‘Sarah’s Law’: 1 in 7 Requests Reveal A Paedophile

Many will remember that when the News of The World were campaigning for the introduction of a ‘Sarah’s Law’ they were accused of fueling a ‘moral panic’ and yet since it’s introduction in 2011, 700 paedophiles seeking access to children have been identified.

Parents, carers, and guardians can formally ask the police to tell them if someone has a record for child sexual offences.

If you have concerns about someone with access to your children you can find out about how the scheme works HERE

The ‘moral panic’ argument is wheeled out every time the public raise concerns about paedophiles preying on their children. There are certain groups of professionals who think that the general public can not be trusted to know the truth without acting disproportionately, this helps them remain in a position of authority on this topic.

When members of the public do act stupidly and outside of the law, as in the sad case of Bijan Ebrahimi who was falsely accused of being a paedophile and set upon and burnt alive by his neighbours, these self proclaimed guardians of children’s safety, instead of seeking to educate the public, attempt to close the debate down. They seek to combat ignorance by using these terrible but very rare cases as an excuse to give the public even less information on the subject, thus exacerbating the problem. This ensures that they remain the ‘experts’ on the subject.

There is nothing so insidious as the coveting of ‘secret knowledge’.

And when there is no example of ‘moral panic’ at hand, it’s not too hard to manufacture one.

Take this incident HERE from August 2000. The story is well known, a paediatrician from South Wales wakes up one morning to find the word ‘Paedo’ scrawled on her home. But who did this ? It is assumed that a member of the ‘ignorant unwashed classes’ did. The professionals gloat and everyone else congratulates themselves for being clever enough to know the difference between a paediatrician and a paedophile.

But where is the proof that someone consumed by ‘moral panic’ has done this ? Isn’t it a little odd if you think about it ? The assumption at the time was that the doctor had been listed in the Yellow Pages. Would someone really be so stupid as to think that paedophiles would be listed there ? And if they were that stupid would they look it up under ‘PAE’ ?


More than 700 paedophiles have been identified since the introduction of “Sarah’s Law” in 2011, Freedom of Information requests have revealed.

Nearly 5,000 requests for information were made in England, Scotland and Wales; one in seven resulted in a paedophile being revealed.

The disclosure scheme was named after eight-year-old victim Sarah Payne.

It means a parent or guardian can ask police if a person who has contact with children is a child sex offender.

“There must be sufficient access to or connection with the child by the subject to pose a real risk of harm and therefore justify disclosure,” say the rules governing the scheme.

Some 4,754 applications have been made since the system was introduced two-and-a-half years ago but the number is falling. There were 1,944 in 2011-12 and 1,106 so far in 2013-14, while disclosures were 281 in the first year and 122 in current year to April.

BBC News


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  2. I am in favour of the public being informed when sexual predators including paedophiles are freed into the community. I am NOT in favour of people who are innocent of these crimes being labeled as such by “authorities”. There is wholesale corruption in our legal institutions, which increasingly resemble what you would expect in Russia. The “gang stalking” formula starts with the criminal defamation of the Targeted Individual and includes the most despicable and feared crimes imaginable, and the accusation of paedophilia is always included. Which is odd when you consider that seventy percent of Targets are women.

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  5. Inspector Netusil

    After a recent detailed re-examination, I’m afraid that much of what I contended above is actually unproven. So I no longer stand by it, and I’ll leave things there.

  6. Inspector Netusil

    -Hey dude, thanks for the engagement.
    Yes I do need to clarify.
    All right! All right! No need to scribe like a Victorian professor! Your response to Roofy was arrogant, but no need to go on about it, it’s not important. I’m just as thick as the next guy! can’t provide answers to everything. I’ll have a go tomorrow.

  7. nuggy

    well obivios most of them are not loners or weirdos because if they were they probely wouldn’t get near a child in the first place.

    when someones convicted of child molesting everybody will say they were a bit of a loner because nobody wants to admit to knowing them..

  8. Fiddler on the Roof

    I mean, it’s much easier to cope with the idea that people who do really bad things are monsters and not part of the same human race as us, isn’t it, rather than to think the alternative that they can be just like us?

    • Sabre

      Relying on a Reductio ad Hitlerum argument backed up by the psycho babble of Sigmund Freud gets you off to a bad start really.

      How can we tackle the incestuous paedophilia that you refer to?
      The abuser by definition has no wish to tackle the abuse, the State could set about a programme of installing 1984 style “telescreens” in every dwelling?
      The State could require all parents and guardians to report for an annual Sodium Pentathol interview.

      IF most paedophilia is manifested as incest within the family home, is that the same as saying most family homes manifest incestuous paedophilia?

      The answer is NO.

