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Silent To The Grave.

SIR RONALD WATERHOUSE The retired High Court judge chaired the £14 million North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal. In 2000 he was told of serious allegations that the Tribunal had failed to do its job properly. Whatever he felt about those allegations, he took to his grave …

The retired High Court judge chaired the £14 million North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal. In 2000 he was told of serious allegations that the Tribunal had failed to do its job properly. Whatever he felt about those allegations, he took to his grave …

IN OCTOBER 2000 Sir Ronald Waterhouse agreed to meet Paddy French, then a journalist with the Wales This Week current affairs programme at HTV in Cardiff.

French had asked for an off-the-record briefing from the retired judge but did not specify the issues he wanted to talk about.

The meeting took place at Sir Ronald’s home in the village of Walford near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

Sir Ronald agreed to the discussion, as he put it later, because he wanted “to ease your labours as far as possible in a friendly fashion by providing answers to any queries that you had that could be dealt with quickly.”

But French had not come for a friendly chat — instead over the course of the three-hour meeting he delivered a detailed critique of the work of the Tribunal.

The following year French sent Sir Ronald a long letter summarising the conversation.

Sir Ronald replied the next day.

This article is based on this correspondence.

The complete article can be found at Rebecca Television


Rebecca Television covers the whole of the UK but includes a built-in bias to issues concerning Wales. It’s independent, does not accept advertising or sponsorship and depends on donations to cover its costs.

The Editor is the Irish-born journalist Paddy French. He was a current affairs producer on the ITV Wales current affairs strand Wales This Week for nearly ten years.


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Police Child Abuse Investigations And The MSM.

There are two reasons why I want to make a post on this subject. The first is that The Needle team are working on a series of articles looking at child abuse investigations centred around London during the 1980s and that these articles will be heavily reliant on mainstream media (MSM) sources for information.

Like the majority of people in the country, I had always assumed that information published, or broadcast, by the MSM had always been thoroughly investigated and was reliable. Certainly, mistakes happen but these must be rare anomalies to my mind. However, having looked closely at a few live police investigations  over the last year and read virtually every news story connected to them, I’ve had to conclude that there are quite a few misleading inaccuracies which inform the general public’s overview of these current historic child abuse investigations.

I’m just going to highlight two examples.

The first concerns a broadcast by Channel 4 News back on the 6th November last year. As Darren Laverty clearly demonstrates on his blog HERE, and HERE, the alleged witness, whose identity has rightly been protected by Channel 4 News, makes some ‘newsworthy’ allegations but as Darren Laverty goes on to point out, the ‘witness’ has since publicly retracted or contradicted the version of events he gave to Channel 4. We can only hope that the subject of this interview has not been similarly economic with the truth if he has been in contact with the police. As was demonstrated earlier in the year when someone else was arrested for making unsubstantiated allegations against a current member of the government, making false allegations to the police or misleading them in the course of their investigations, if deemed to be malicious, can lead to being arrested for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The Channel 4 News story can be viewed HERE

The second example I want to highlight concerns a story published in The Sunday Mirror on 16th February this year, it can be read HERE. The Needle team have very good reasons to believe, and are satisfied, that the reference to Operation Orchid in this story is incorrect and that it should read ‘Operation Hedgerow’. Therefore, the further reference to a connection to Sidney Cooke, which was almost certainly inferred by The Sunday Mirror due to the incorrect assumption that the police investigation was Operation Orchid, is ‘questionable’.

Furthermore, although it is my belief that Cyril Smith was connected to Operation Hedgerow, and that the unnamed politician may have been connected to that police investigation, I’m extremely skeptical that Jimmy Savile was.

These are just two examples but I could flag up many more from other MSM outlets.

I do not want to suggest that either Channel 4 News or The Sunday Mirror acted in bad faith when they put these stories in the public domain, nor that they are the worst offenders (that prize goes to another newspaper), nor either that these mistakes make up the majority of news stories on this topic,  I just want to highlight that, from my experience, the MSM are not infallible.

Some readers might ask; why if I know that some MSM stories are inaccurate or misleading do I not correct them all instead of picking just two out ? Unfortunately, that is a difficult question to answer. The best answer I can give at this time, and I know this will sound disappointingly vague, is that I do not believe it would be helpful to the police if I were to do so.

I said at the beginning of this article that there were two reasons why I wanted to write about this issue. The first was that The Needle will be publishing some articles which rely on MSM sources, though I’m confident that the material we will use is accurate.

The second is that at some point in the future, the current historic child abuse investigations will conclude and reports will be made and I can anticipate a situation arising whereby members of the public will infer that the police have covered up simply because their reports contradict or do not consider some information contained in MSM stories.

