Stuart Syvret Released from Prison

Former Jersey politician/Health Minister and Senator Stuart Syvret has today been released from prison………..Again.

Team Voice recorded, and published, an exclusive interview with Mr. Syvret before he went to prison where he explains the “reasoning” of his imprisonment as he, and others, see it. The interview can be viewed from HERE.

His latest release comes a little over two years since his previous incarceration where we exclusively interviewed him HERE and he (rightly) predicted he would be imprisoned again……….And again.

We managed to grab a few words with Mr. Syvret today at the prison gates, on his release, at a very blustery La Moye. Apologies for the poor sound quality in this short video. We have also exclusively interviewed him (in a more weather forgiving environment) which should be published in the next couple of days.

He thanks everybody for their support online/cards/letters/texts etc. and hopes to publish a Blog soon to convey that thanks himself.

Voiceforchildren 03/01/14


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6 responses to “Stuart Syvret Released from Prison

  1. Robert Green

    It is great that Stuart has been released but his second imprisonment is indicative of the lengths our paedophile dominated establishment will go to protect well-connected dangerous criminals who prey on our children.

    Scotland is very much in the same situation as Jersey. Alex Salmond has been found in breach of sections 10(1) and 21 (1) of the FOI Act by the Information Commissioner in his continuous efforts to cover up the horrifying Hollie Greig case.

  2. Ex Jersey Health Minister & Child Abuse Whistle blower Stuart Syvret was released from prison yesterday!

    This was his 2nd incarceration as a political prisoner in the British Isles’ rogue semi-feudal island of Jersey (3rd if you include the extension to his first sentence)

    He will probably soon be imprisoned again but he has given an interview to independent media:

    Much of the interview covers the physical, psychological and sexual abuse of children which continued at the Blanche Pierre Children’s Home after HDLG (Haut de la Garenne) was closed -and also the cover up which extends to the present day.

    The 2nd youtube clip is the full Panorama programme including the marvellous footage of some of the abusers being discovered alive and well in the south of France after the the Jersey authorities let them off because they were allegedly dying of cancer:

    Other abusers that Jersey failed to prosecute then went on to work in childcare in the UK.

    Paedophile Jersey social workers including Nicholas Rabet also infiltrated orphanages and Children’s Services in Islington which had links to the UK government

    Children were swapped between Islington and Jersey and FOI requests by The MP for Yardley have revealed that children were also transferred from Birmingham to the Jersey orphanages ……… and who knows how many other cities.

    The BBC Panorama programme entirely supports Ex Jersey Health Minister Stuart Syvret’s claims. Mr. Syvret will soon be a political prisoner again as the Jersey child abuse cover up continues and the culpable continue to hold positions of power within Government, Prosecution, Education and Health !
    The lunatics are still running the asylum and pulling their puppets’ strings, all in plain sight.

    London has ultimate responsibility for good governance in Jersey, but steadfastly refers all complaints back to the rogue authorities in Jersey.
    Perhaps they have just as much to hide?

    Thanks to Rico Sorda / Team Voice for the above youtube links

  3. Mudplugger

    I hope his life insurance is up to date.

  4. nuggy

    i think by putting him in jail they have done the reverse of what they intended.

  5. anon

    Great news, won’t be long before he is put back inside. A thorn in the paw of the Jersey oligarchy.

  6. This is great news – of course he should have been knighted rather than imprisoned