Random Notes On Operation Hedgerow

Later, on The Needle, we’re going to explore the connections between ‘The Dirty Dozen’, Operation Hedgerow, and Operation Orchid. All involve paedophile networks (‘rings’ is a too simplistic and inclusive term.) centred around London during the first half of the 1980s.

We’re excluding information about EGH for now.

Just for ‘fun’ I thought I’d publish my private notes on Op Hedgerow.

Please remember they are just unedited notes and although I know what I mean it might be a little puzzle for some (but not for others). I welcome any input that readers can give.

24th November 1988
 4 men charged
Victor Burnett (42) Acton, Trainee Cab Driver
Colin Peters (45) , Bayswater Barrister Tax Consultant
Earnest Whittington (64) Harlesdon, Caretaker
Alan Delaney (48) Hounslow, Company Director
2 Men Charged but not convicted
Patrick Norris (55) or (18) or (19) Brother or Father of Sean Willesden, unemployed
Sean Norris (18) Willesden, unemployed
Patrick Norris, aged 19, and his brother Sean, aged 18, of Holly Close, Kilburn, north west London, admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Patrick was sentenced to 18 months detention and his brother put on probation for two years.- Times
1 Charged but not tried
John Williams (45) Harlesdon, a builder
One man 22 (1988) at trial was 15 (1981?) when abused by Delaney.
Six men deny a total of 18 offences, including conspiracy to indecently assault young people, conspiracy to commit buggery and taking indecent photographs of children between 1982 and 1987 – Guardian
Victims had been selected from Victoria Station, the West End of London, and three special schools, two in the West Country and one in the South-east. – Indie
Dec 1987- 15 adults and one juvenile arrested
Kenneth Martin (64) Glengall Road Charged. Market Trader.
Brian Howard-Edmunds (58) Harlesdon Charged October 1987
64 year old clerk from Hastings charged with abuse with Martin.
16 year old boy, Hounslow, arrested
Man from Stoke Newington
Man from Twickenham.
Accused of controlling huge sex ring in Brent
27 witnesses at trial
Inline image 6
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2 Dec 1987
Police held 22 men in police inquiry.
64 year old shoemaker from Kilburn charged Oct 12
59 year old unemployed man from Harledon
Investigation began 63 year old North London Trader (Dec 1987)
Parties at his flat in Kilburn
Inline image 7
Refers to Kenneth Martin who had been arrested before for similar (but minor) offences
Inline image 8
Police said some of the ‘rent boys’ were earning Pounds 600 a night and staying in West End hotels.- Times (Really!!!!)
Det Supt John Lewis, who led the investigation, said: ‘There is no way we could deal with everything we came across as the group’s tentacles reached out into the Home Counties. We definitely have not solved the paedophile problem.’- Times
Not connected but around the same time:
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Again not connected from Observer 5th March 1989
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2 responses to “Random Notes On Operation Hedgerow

  1. dpack

    your point about rings seems important,
    to use a scientific analogy a non regular 3d lattice might be a better model of the connections between individuals and groups

    dept super lewis probably underestimates the geographic range of the connections

    • opgreenlight

      “The ‘Dirty Dozen’ investigation in Croydon revealed a cynical exploitation of young boys that was much more organized than had previously been suspected. Boys as young as twelve were picked up, corrupted and used by small groups of men. When they tired of the child or feared the police were getting too interested, they would simply pass him on to another like-minded circle of perverts. ‘There were lots of circuits but together they make up one big circuit’, said former rent boy turned procurer Roy Morris. He specialized in picking up cold and hungry boys who had run away from home or escaped from care, offering them food and a warm bed which they would have to share with one of his clients. Morris would deliver the boy, the younger the better, and get £10 for each ‘introduction’.”
      From ‘Lambs to the Slaughter’ p.85.