It seems best to me to highlight this issue now rather than when these reports come out as it will give people plenty of time to consider the issue and it will not look like an excuse. If it is possible, I will try and explain other ‘mistakes’ in MSM stories at the appropriate time.

PS, Just so nobody thinks this article is a case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’, I’ve made a few of my own mistakes and so have inadvertently added to the misleading canon of information in the public domain which will have to be corrected.


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BBC ‘Payola Scandal’ The Neill Report

Many thanks to Martin Walkerdine for passing this report on to me.

Firstly, a story from The Telegraph which will give readers some background to the scandal and below that are three links to the 33 pages of the  report. (if there are problems accessing this then please let me know.)


It was a sex scandal that engulfed the BBC and epitomised the “swinging” times.

More than 40 years ago, the corporation’s top disc jockeys and executives were caught up in the most tawdry of allegations — that in return for playing their records, music companies hired prostitutes for them.

Orgies were arranged involving BBC staff, call girls and others at the house of a brothel-keeper in Kensington in west London. From behind a two-way mirror, other executives and celebrities looked on.

Prostitutes were also provided at hotels and other locations in the West End.

The claims, dating back to 1971, shocked the public, and the police launched an investigation into what became known as the “payola” scandal.


Neill Report Disclosure Document 1

Neill Report Disclosure Document

2RFI20121350 – final response


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Fred Talbot Arrested For Second Time


TV weatherman Fred Talbot has been arrested for a second time by detectives investigating historic sex abuse claims.

The 63-year-old was detained on suspicion of indecent assaults and a serious sexual assault in relation to five former pupils at a school in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

He was also arrested on suspicion of indecent assault in relation to offences alleged to have occurred in the North East.

The celebrity meteorologist was first held on April 9 on suspicion of historic sex offences in relation to allegations of abuse against four pupils at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys when he was a teacher there.

Greater Manchester Police said he remains on police bail in relation to one count of indecent assault.

No further action has been taken in relation to the other alleged offences for he was originally arrested.

He is in police custody for questioning.

Sky News


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The Toughest Job in Britain

The toughest job in Britain: Undercover detective who infiltrated paedophile rings by pretending to be one of them


Ian James was awarded an MBE for his bravery in 2006 and has received 27 commendations from police forces across the country after saving at least 55 children from abuse

Saviour: Undercover detective Ian James
Saviour: Undercover detective Ian James

It was the moment he’d been working towards for eight harrowing months – but the reality was even more horrifying than he’d ever imagined.

The only way undercover cop Ian James could save a 12-year-old boy from a gang of baying paedophiles was to insist he got the first turn.

Wrapping a protective arm around the youngster, he desperately prayed that his frantic call for back-up would be answered quickly.

“That day was the worst of my life,” says Ian. “I had no idea how long the other officers would be. I was scared for myself and for this boy. Both our lives were in severe danger.”

As he waited, the group of six paedophiles he’d infiltrated months earlier excitedly pawed the boy. Ian kept his arms tight around him while pushing the men away, talking non-stop to distract them.

“The men were in a really disturbed state of uncontrollable sexual frenzy,” he says.

This is just one example of the courageous and terribly distressing situations that Ian had to cope with in 20 years as a specialist officer.

He joined the police force in 1978 and initially worked as a detective constable. Thirteen years later, aged 32, he was recruited to do the most difficult undercover work within the force. His job was to infiltrate paedophile rings and to rescue vulnerable children from abuse.

“Once I started doing this work, I never wanted to do anything else,” says dad-of-two Ian. “What drove me was knowing that if I could save even one child from abuse, no matter what dangers I faced, no matter how terrible it was, it was worth it.”

Mirror 15/12/13



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I’m Free

Gloves Are Off!


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Keep Holding On

Comments Off on Keep Holding On

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Op Pallial: 18th Arrest



A 76-year-old man was today arrested on suspicion of physical and sexual assaults in an investigation into historic allegations of child abuse in the North Wales care system.

The man, who has not been named, was from Old Colwyn and has been taken to a local police station where he will be interviewed by National Crime Agency (NCA) officers.

The offences are alleged to have taken place against seven boys, between 1975 and 1983, when they were aged between 8 and 16 years old.

It forms part of Operation Pallial, an investigation into recent allegations of historical sexual abuse in the care system in North Wales, led by NCA Director General Keith Bristow.

An NCA spokesman  said: “No further information about the arrest, or the specific nature of the offences being put to him, will be provided.

Daily Post


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Judge Mental!

