one that was desperate for it to succeed. It’s being felled from within.

    • They need an accountant or auditor to oversee the operation. It is NOT going to survive in its current form. Remember what happened with the Beatles and the original “AppleCorps” before it was severely pruned back in the 1960’s. they were hemorrhaging money left right and centre. All lostt making departments were shut and Apple were put on a strict diet, which is and various lawsuits with Apple Computers are the main reason it still survives to this day. TPV is no different.
      they need to get rid of the egos, sack this pratt Sean ADL, who seems to think it his his money and not donated money for a worthwhile course. I am sure he’s not the only one there. He should be the first to go though. From what I have read money has gone on partying etc, just like it was in the 1960’s with Apple. they need to get their act together in order to stay on air.

  17. If what has been said about TPV is true, misappropriation of funds etc then yes it will be gone before the month is out. this is becoming evident by the sluggish response to the latest Indegogo fundraiser currently standing at just £11,350.
    Some will note that this is far less than the previous one which reached £100,000 in just 5 days. Perhaps the truth is coming out. This might not be Icke’s idea but the two main people around him need to answer some serious financial questions and stop spending other people’s money as if it were their own.
    what a wasted opportunity

  18. This is the reason Sonia Poulton left , according to her Facebook Page. She just tried to ask some perfectly reasonable questions as any investigator would according to her Facebook page

    Icke basically fired her or rather that pillock, Sean ADL and TPV broadcast licence holder that works for him, for daring to ask.
    It would seem that when it is going TPV’s way with expense accounts galore everything is fine but when you ask them about the financial situation of them, all hell breaks loose. People just
    love their expense accounts don’t they Sean and Liz I am sorry I gave you that fiver now ! – I won’t donate again, unless you get your act together or someone else comes in to properly audit TPV and oversee it’s proper running, just like any other limited company !

  19. Where have I heard this before, this: “if you don’t give us your support, then you’re not doing anything to make the world a better place” – ?
    From…Pat Robertson, Reverend Moon, Sai Baba, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts…

    • Yep spot Justin, Whilst some of what Icke says might be well researched and in some cases relevant, after all he does fill Wembley Stadium and Brixton Academy, him and his bunch of “Rag-Tag-Woolly-Haired-Wankers”, do seem to have ego’s the size of Wales and if there is any free money going they’re first in the queue. I should know my Sister married someone very similar. The sort of person that, if there if there are 4 people in a room and 5 biscuits on a plate, you’ll always know who ate the last one – Greedy !! I suppose it is OK to be greedy when it is not your own money though !

  20. No offence to the Welsh intended Darren. It just sort of rolls off the tongue though.

  21. lily

    I got suspended for the DI forum for questioning the attitude that every thing David has said now about this Sonia debacle is taken as solid gold, not allowed to question his word on it as the word of him and his tight-knit circle on this matter is as good as gold even though they are the ones who are accused of acting in a objectionable manner. The People of the People’s Voice have no voice unless they tow the alternative David Icke-Sean Adl party line.

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  23. Cameron

    The whole things sounds like animal. The pigs liberated the farm animals from the tyrannical farmers….now THEY are the tyrannical farmers.
    In Sonia’s statement she says:

    “I was shocked by the corporate front that David Icke, Liz Roberts and Sean ADL were showing me with regard what had happened with the money and I said that I believed TPV was operating no differently – with it’s hierarchy of decently paid management, numerous unpaid volunteers and no accountability – to the corporations we despised.

