Rolf Harris Faces Three More Charges



Rolf Harris is facing three further prosecutions for sexual assault including one against girl “aged seven or eight”, prosecutors have said.

The three counts are in addition to 13 alleged sexual offences which the entertainer was charged with in August.

The new counts are against females aged 19 in 1984, aged seven or eight in 1968 or 1969, and aged 14 in 1975.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the allegations related to one existing complainant and two new ones.

The count relating to the 19-year-old involves the same alleged victim as six of the earlier counts.

Mr Harris was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, which was set up in the wake of allegations against the former BBC Radio 1 DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile.

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9 responses to “Rolf Harris Faces Three More Charges

  1. avuncular

    The thing is that most of the so-called people pretending to be anti-paedophile activists are actually neo-Nazis who have infiltrated this movement who believe in blood-libel and all that anti-Semitic, racist shit. Since Rolf Harris is not Jewish, they couldn’t care less whether he is a paedophile or not. Such reluctance to condemn when the perpetrator isn’t Jewish, gay or a political opponent proves their real, ulterior, far right, propelled with hatefulness motives.

    • nuggy

      or there possibility that they don’t want to declare someone guilty till they have actually seen the evidence.

      why should someone be condemned when they haven’t even been convicted of any crime.

    • Sabre

      You can’t possibly know who is any kind of activist, you have no way of knowing with any degree of certainty what any given individual’s motivations are.

      The neo-Nazi/ anti-Semitic/ racist accusations are nothing more than assertions on your part.

      The MSM comprehensively cover “hate crimes” against Gays, Ethnic minorities, religious minorities.
      If crimes by any of the aforementioned groupings are committed against plain ordinary boring vanilla folk they are either not covered or they are merely described as crime without the HATE tag.

      The MSM have of late stated to cover the problem of extended gangs of Muslim men sharing abused white children , why? , because the chickens have come home to roost ( apologies for the unfortunate phraseology) , the MSM , the Police, Social Services, Charities and local and National Government have down played the problem for so long that the only people covering the problem were the Far-Right groupings, the Fourth Estate have to cover the problem now despite wishing that they could continue to ignore it !

      It is to be sincerely hoped that Far-Right groupings continue to upset the likes of you if it is the only way to get Politicos of the LibLabCon Party, the MSM propaganda machine, the Police, judiciary and voluntary sector to get off of their collective arses and fulfill their duties to the long suffering public.

      Gojam and his like are the only hope that the necessary pressure can be applied without relying on the Far-Right of which you so bitterly complain.

      For the record I was once one of the Far-Right activists.

      So far Rolf Harris has been charged until he is tried and found guilty he is entitled to benefit from the presumption of innocence, as are all the other parties alluded to, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish any unmentioned faith or devoid of faith.

      They are entitled to the presumption of innocence irrespective of the ethnic or national origins.
      They are even entitled to the presumption of innocence with regard to current charges irrespective of previous offences.

  2. Mark hunt

    I like Rolf & would like to think he is innocent. The truth is though, none of us really know what tv stars are like in real life. We assume our knowledge of them allows us to determine their guilt or innocence but we don’t know them from Adam.

    What is unpleasant is the length of time the all edged victims and perpetrators have to wait for conclusion. It cannot help either. Those still bailed under operation Yewtree have been waiting ages to find out their fate. What possible extra evidence can take over a year to find when it concerns things that happened in the 60’s?

    The police and CPS seem keener to turn this into a circus. The perverse enjoyment of watching a much loved celebrity fall from grace should not distract us from objectivity. None the less, if a crime has been committed, prosecutions must follow. Let’s just speed it all up please.

  3. Gill

    Its ridiculous what possible evidence can they have for something that’s supposed to have happened over 20 years ago. This is Rolf Harris he is a legend I cant believe that he would do anything like that.

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  5. OyiaBrown

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  6. nuggy

    you can really tell how well thought of a tv star is when there accused of sex offenses.

    people wont have that Rolph harris would do such a thing.

    a lot of these same people wanted Freddie star banged up as soon as he was accused.

  7. nuggy

    how long is this going to drag on for.