Judge Mental!: Judge Andrew Hatton

Judge Andrew Hatton

Judge Andrew Hatton

Since when has “personal use” been a defense for having over 12,000 child abuse images on your computer ? 

A paedophile pensioner who downloaded almost 12,500 images of children being abused avoided jail after he promised a judge the vile stash was for his personal use only.

George Thompson, 79, used specialist software to wipe his internet history and an anti-encryption programme to hide his sick obsession if police ever sized his hard drive.

The elderly man, who walks with two sticks, has convictions for indecently assaulting boys under 14 in the 1950s and 70s.

But despite the huge child porn collection, a judge decided Thompson, from West Kriby, Merseyside, was ‘not a risk to society.’

The pensioner insisted he had never shared the vile images with fellow perverts.

Thompson was caught when a painter and decorator doing work at his home discovered his foul picture haul.

Some of the images, found on October 2011, were collected from the internet while others had been created by the pensioner, transferring the heads of some children onto the bodies of others.

Thomspon admitted to police having a sexual interest in young boys.

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8 responses to “Judge Mental!: Judge Andrew Hatton

  1. NicolA

    And the conclusion of this case then………It was swept under the carpet with the rest, well this is a judge that sits at the Hague!
    The gavel is down

    • nicola

      And that means what, he sits down a lot… And if he was to sit in Springfield, the clown is definitely down
      Hit the gavel right on the head I would say.

  2. Nicola

    Makes me sick this and he is a judge for the queen, letting beasts off but give a man e and a half years jail for robbing a shop of a bottle and was told to hit somebody bare in mind it was a first offence and he handed himself in makes you think you can’t trust anyone even the judges. Says it all when you see a case like these put together mmmnn

  3. Alice Moore

    This is a shockingly bad judgment. The pensioner – and I have sympathy for the age of this man – has admitted to the judge he stored the images on his computer. As we know, this is not a victimless crime. Anybody who engages with it, perpetuates it. FOR MY OWN USE therefore should never have been allowed to get this old man off the hook. The law is in place to PROTECT CHILDREN. There`s got to be something seriously wrong with the judge.

    • Matthew Chiglinsky

      I love how people scream about protecting children (which is redundant because no sane person thinks children are sex objects) while the mainstream porn industry routinely humiliates women and girls as young as 18 on a regular basis. But I guess you think that abuse is okay because they consent to the mistreatment.

      Pedophilia will always be a minor issue. There will always be perverts like that, but normal, mainstream heterosexual porn is the real problem for society because lots of people act like it’s okay. The worst evil hides in plain sight.

  4. Is this Judge being looked into PM and, if not, WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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