    It was at this point that David Icke lost his temper completely. He started shouting that I was the most divisive character that he had ever met in the media and that everyone hated me at TPV. He asked Liz Roberts to back this statement up but she couldn’t. Given that Liz has previously stated in public in the office that I am ‘an example to all of us’, I didn’t feel that she could really back up his accusation with any credibility.” ••• End Quote •••

    It’s Animal Farm…’s Animal Farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. lily

    That it is!! and if you even attempt to post a link in the DI forum that has within it the experiences of others who have been at the butt end of David and his inner circles wrath for asking genuine questions concerning TPV financing and/or the exploitation of certain people who have been volunteers, including one musing as to if it will ever come to bite Sonia Poulton as she herself perhaps in the future will be given the boot…. and you question this pattern of behaviour,, that perhaps considering the experiences of others who have, according to them, been subjected to the same hostility, aggression and attempted intimidation for having the balls to voice similar concerns in a calm and mature manner…… then you yourself will be given the boot for having attempted to post that information that will perhaps give a more rounded view and it will be instantly deleted anyway, while a certain mod zhiba upon her high horse will go on to make comments about how all the ‘trolls’ are coming out of the woodwork and exposing themselves… because those who question the integrity of David and his inner circle or who do not take them at their word, which is elevated as Holy Gospel, then you are portrayed as a ‘naysayer’ who is no longer welcome to post. While go on and suspend and banish the voices of the people of those who seek truth, including the real truth of what has been going on behind the scenes at TPV etc.. It will all come out eventually, even as the blind sycophants continue to donate and turn against those who question, and turn against them like a rabid herd of blind followers even while thinking themselves too smart to fall for a con job.. they will never apologize for their own despicable behavior in the forum.. where this issue is concerned, against those who are not so gullible……

  25. Guy

    Sounds and looks more like the work of a Mole to me, or perhaps just unprofessional behaviour. Why else would Sonia, somehow believing the she was the star or the operation perhaps the ‘Anchor’, that she thought it reasonable to hold the whole operation to ransom during a survival exercise?!! … Any grievances regarding funding/ spending could and should have been taken up with the accountants. We may see for sure depending on where Sonia works next.

  26. lily

    How about what Icke and Sean and Liz and the rest of them do next. Calling it The People’s Voice and asking for The People to fund it through donations in these hard economic times, only to have them set up a The People’s Voice as a Private Limited Company… asking for $100,000 in start-up costs, then $300,000 then $400,000… if you do not give then.. oh it will go under and there is only so much time left.. the world will come to an end if it doesn’t succeed. Now that it is in trouble it is not deemed to be the fault of David (he would never put responsibility for it on himself or his precious and protected inner circle) or that not so lovely character Sean Adl who has made despicable references to women in private correspondence exposed via screen shots as well as other objectionable behavior, or anyone else who were NOT open and honest about this venture from the very beginning. No, damn them donators, alleged volunteers and workers at TPV, Sonia and anyone else, those ‘insane’ and ‘idiotic’ people who have the gall to question where all that money is actually going.. “we will go under if we don’t have more.. we plan to expand” etc.. just shut up, do not think, do not question.. just donate, donate, donate and if The People’s Voice is in trouble it just has to be due to outsider establishment sabotage, inside moles etc.. working from within or without to destroy this bastion of truth called The People’s Voice.. a Privately Owned Limited Company.

  27. Bobby

    In fairness TPV is a project aimed at spreading information ignored by the mainstream media to a much wider audience then your average blog. It is ambitious and agreed some of the donation requests are a bit cringe-worthy. Donations are voluntary though and just because there have been some rumours spreading regarding inappropriate spending I don’t think it warrants the actions of Poulton trying to plant a seed in the publics mind about the financial activity of the channel. A great tactic to allow those willing it to fail to disseminate derogatory information into the mix at a time when the MP’s Expenses scandal is still fresh in the memory. Reminds me of Hacked-off and the Leveson Report manipulating the desired amount of public perception. David explained that they wanted to set the organisation up as a foundation to avoid having to pay certain taxes which a ltd company has to pay although he was advised that by doing so the channel would be unable to actively criticise the government for it’s actions which is fundamental to its aims. Many like to sit on the fence and see things fail from afar without having any direct involvement and at the opportune time pass judgement. It is indicative of many peoples current state of consciousness when their greatest display of courage is to hide behind a keyboard and criticise. Armchair quarterbacks. TPV is a project built on voluntary donations and I am absolutely sure it would like nothing more than to work out commercial funding, quite difficult when you are unwilling to compromise content. I am also sure that it has seen a quite obvious trend to undermine its objectives by large numbers of people questioning where the money has gone when it has barely been on the air for 7 weeks and the guys are extremely busy with the production. Regarding the donation requests, in fairness it has been a case of what you can afford not clean out the coffers for us!

