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On Saturday night Exaro published a story- here.

Firstly, I’d like to make clear that Exaro have not, and have never, revealed any sources of information to The Needle Team but it is the case that some sources of information (witnesses) may have contacted Exaro and The Needle Team separately and so it may be that either directly or indirectly we may both have the same information.

I would like to correct just two mis-interpretations of the story that Exaro published.

1) The witness mentioned in the story was not, and has never claimed to be, at Elm Guest House.

2)  The second source quoted is not Mark Williams-Thomas.


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17 responses to “Comments On Exaro Story

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  2. gw

    I have no idea why people thought EGH comes into it – the distinction made between this and fernbridge is made in the second paragraph.

    I saw John Ward suggest that the source was MWT. However the article says that MWT is close to the investigation – which as far as I know, and hope, he is not…

    • gw

      Sorry that should read the source is close to the investigation..

    • Hi GW,

      It’s difficult to know this for sure but my own view is that no one in the media is “close” to Fernbridge.

      Every indication I get is that it is an extremely tight ship and has been from the very beginning.

      • gw

        I agree – the secret briefing at kick off. I know someone senior at a broadsheet (apologies for vagueness) who told me at the start of the year that they were following this (fairbank et al) and expected it to be “big news” in the summer. Of course developments have been slower then hoped.

        I expect that the relative silence from those quarters is down to 1) it being primarly exaro’s scoop 2) waiting for the full picture. We will see…

  3. Sabre

    Death or fleeing to another country that can be relied upon not to extradite such as oh I don’t know Israel for example.

  4. Big GC

    If it is the ex Minister we are all thinking about then he is now well in to his seventy’s and as such if as stated by Exaro ‘Met Commanders received a secret briefing in February by the head of the paedophile unit of plans to arrest him’ then what are they waiting for……him to die?

    • Perhaps they’re waiting for evidence?

      From my own view point, I’m hoping to be able publish ‘The truth’ at some time in the future. On my right hand side I can see the police who, almost certainly, have a better understanding of ‘the truth’ than I do but are constrained by what they can evidence. On my left hand side I see the conspiracy theorists who don’t want ‘the truth’ they just want information which confirms what they already believe to be true.

      I will frankly admit to you that I have got things wrong in the past but I will state categorically that I have never knowingly misled the readers of this blog and that I’m determined to place the best ‘truth’ I can before you.

  5. dpack

    i think that is excellent advice gojam.

  6. “it is very carefully worded ”

    Indeed it was my friend. Read it as it’s exactly written is my best advice.

  7. dpack

    the courage of the victim witnesses deserves great respect
    it is good to know honest coppers ,journos et al are active in these matters

    the timing was good.
    the content seems well researched.
    it is very carefully worded .
    even though it has not had much msm exposure it is public and will have been noticed by friend and foe.
    it seems to be an important step forward.
    to focus on one accused or one event might be tempting but would aid those who would conceal context ,to add an individual or event to the overall context is better.

    Caesar: … “Iacta alea est”, inquit.
    interesting times.

  8. Thanks for the clarification. But is the ex minister he accuses of abusing him the same minister as the one who did visit EGH? If so then this adds weight to the wider elite paedophile network argument?

    • Hi BB,

      The answer is yes but I would urge extreme caution

      There are an awful lot of other ‘mis-interpretaions’ that I’d like to correct but can’t. I know you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt..

  9. It would be absolutely brilliant if, the CPS backs down yet again and then the Dutch police demand the extradition of the ex minister to face charges over there..