      Your point re the politicos and the fourth estate pandering to the average family being equivalent to pandering to the actual source of the paedophile problem crashes and burns.

      Although Paedophiles are not necessarily loners, they are by definition deranged and weird.

      Relying on Godwin’s law and Freud was always going to be an exercise in sailing close to the wind really wasn’t it?

      • Inspector Netusil

        While I am not convinced of Roofer’s argument above, I think your arrogant tone is unnecessary Sabre.
        I seem to remember that the relevant research (which I can’t point to) overwhelmingly confirms that most paedophilia -(the Greeks aren’t a great example, why don’t we call it what is: child-rape, not child-love) is committed by parents upon their own children, in the family home. And I entirely support the contention that the isolated family unit is not a healthy societal structure; it is in fact un-societal, and inherently liable to psychic illness.
        ‘IF most paedophilia is manifested as incest within the family home, is that the same as saying most family homes manifest incestuous paedophilia?

        The answer is NO.’
        Yes we know that, there’s no use in saying that. You don’t seem to have grasped the point about psychic-illness-or-injury-directed human behaviour, it is all a matter of degree; the greater the early trauma to an individual -the greater their enduring distress, and the greater their potentially or actually harmful behaviour to others later. It may be that a person is driven by their trauma to live in isolation, glued to the tv, possibly an alcoholic; or maybe their personality melds the trauma into an energetic, sporty, capitalist-employment-successful, women-winning, possibly cocaine-using, driven existence; maybe the infinitely complex series of life-events has led them to assume a religious delusion, and they are a regular, working guy who cares about his children but cannot translate that feeling into actual action, word or caress, while possibly having invested their enduring trauma into a crazy idea -such as ‘Children need to be beaten/circumcised/sing hymns/eat all the food on their plates’ to be happy and healthy. Maybe an individual who recieved massive early trauma, and then later compounding by lack of a father and a massively nutrient-deficient diet, and resulting retarded brain development, went on to murder. Another individual’s life events and recieved trauma might drive them to rape children.
        My point is that we are all pyschically ill or injured to some degree, with a mathematical correspondence to the care or lack of that we recieved from our parents in our critical period of vulnerability and development; and we are all passing on trauma to some degree.
        Trauma in -> Trauma out. This is the real significance of ‘Society’ in contra-Thatcherist terms. If you don’t engage with your neighbour, inspect and challenge whether he is sick or sane, it may be irrelevant to you now, but in 20 years his son might come and harm your son.
        There is only ONE means to prevent children being raped by crazy people, -that is,to exclude the development of crazy people, which is only possible by SANE AND LOVING PARENTING -Parents are, the cause of, and only solution to -all of life’s problems. ‘Paedophiles’ are explicitly the creation of sick unloving parents, whose trauma has taken that particular form of expression. Ultra-generational pain.
        The degree of illness of a person can easily be assessed and callibrated from an analysis of their cerebral/spinal fluid. If we were governed by the informed rather than the ignorant and diseased, this unremarkable, unnovel means of assessment would be currently employed to detain those who have an inherent latent drive to harm.

      • Inspector Netusil

        (I think that was a good point well made!)

      • Sabre

        I apologise for the arrogant tone, as an aside Roofer might possibly be a reference to http://theamazingworldofpsychiatry.wordpress.com/2008/08/26/article-review-the-relevance-of-freud-to-modern-psychiatry/

        At the risk of appearing to revert to arrogance, you seem to be arguing that parenting is “everything” and then arguing that the isolated family unit is unhealthy and un-societal.

        Perhaps I have failed to appreciate the effect of “isolated”, it would be easier to understand if you could perhaps define “isolation” in this context.

        What is the objective evidence for correlation between early trauma and subsequent outcomes.
        The evidence for causation must be even harder to come by.

        Surely any controlled experiments would not only be time consuming and a nightmare to interpret, they would of course be un-ethical .

        You seem to suggest that this early trauma can result in ultra negative consequences on the one hand or ultra positive consequences on the other, presumably with a Gaussian distribution between the two extremes.
        At first glance the result statistically is a null effect.

        I have probably misunderstood and do not wish to compound any appearance of arrogance.

        I would be interested in a reference to the CSF analyses.

    • LJMT

      Just a shame that those I have come across are ALL weird human beings, let me see, 11 or 12 distinctly odd people characterised by at least 4 of the following: strange faces, social misfits, dumb and thick obsessions, straggly lank hair, prone to strange and sudden outbursts and goatish antics and finding themselves in insalubrious settings doing vile things. The raw material for a decent human being with some backbone of any sort, let alone a potential hero is extremely well hidden.

      No doubt with some strong treatment they could rejoin the human race, though other than the exorcists and chemical castration clinics no one seems to be producing the results.