    • Hi Bobby,

      Thank you for eloquently giving us the TPV party line.

      I’ll reply tomorrow. I’m afraid I’m going to have to burst your bubble on a couple of points.

      But for now it would be good to know if you work for TPV or whether you simply repeat everything that Icke tells you without questioning?

      • Bobby

        No I certainly do not work for the Peoples Voice and admittedly only watch it every now and again. I also have no doubt that this type of project can draw a few big egos to it and that Icke himself can be demanding and a bit of a controlling presence. What I am not a fan of is people wasting there time cynically questioning every aspect of an organisation which is trying to put some decent content out there with a bit of publicity behind it to boot. I actually thought that David Icke’s Wembley gig was a bit wishy washy at the end for my liking and am in no way a advocate of all his opinions and methods. What I do feel is that a certain level of respect has to go to TPV for all their hard work and effort in giving it a go which takes a lot more courage than producing a blog and spending lots of time picking holes in the work of others. Don’t worry, I have no bubble to burst and if it turns out that I am wrong I will accept the truth without any real disappointment or indeed smug satisfaction. Don’t waste your energy please, you’ve got your hands full already.

  28. activistposter

    Reblogged this on ActivistPoster.

  29. lily

    People have every right to question where the money has been going since it is the public’s money that is being used. There have been serious allegations made concerning the behavior of David, Sean and the rest of his inner circle and those same kind of reports have come up in the past. Why is it that they have been accused of the same kind of behavior by people in the past when they rummage up the courage to question or bring up certain things concerning their ethics, how they are treating some people who work for them and financial irregularities or possible exploitation? they react by viciously turning on the questioners and attacking them instead of answering the questions in openness and honesty and this has come up several times though that information is intentionally hidden from those in the DI forum.

    Cynically questioning every aspect of the organization? there would be nothing to be cynical about if David and his ilk practiced what they preached. There have been good people treated like trash by those at the top of the TPV Company, is that to be ignored in order to ‘get the truth out?’ whose truth?

    Nobody is disrespecting the genuine people who have worked hard at TPV or the volunteers who have given of their time for no pay. It is David and Sean and others running the company who have disrespected them from what I have read, people who were willing to put their all into it often for no pay only to be treated with disrespect or taken advantage of and shown the door in some cases when they had the gall to stick up for themselves in a mature and respectful manner.

    “A lot more courage than producing a blog?” who are you to say, to imply, that this blog is not a courageous thing or that what David and his inner circle are doing is so much more courageous? that is what this is about, the people at the top of the TPV Private Company. Sonia put her heart and soul and time and energy into TPV from what I have read and look how she has been treated. Egos clashing or not she has been absolutely vilified, called all manner of the most insulting names and defamed as a person by David and his followers while the actions of David and Sean and Liz etc.. are minimized, dismissed, explained away as being the result of some kind of persecution.

    I knew exactly how David would react before he even put out that video of his explanation out on what happened with Sonia Poulton and TPV, how did I know? because it is the exact same way that he and his inner circle have reacted in the past in similar scenarios, it’s always the same and is now predictable to anyone who has followed…

    No we will not shut up and silently allow people to be verbally abused and maligned in the name of truth or that Private Company called TPV. Genuine activists and truth seekers existed and accomplished their hard work before TPV ever recently existed and they will still be going about their work long after it is finished.

