The ‘Savile Effect’.


It is being called the “Savile effect”. I’m not sure that anyone would have predicted, when the DJ’s criminal career began to be exposed just over a year ago, that the police inquiry would have such a dramatic impact. But rape crisis centres are reporting a surge in calls, with some charities recording increases of 40 per cent. At the same time, more women are going to the police: in London alone, there has been an increase of 29 per cent in rape reports in the past 12 months.

Of course, that still means that most rapes go unreported. Ten days ago, I went with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to the Solace Women’s Aid centre in north London. The centre helps 5,000 survivors of sexual and domestic violence each year but staff say that only 20 per cent of their clients report their experience to the police.

It is a chastening fact that, when Johnson was first elected, there was only one rape crisis centre in the country’s capital city. He spent £1.4m to set up three more, but the Savile effect is so pronounced that he has had to find an extra £25,000 for the south London centre over the past year.

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  1. GMB

    Gotcha Fat Boy!

  2. Principle5000

    Savile was a Man of Evil
    Child Abuse is Evil

  3. I just wanted to point out the following and it’s not really specifically about this subject rather, an attempt to give some context to “the internet”. That which 90% of people think of as “the internet” is in reality, only 20% of the actual internet. The other 80% is used by 10% of the people online and is still almost 100% a total bun fight where anything and I mean literally, anything goes. Many people do not realise that, virtually any site that has ever been created is still there on the other part of the net, tucked away, waiting to be found should anyone wish to try to.

    That other 80% of the internet is also absolutely riddled from top to bottom with child porn and its’ associated activities and sites. It is actually almost impossible to begin using that other 80% without being bombarded by ads for child porn and until one finds their feet and knows where to look it does seem, to the casual observer that, that is what the whole damned thing is about porn , more porn and the truly stomach heaving types of porn.

    Ergo, when one talks of censorship and clamp downs one is really talking about a minority of the internet and you have already, albeit tacitly, accepted a form of censorship by staying on the tiny part of the net you already do.

  4. john carey

    I appreciate that you have let my comment be aired Gojam – I just think that this thing called the `internet` ain`t for the world much longer – before it gets switched off we should voice our frustrations regarding the present world, and our experiences of a past world that was pure propoganda

  5. wakemanclare

    thats whats the matter with this world nobody speaks out

    • john carey

      well what we have to do – even if we don`t agree with him or gojam etc etc we have to say we want free speech, we demand free speech. My `shite in life` is we have a `Royal Family`, a family we have to aspire to be, which is trying to own the whole fucking world (with a few friends), myself I will be happy with just Poland!

  6. john carey

    Plus I think Spivey has a few others that would not be bothered if their collars were felt – ALL IN IT TOGETHER – thats what we need, somebody to say, this is wrong!, and for others to agree.

    Bit like Spartius! Agree?

  7. john carey

    Gojam I would give up – nobody wants to know – powerful people shag kids, end of story – Chris Spivey is sticking his neck out, which he knows he will lose – but give the guy his due he means what he says. He is off to prison or worst but you must admit has a set, agree?

    • I don’t know anything about Spivey going to prison or not.

      Do you have a link to info ?

      • john carey

        plod are asking to speak to him regarding `child porn ` that he had shown on his site – they acknowledge he is against child porn – but they have had complaints – his site gets closed down every other week – matter of time until he gets his collar felt – he wants a fight! and has support!

      • I can only remember one image which was supposedly ‘art’.

        I’m sure he’ll be OK if that’s all it is.

    • Sabre

      @john Carey
      Interesting point, sometimes it is difficult to express a point without appearing to be unsympathetic or excessively cynical.

      Those that need to ensure that politicians and officials stay inline, the truly powerful, probably take the view that their interests are significant on the other hand individual kids, abandoned by their immediate and extended families, unseen and it has to be admitted unlooked for by the vast majority of us can be used as pawns in the great game.

      Why the temporary public concern, they have no wish to adopt the poor souls, they don’t donate an anonymous present at Xmas, they concentrate on the mortgage and holiday, the pension plan and keeping the second car on the road.

      Those less fortunate concentrate on trying to approach the position detailed previously.

      The vast majority don’t care, they don’t agree with or condone the evil done, they literally don’t care, they can’t care.

      We all assume that the benevolent liberal democracy that we all fund despite the fact that fewer and fewer than us vote for its representatives will care on our behalf, an incorrect assumption in my humble opinion.

      Excessively cynical, perhaps, I truly hope so, alas I fear not.

  8. wakemanclare

    he was adirty old man he deserves to be were he is