  9. Fiddler on the Roof

    Most paedophilia goes on in the shape of incest within the so-called ‘respectable’ heterosexist, gender normative family. However, since these are the very people whom the mainstream media and politicians are addressing their sales pitch to – in the hope of selling papers and getting votes – the powers-that-be prefer to bury this issue and instead focus on paedophiles as being lone, deranged, weirdo strangers. The idea of paedophiles being different and apart from the rest of society is also a comforting one as it stops mainstream society from thinking that they can also be a part of it and firmly embedded within their communities. This is a coping strategy, as it’s kind of similar to how after World War II the vast mass of ordinary German people preferred to see the Nazis as only a minority amongst them – whereas, in effect, the whole apparatus of Nazi terror and holocaust could never have been enacted without the collaboration of the whole of German society which was tainted with having played its part in the Third Reich at every level. The now much-derided Sigmund Freud once said that the oft venerated human family is in truth a pigsty rather than a mainstay of moral, respectable society. Such an idea has provoked much hostility as it is still too close for comfort to the pessimistic reality of how things really are.

    • Inspector Netusil

      Very necessary points Fiddler (-gosh that username sadly feels uncomfortable all of a sudden).
      It’s also necessary to realise that war is only possible when the millions of men and women of all factions have sufficient trauma from retarded and abusive child-rearing practises, (comprehensively promoted in publications for the whole of that century) to perform the unnatural-to-humans acts of killing, and of obeying ‘masters’. I would like to think that in just a few more years, if a crazed chap is inclined to declare “War!”, the people of both sides will simply laugh, “Bullshit!”.

      Sabre – While Sigmund made many errors, he was breaking ground in an necessarily experimental and fallible field, that has (still not!) become a science. He also cannot be blamed for the fossilized idiocy that the mainstream psychological profession has built upon him for almost one hundred years since. He did almost make the breakthrough to the real-deal, but abandoned that line of research. It is still quite false to describe his work as ‘psycho-babble’.

  10. Principle5000

    To Hell with Liberal Sociologists

    Children should be Protected and Child Abusers should be Punished
    by Capital Punishment via the Formal Sentencing for this

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  12. Sabre

    Just imagine how your world would fall apart if you realised that your kids are safer at the cost of exposing a Eurocrat to the glare of flash bulbs and court 1 of the Old Bailey.

  13. Sabre

    Special Branch (prob SO15 now) and Security Service have some records, however, they deem it in the “public interest” not to disclose them !

  14. Sabre

    We shouldn’t need Sarah’s Law, I don’t want to know that a Paedophile lives next door, I want to know that a Paedophile doesn’t live next door.
    Obviously, there could be a paedophile as yet undiscovered, we can’t know that which is unknowable.
    Once discovered they should be detained indefinitely in order to ensure public safety not merely as an expression of vengeful retribution.

    Should a law be passed at midnight tonight, outlawing sexual acts between adult males and females, I would find myself looking at a life of repeat offending, short of incarceration or permanent medication I doubt that I would be able to avoid efforts to “offend”.

    • nuggy

      im not really sure i agree with this law because sometimes the police records contain information that’s totally wrong.

      • Sabre

        They undoubtedly have incorrect records.
        They have a lot of missing records too, when you consider the decades that pass before abuse at care homes, scout troops, schools, hospitals, detention facilities and weird parties is investigated and prosecuted !

      • reddan

        Well said Nuggy, anyone who has an allegation made against them even if it results in no further action will have this on their record, therefore they will have problem’s working with children or vulnerable adults in the future even if they were falsely accused.
        The paedo panic is in full swing one only has to look at the recent story of the prosthethic leg that caused a swimming pool in Kent to be evacuated to see the ridiculous over reaction.
        The government have recently stated that no more prosecutions will occur regarding the troubles in Northern Ireland as too much time has elapsed and yet we are now seeing the prosecution of ageing celebs and also non celebs for alleged sexual offences committed up to 50 years ago. Where’s the logic in that ? Complainants do not need any accuracy when pin pointing the time when the alleged offences occurred and often give a time window of a number of years. I do not dispute that many of these claims are genuine but how can a fair trial occur. Justice denied anywhere, diminishes justice everywhere.

      • Sabre

        Where should the cut off point be?
        If an adult in a position of power and authority manages to rape a kid of 8 and scare him into staying quiet for just 2 years the details are likely to become foggy.
        A 10 year old assaulted 2 years ago is unlikely to make a contemporaneous note detailing the assault, the date, time, postal address, items of furniture, details of own clothing, assailants clothing etc.
        We are talking about a victimised child not an undercover cop !

    • Inspector Netusil

      Yes exactly Sabre.

  15. nuggy

    odly when the news of the world did there name and shame there was one name they left out the name was sid fillery.

    might be something to do with the fact he worked for them.