  30. mimi

    How about this link about David Icke, the IHC and the Freedom Foundation:

    “Icke must be the first of the much-maligned members of the conspiracist camp, if not one of it’s most radical thinkers, to actually go from attacking that network to joining it. The question for Icke’s many admirers is why has this happened? ”

    read more here:

  31. mimi

    just one more…

  32. dawn

    I think TPV should print a newspaper and get the pennies in that way To a degree TPV is preaching to the converted, its the Jo blogs that pulls in for a paper and a pint of milk that he needs to reach. There is no paper out there that is not tainted by the propaganda machine
    Yes TPV should respect peoples money, even though I suspect the staff works hours over most, but come on folks, a pound from each person would be so do-able much sheeple in the world today. Ive tried to campaign for peoples good, its an uphill climb! Soon as you mention a few coppers for the kitty ….
    I will continue to donate but hope that it sorts itself out I enjoyed Sonia’s show and its sad that people can’t conduct themselves in a way we all must if we are going to sort out this miserable state of world
    Bad start good finish. I hope so

  33. Valid points,I am still a icke fan but his naivety does not make him a con merchant which his skeptics will jump on, as for Sonia poulton her outburst could have not come at a worse time for TPV, it makes you wonder was her motives genuine, and not even 36 hours had gone she announces she has plans in place for her own media show, one thing pisses me off more than anything is all these guys talk about we all should stand together against the establishment but they can not work with each other, GOV should have included people like Richard d halls, Bill Maloney, skivey etc, divide and conquer in everything good and bad

  34. Just my tuppence werf but it seems clear to me that there are some serious attempts going on to shut down TPV, such as the latest hack on the YouTube account. That in itself is evidence that it will, is, and can make a difference. If not the powers that like to think they are would just ignore it.

    The moment I saw the Sonia Poulton affair emerge I knew there was more going on than simply questioning the admin. This is the kind of thing whereby you don’t actually need any evidence, you just have to make an unsupported allegation and then all the cynics out there who are looking for an opportunity to attack and bring down the venture shout hooray and the sheeple all follow.

    This is a sad reflection on the mindset of too many people that they would rather sneer while we tumble into the abyss of oblivion than actually support what is really being done to make a difference.

    To me this is all so obvious and anyone who wants to see this venture fail is, whether they realise it or not, supporting the world criminal class who are in the process of trying to enslave us all.

    Come on everyone, get real and see what is going on. There is so much brilliant info on TPV which would never get on the MSM. Isn’t that worth supporting? Perhaps they have set their sights a bit too high, but that is a fault I am willing to forgive for all the good that they are doing. This is a totally new thing so will take time to settle down. Discuss what you can do to help, don’t just sneer at the whole thing. Maybe you’ll think differently when they come and cart you away. And as for this blog being a comparable effort on raising the truth? I had never heard of it until just now when I was searching for some info and you came up. David Icke may sometimes be naive, but at the core he is sincere and has done more for world truth than any of us. If you can’t support this and would rather attack it, then you are doing the NWO’s work, whether you understand it or not.

    Thanks for reading this far.

    • TPV is a mad cynical and depressing attempt to mix truth with lies. As for shutting the youtube channel down that was most probably Ike’S idea to get more attention. The show is poor and does nothing to help the inequality we have in society, it makes discussing the subject harder with mainstream media, as you will not be taken seriously if you support Ike and his lizard mad ideas good luck to you.

      • dawn

        TPV is SEPERATING truth FROM lies! Its not about David Ike its about your voice The show is in its infancy and is not funded by corporations
        It is a fantastic idea and much needed
        David is capable of making a fortune, if he were to allow these sharks in
        So little effort from the worlds people could make this mad world change
        for the better. He is giving you that platform for just the price of a can of coke!
        I am purely a subscriber but I hope that IN THE NARROW WINDOW WE HAVE OF LEFT of FREEDOM you, and others like you start to wake up
        and trust those that care about your freedoms and not the mind bending lies of the lame stream media and mind numbing corporate controlled media and the truly INSANE leaders of this planet!

      • Well spoken Dawn! TPV may not be perfect, but it’s all we’ve got.

        For all those sneering cynics out there who want to see it go down, I’d just ask what you have done to work for our freedom? A lot less than David Icke, I’ll wager!

    • You make valid points…but where is the financial sheet?…six months has elapsed and no amount of disclosure is made to simply open the books?