And we thought we had problems in this country.

Italy’s top appeals court has annulled a five-year jail sentence against a 60-year-old man found in bed with a girl of 11 on the grounds it’s a “romantic relationship”, it’s reported.

The case happened in the southern Italian town of Catanzaro, reports Italian news website TGCom24. The girl is said to be from a disadvantaged background and was in the care of the man, who works in the town’s social services department. Police discovered the pair in bed during a raid on his seaside villa. He was given a five-year sentence for sexual violence against a minor. The age of consent is 14. It rises to 16 where one of the partners is in a position of authority or care over the younger party.

But the court has quashed the original sentence due to extenuating circumstances – the girl has reportedly professed to be in love with the defendant, and the court has found the pair have a “romantic relationship”. The case has been sent back to the Catanzaro court for a retrial. Court cases in Italy are normally subject to several levels of appeal before a sentence is confirmed.

BBC News


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Deaf But Not Dumb


The sign language interpreter used by the African National Congress during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service at Johannesburg FNB football stadium yesterday was a fake, it has been claimed today.

Bruno Druchen, the national director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa said the unnamed man seen on television next to leaders such as US President Barack Obama “was moving his hands around but there was no meaning in what he used his hands for.”

Three sign language experts said the man was not signing in South African or American sign languages. South African sign language covers all of the country’s 11 official languages, according to the federation. It is not yet known if the unidentified man was using a different method to communicate.

The Independent


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Comments On Exaro Story

On Saturday night Exaro published a story- here.

Firstly, I’d like to make clear that Exaro have not, and have never, revealed any sources of information to The Needle Team but it is the case that some sources of information (witnesses) may have contacted Exaro and The Needle Team separately and so it may be that either directly or indirectly we may both have the same information.

I would like to correct just two mis-interpretations of the story that Exaro published.

1) The witness mentioned in the story was not, and has never claimed to be, at Elm Guest House.

2)  The second source quoted is not Mark Williams-Thomas.


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Random Notes On Operation Hedgerow

Later, on The Needle, we’re going to explore the connections between ‘The Dirty Dozen’, Operation Hedgerow, and Operation Orchid. All involve paedophile networks (‘rings’ is a too simplistic and inclusive term.) centred around London during the first half of the 1980s.

We’re excluding information about EGH for now.

Just for ‘fun’ I thought I’d publish my private notes on Op Hedgerow.

Please remember they are just unedited notes and although I know what I mean it might be a little puzzle for some (but not for others). I welcome any input that readers can give.

24th November 1988
 4 men charged
Victor Burnett (42) Acton, Trainee Cab Driver
Colin Peters (45) , Bayswater Barrister Tax Consultant
Earnest Whittington (64) Harlesdon, Caretaker
Alan Delaney (48) Hounslow, Company Director
2 Men Charged but not convicted
Patrick Norris (55) or (18) or (19) Brother or Father of Sean Willesden, unemployed
Sean Norris (18) Willesden, unemployed
Patrick Norris, aged 19, and his brother Sean, aged 18, of Holly Close, Kilburn, north west London, admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Patrick was sentenced to 18 months detention and his brother put on probation for two years.- Times
1 Charged but not tried
John Williams (45) Harlesdon, a builder
One man 22 (1988) at trial was 15 (1981?) when abused by Delaney.
Six men deny a total of 18 offences, including conspiracy to indecently assault young people, conspiracy to commit buggery and taking indecent photographs of children between 1982 and 1987 – Guardian
Victims had been selected from Victoria Station, the West End of London, and three special schools, two in the West Country and one in the South-east. – Indie
Dec 1987- 15 adults and one juvenile arrested
Kenneth Martin (64) Glengall Road Charged. Market Trader.
Brian Howard-Edmunds (58) Harlesdon Charged October 1987
64 year old clerk from Hastings charged with abuse with Martin.
16 year old boy, Hounslow, arrested
Man from Stoke Newington
Man from Twickenham.
Accused of controlling huge sex ring in Brent
27 witnesses at trial
Inline image 6
Inline image 4
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Inline image 5
2 Dec 1987
Police held 22 men in police inquiry.
64 year old shoemaker from Kilburn charged Oct 12
59 year old unemployed man from Harledon
Investigation began 63 year old North London Trader (Dec 1987)
Parties at his flat in Kilburn
Inline image 7
Refers to Kenneth Martin who had been arrested before for similar (but minor) offences
Inline image 8
Police said some of the ‘rent boys’ were earning Pounds 600 a night and staying in West End hotels.- Times (Really!!!!)
Det Supt John Lewis, who led the investigation, said: ‘There is no way we could deal with everything we came across as the group’s tentacles reached out into the Home Counties. We definitely have not solved the paedophile problem.’- Times
Not connected but around the same time:
Inline image 3
Again not connected from Observer 5th March 1989
Inline image 9


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Didn’t See That Coming…

Derek Acorah, TV’s Most Haunted psychic star, has been charged with careless driving and also ‘failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis’ which begs the question was he filled with the spirit when he took the wheel ?

