Op Greenlight: Court Artist.



See, I told you it would be like you were actually there!


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8 responses to “Op Greenlight: Court Artist.

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  2. ex-officer

    I could put a piece up but I would be in trouble!

  3. IWantTheTruth

    I am in awe of the way that Operation Greenlight has captured the detail and the atmosphere. I feel I was sitting just behind you!

  4. dpack

    sometimes pictures are all that is needed

  5. Sabre

    We have the detail normally provided by broadcast quality media facilities coupled with the atmosphere that is normally lacking.

    A note of caution, juror number 2 lives across the road from me, you need to degrade some of the detail lest you want to be on the wrong end of a contempt of court.

  6. chess

    That’s not half bad.