  35. Dirk


    just want to write, that i have contacted them many times (and on, bringing up some toppics well researched and fitting the points they “report”. Never any reaction. But i do want to do something and donated 3 times, beliving in a good and needed alternative media. But as i go deeper, i am disappointed about this people. One point also: No information in detail about the money. And then that Icke rant. He is just a human beeing, but he should walk the talk. Please excuse my bad english, it is not my motherlanguage.

  36. John Wright

    Obviously it was going to fail.Ickes forum has become alien to free speech so sew could see where Tpv would end up.

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  38. Mala

    I went to see one of the people that David recommended in one of his books. Because I trusted David I believed that this person could help as I was in a desperate place and David mentioned in his book that this person helps him. This person, knowing at the time I was vulnerable kindly offered to help me at no cost at all as they could see how desperate I was and told me that not everything is about money. Sadly there was a cost…nearly my marriage, family, health all suffered badly. This person got into my head over a matter of months and convinced me that ‘they were the one for me’ and my husband was the cause of my illness. It took me many months of being manipulated and then a week in hospital to work out that I was being manipulated! This person displayed personality traits of someone with narcissistic personality disorder. Up until recently even after the above event I have supported David, I just thought that he had made a bad choice recommending this person and having them as a friend. But having read all this information about TVP and the people that he keeps close to him, I’m starting to think that David either chooses bad friends or he really is a diversion. I find it hard to believe that an enlightened person would choose such friends so I can’t help thinking the worst. I feel stupid as I recently put money into the campaign…just wish I’d done my research!! In all honesty I find the information that David Icke puts out great for those who are just waking up but it doesn’t take you any further than that!! I found it leaving me feeling disempowered and angry. I had to look further afield to get answers to questions that TVP/David Icke fail to address.

    • Yet another similarity to a Cult.

      When will people wake up and see that David Icke is a Cult Leader ?

    • bill h.

      Mala – first let me say that I completely agree with the reply you got from “gojam” asserting this to be more evidence of a cult.

      First the good about Icke – he was always right on the money with the pedo-people and their high crimes. He took a lot of abuse over the years with his assertions, but as he gradually gained in popularity, so too did his head grow. And this is true of the plethora of radio show hosts & guests that dominate the alternative media in America. One such case is Alex Jones, and by the way, Icke is often a guest on that show.

      As for the bad, and this People’s Voice debacle. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the failure due to bad business…as maybe he’s really just a bad businessman. And for his attitude to Miss Poulton…well, when one is under pressure to succeed (as was Icke), they have to vent somewhere I suppose. I know nothing about her, so I won’t say a thing about her one way or the other, but I did take the time to view her youtube replies to the official announcements.

      I’m way late to this conversation, and only bothered to look up the PV site because Icke’s been on the guest circuit lately (of shows that I listen too).

      But what happened to you is different. You followed their advice, and I think the bottom line is this…that people in the mainstream tend to attract the worse kind of friends, as all of the others are trying to position themselves or ride the coattails of the person having the success. You will hear these people start to talk up the other’s book, video, or whatever they are peddling. So, when you find yourself in a bad way…it’s quite easy to fall in and believe something or someone.

      The better news for you is that despite your setbacks…you woke up in time to save your life, and your personal contentment & happiness.

      I have been listening to alternative radio since the early 90s when it first started with the most popular show ever “Coast-to-Coast-AM” in America.
      In those days the host was Art Bell, and his show was fantastic, and he had interesting guests (at times). But as the internet flowered…it was amazing to learn some of the really sick things happening in his personal world, and in that of some of his guests. The show still exists to this day, but never was the same after he left. Bell has come & gone a few times, and recently had a new venture shut down over a “no-compete” clause in his contract.
      The biggest thing to take away from all of this is to remember…”it’s Show Business,” and intended for entertainment only. At least that’s the disclaimer they use.

      But the process is quite similar to liking a music band. You really like their sound, and the songs that they do…but as you begin to learn about their personalities, or political views, etc., you begin to question.

      Anyway…I wish the station would have worked out better, but I’m not surprised it didn’t.

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