Anyway, below is one of Derek Acorah’s classic ‘possession’ clips, the infamous “Mary Loves Dick” one. It has absolutely no relevance to the story but any excuse to show it.


A 63-year-old TV psychic has been charged with careless driving following a car crash in Merseyside.

Derek Johnson, widely known as Derek Acorah, was driving a Nissan GT that was in collision with a Ford Ka in Southport, on Saturday.

The 52-year-old Ka driver and her passenger, a man aged 21, were taken to hospital with “whiplash-type” injuries.

Mr Johnson, who was not injured, was bailed and is due to appear at Sefton Magistrates’ Court on 30 December.

Merseyside Police said he has also been charged with failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis, following the crash in Scarisbrick New Road.

BBC News


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Independent Probe Into Government PIE Funding

As we highlighted over two weeks ago, here, there are serious questions to be addressed concerning whether the Home Office funded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) through the Voluntary Services Unit (VSU) during the 1970s. Now the Home Office has confirmed: ‘We are aware of the allegations and the Permanent Secretary has commissioned a thorough, independent investigation into what funding the VSU previously provided.’

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to getting to the truth of this matter.

Peter Hayman

Peter Hayman

The head of the Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations that the Government gave tens of thousands of pounds to a notorious paedophile group.

Civil servants are trawling through decades’ worth of files to look for any evidence that the Home Office once funded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which openly campaigned to legalise child sex.

The extraordinary move has been triggered by Permanent Secretary Mark Sedwill following claims by an ‘insider’ that the Voluntary Services Unit (VSU), which gave annual grants totalling thousands of pounds to charities, had provided financial assistance to the network of abusers.

Mail on Sunday


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The ‘Savile Effect’.


It is being called the “Savile effect”. I’m not sure that anyone would have predicted, when the DJ’s criminal career began to be exposed just over a year ago, that the police inquiry would have such a dramatic impact. But rape crisis centres are reporting a surge in calls, with some charities recording increases of 40 per cent. At the same time, more women are going to the police: in London alone, there has been an increase of 29 per cent in rape reports in the past 12 months.

Of course, that still means that most rapes go unreported. Ten days ago, I went with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to the Solace Women’s Aid centre in north London. The centre helps 5,000 survivors of sexual and domestic violence each year but staff say that only 20 per cent of their clients report their experience to the police.

It is a chastening fact that, when Johnson was first elected, there was only one rape crisis centre in the country’s capital city. He spent £1.4m to set up three more, but the Savile effect is so pronounced that he has had to find an extra £25,000 for the south London centre over the past year.

The Independent


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Met Police probe former Tory Cabinet minister and a filmed gay sexual abuse party

Westminster Confidential

Met police have seized a picture and amateur film from a known paedophile of a gay sex party attended by a former Tory cabinet minister where boys were sexually abused some 30 years ago.

A report in today’s Exaro News and the Sunday Mirror  reveals that the Met Police’s Paedophile obtained the information under their Operation Fairbank scoping inquiry. The paedophile cannot be named for legal reasons and the ex-minister is not being named as it would interfere with police operations.

The unit is focussing on a series of parties in London three decades ago at which boys were supplied for the sexual gratification of men. 

Sources close to the investigation say that this line of enquiry will spin-off from Fairbank to become a separate operation with its own name in the New Year.

Exaro has also learnt that police have “talked to” the ex-minister about his attendance…

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Op Fairbank Seize Video Of Former Minister At ‘Sex Party’

I’ll try and comment on this tomorrow.

Detectives have seized video that places a former Conservative cabinet minister at one of several parties where boys were sexually abused by men.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit seized the footage under ‘Operation Fairbank’ which is scoping historical claims against politicians of child sex abuse. It is investigating additional allegations against politicians and other prominent people under ‘Operation Fernbridge’.

The unit is focusing on a series of parties in London three decades ago at which boys were supplied for sexual gratification of men.

Exaro News


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Was David Cameron Involved In A Nuclear Weapons Deal With Apartheid South Africa ?

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Op Fernbridge: Exaro With ‘Major Breakthrough’



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All You Need Is Love

The Friday Night Song.


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